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Right now I’m mocking the Sunday Sales study as a cop out.


  1. Chris says:

    Methinks there were a few problems with how that bill was handled. The sponsor didn’t do enough arm twisting before introducing it to make sure it would pass. The media jumped all over it since it was a simple topic thier readers could understand. Suddenly this bill that no one had done much thinking about was all over the media and blogs. Not knowing what to do they decided to see what the Governor would do, hoping they could get a free pass, to which the Governor obliged.

    While Sunday Sales isn’t one of the most critical issues facing the state, how it was handled was less then impressive. Of course we do still have 2 years left in this session.

    That and the bill does have some flaws. It permits sales of only certian products thus benefiting one group (grocery stores) over another (liquor stores).

    Hopefully the study committee can resolve that and provide amendments to resolve said flaws while giving legislators time to think for themselves.

  2. Old School Politics says:


    You could not have said it better. This issue was a simple issue that simple minded people could understand and support. Beer on Sunday what a revolutionary idea. It is a shame that the money and effort that has been spent to pass this legislation was not spent on a worthy initiative like reducing the size of our state government or cutting our taxes.

  3. Demonbeck says:

    Oh geez, Chris – quit reading the liquor distributors talking points.

    Sunday sales is an issue real people care about and have complained about for as long as I remember. Everyone knows that each and every bill our state passes is not perfect the first time around and consider allowing Sunday sales on beer and wine as a good starting point. The General Assembly should pass this bill this year and amend it next year to include liquor as well.

    Of course, I would like to see Georgia open up their laws regarding purchasing wine via mail order.

  4. Erick, good to see that your personal friendships don’t prevent you from speaking “truth to power”.

    Chris, I think Georgians gave a big thumbs up to the “lack of restraint” showed by the legislature in rushing new sexual predator laws onto the books. Just about everyone agrees that those are good laws and takes the approach of Demon that the legislature can revisit them to fix them if there are any legal issues or if anything was overlooked.

    I never drank at all until I was 23 and even now I rarely drink. I probably buy beer once every two months or so. But the status quo is ridiculous.

    Let’s think about Perdue’s logic that keeping the status quo in place will help to teach people a valuable lesson about time management. Well, first of all it apparently has been failing to do that so far, but more importantly a conservative like Perdue should believe that government can’t change people’s behavior.

    From a public safety standpoint, to expand on a point decaturguy made somewhere, if someone decides they want to drink during the Falcons game on Sunday and they don’t have any beer, would you rather they:

    1. Go to the grocery store, get beer, come home, get drunk, fall asleep on their couch.


    2. Go to a bar. Get drunk. Have to drive home drunk?

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