1. ConservativeCaucus says:

    Who else has declared? I know of Scott Johnson… seems to be a very affable and capable man. Is there anyone else? Is there something about Coates that should be of concern?

  2. Conservative Caucus, she’s run twice against Terry Johnson in a swing district and lost. If memory serves me correctly, she is the publisher of a creationist textbook for home schoolers.

    As a Democrat, and knowing how things are going in Cobb of late, I wholeheartedly endorse her for Cobb GOP Chair 🙂

  3. GAGOP concerned says:

    Cindye is a gawwwd. OMG I remember everything about her because I helped on her campaign. She is absolutely the best thing since toilet paper…

    woww. Can we please keep from posting tips by GOPeach/Cindye. I am not quite ready for the apocalypse yet.

  4. debbie0040 says:

    Cindye Coates and Scott Johnson are both good.
    Do NOT even attempt to malign Cindye or Scott.

    GAgirl, stick a sock in it!!! You are not a team player and take your marbles and go home if your side is not in charge.

    GOPeach is not Cindye. You are WAY off base for even thinking that.

  5. debbie0040 says:

    CobbGOPer, people like you are not team players. Cobb did not miss you not participating.

    Cindye and Scott are both good friends of mine and of each other. So l ay off the attacks.

  6. ConservativeCaucus says:

    I am confused… I am yet to have an answer to my original questions:

    1. Is anyone else declared?
    2. Is there anything about Coates that should cause concern?

    I know of her race for State House. To me, that would be a plus. The fact that she is involved in education (altough I sense a little hostility to homeschooling here which I do not share) is hardly a disqualifier.

    Unless I am reading this wrong, this seems personal.

  7. CobbGOPer says:

    I’m a huge team player, but when the county party organization is a joke, why participate? I’ll stick to state party activities.

  8. debbie0040 says:

    The Cobb County GOP is not a joke. Only someone like you thinks that or someone whose side is not in control…

  9. Philly says:

    I have to disagree about Johnson. Scott is a conservative but does not have much of a backbone. He tries to placate both sides. I look at the people supporting him and can not support him.

    The State Party is the one that is a joke. They are so arrogant that they don’t think they have to follow their own rules. They totally disregard the local grassroots and have no respect for longtime grassroots activists. They have forgotten that grassroots is what put the GOP in power in Georgia. There needs to be a change at the State Party.

    They have treated a great lady like Sue Everhart very shamefully because she announced she was running for State Party Chairman. Sue Everhart would return the Georgia GOP back over to the grassroots. Sue is the change that is needed.

  10. GOPeach says:

    First all GAG-

    If Cindye or I had given Erik
    a “tip”, her name would have
    NOT been mispelled! It would
    seem that YOU would have
    caught that!!!!

    Also- you could not possibly
    have worked on her State House
    races! Anyone who saw the
    way Terry Johnson’s people
    destroyed her signs and the
    way he lied about her in his
    mailers would be outraged!!!
    No true republican can stand
    by and bash Cindye Coates.
    Shame on you! She runs for
    Her family is amazing and
    they take a beating just as
    she does. What have YOU


    Thank you for your “support”!
    This speaks VOLUMES!!!
    When a democrat is backing
    Scott Johnson we KNOW we
    are in trouble!

    FYI- I asked Cindye if she
    has announced this and she

    ” My dad is very sick with
    bone cancer and I am spending
    time with him right now.”

    That is all I know and she did
    not tell me one way or another.
    I feel certain she will send an
    e-mail out to her list when and
    if she announces.

  11. ConservativeCaucus says:


    How are Coates and Hobbs connected? I understand how the party Chairman might keep you away, but how does Coates fit in? She ran against a Dem in Cobb… isn’t that a good thing?

    To all, since I am yet to hear a valid criticism on Coates and no one disputes that Scott Johnson is a conservative (Philly, however seems to believe he is missing the requisite number of vertebrae)… I am led to believe that this is a matter of personal style.

    Mr. Johnson, from what I understand, is a conservative who has made a point to reach out to the “moderate wing” within the party that may have felt alienated in Hobbs administration. This concerns a certain element within the “conservative wing,” correct? And why?

    Coates, who is also a conservative, is not seemingly defined. Why WOULD she run (her possible motivation)? Why SHOULD she (reason for opposing Johnson) and why should she NOT be considered (is there something that should be of concern)?

    All I asking is for people to put aside useless comments like “she is a gawwwd” and give some concrete pros and minuses about the two candidates. This is an important position for the GOP in the next two years… we need to make sure that we have the best leadership there.

  12. GOPeach says:

    ConservativeCaucus –

    Thank for asking such
    reasonable questions. I share
    your concern that the Cobb
    GOP should have the very best
    leadership for the next two years.

    You asked about Cindye Coates-

    Since I worked with her
    last 2 State House races
    against a liberal democrat in
    South Cobb, I will do my best to
    offer my insight.

    Q. Why WOULD she run (her possible motivation)?

    A. Dr. Cindye Coates is well educated.
    She owns her own business and has been
    a community leader for nearly 30 years.
    She would not do anything without a lot
    of counsel and a lot of consideration.
    That is why she obviously has not
    announced as of yet.

    I distinctly remember last
    summer hearing her say several
    times that she was concerned
    about the Cobb GOP. She knew
    of course Anthony would be
    moving on. She made lots of
    great suggestions about what
    she would do to make the Cobb
    GOP better and more efficient.

    She saw how Cobb GOP members
    focus on State & National seats and
    the Cobb Dems seem to be stronger in
    grassroots mobilization.

    Cindye knows how difficult it was
    to run in a swing district twice. Both
    times she faced the same snobbery
    toward ” little seats” like State House.

    Most all the county volunteers were
    working for BUSH in 04 &
    SONNY/ CASEY in 06.

    Cindye worked hard, raised money,
    was organized, up-beat, articulate,

    It seems there are a lot of seniors in
    the Cobb GOP. They do not like to
    knock on doors. Few like to drive at
    night to a Phone Bank. They like
    to attend breakfasts on Saturday
    mornings. This is great for a
    social club, but this is no way to
    win seats in South Cobb.

    Cindye loves seniors and she
    thought they should be mentoring
    the new people.

    If Cindye were chairman, she would
    do anything to help the YR’s and CR’s.
    She is an educator and entrepreneur
    and spends a lot of time pouring into
    young adults.

    She knows that we need our youth to
    help us win seats in swing and dem
    districts. We will not win South Cobb
    with seniors and “country club
    republicans” who will not sweat
    for a seat.

    Q.Why SHOULD she (reason for opposing Johnson).

    A. From what Cindye has told me, she
    really likes Scott. They both home
    schooled their kids. They are both
    strong Christians, people who know
    them say they would have a hard
    time choosing who to support
    because they are both well liked.

    Scott reaches out to wounded
    moderates that left when Anthony
    became the chairman. Cindye does
    not have time for that. She is too
    busy reaching out to soft democrats
    who are really republicans but
    do not know that right.

    I have seen her in action! WOW!
    She stood on the porches of 1,000’s
    of soft dems and independents
    for 2 summers explaining what
    the GOP philosophy is. She is
    a master at that! ( especially if
    they are stung in faith and are in
    the military). Pro – Faith, Pro-
    Family, Pro- 2nd Amendment
    Pro-Life, Limited Gov, Low Taxes…

    Q. Why should she NOT be considered
    (is there something that should be
    of concern)?

    The only real thing that would come
    to mind is that we may want her to
    run for CONGRESS instead.
    I am not kidding.

    Until you have heard her speak,
    you will not relate to that statement.
    If there is anyone who has heard
    Cindye Coates speak- she is
    quite impressive & inspirational.
    She has a gift.

    She works harder than anyone I
    know in local politics. She does
    nor expect pats on the back. She
    expects results from her efforts.

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