If We Can’t Handle Beer on Sunday

Shouldn’t some well meaning nanny-statist in the legislature introduce legislation lowering the alcohol content of beer as some other states do, or get rid of it altogether?

I mean if the prevailing argument is that traffic accidents and DUI’s go up on Sunday when you sell beer on Sunday, why not ban it the other six days of the week, or dilute it.

Are those days not even more important — they are all higher traffic days than Sunday. Why not prevent alcohol sales on Monday, the first day of the work week when most people are under a lot of stress and want a drink? Or Wednesday, when workers go have a beer after work to celebrate surviving to mid-week? Or Friday, when college kids have gone home to their families and out with there high school buddies to get drunk and try to hook up?

Another concern seems to be that underage youths are less likely to get carded at grocery stores than liquor stores because liquor stores don’t want to lose their alcohol license. So why not prevent grocery stores from selling beer and wine altogether? Or, stiffen the penalties if a grocery store sells to someone under age — shut them down.

I actually give credence to and support the “day of rest” argument, which is why I’m actually only in favor of grocery store sales of beer and wine on Sunday — not liquor stores. Hell, you can do it between 12pm and 6pm if you are worried about people bailing on church to get drunk or on the roads late. And if there are all sorts of arguments against doing that because of how much easier it is to buy alcohol at the grocery store than the liquor store, you can take affirmative action to make it harder.

This silly “we must study the issue” B.S. drives me crazy. The legislature is not studying it. They’re killing it because they are too cowardly to take a real stand for or against it. Let Sonny veto it if he likes. But don’t shirk away from a vote.

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  1. rugby_fan says:

    No, emphatically no.

    Erick, we just were allowed higher alcohol beers, which means we now have access to quality beers. So no low alcohol beer please.

    This idea must die.

  2. Bill Simon says:

    I think if the Governor was actually a consistent conservative, Erick’s point would be correct. We must save lives in this state, so, let’s reduce the potential for driving drunk.

  3. bowersville says:

    This isn’t about handling our beer on Sunday. It’s about being a strong believer in free markets and having a level playing field among retailers. Did anybody get the tag number of that turnip truck I fell off of? ahyulk! ahyulk! Which way did it go?

  4. Decaturguy says:

    Erick, you are finally getting it. These guys in power at the Capitol are not true small government conservatives. They are only conservatives in that they want to maintain a government based on radical Christianism, similar to Islamic fundamentalist states in the Middle East. They want to base public policy on their ideas of religion.

    What is next? Trying to legislate sexual morality?

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