Fees and Truth in Billing

A tipster linked to this proposed legislation that would amend OCGA Sec. 36-34-2.

The tipster says, and I tend to agree, that Atlanta and other cities might take issue with this legislation. I think it is a great idea and this bill should NOT die. Yeah, rugby_fan, you read that right!

In short, franchise fees and other fees that municipalities impose on utilities will no longer be included in a system-wide rate base for the utility. Instead, only customers inside municipalities will pay the fees imposed by their municipalities and a line item will appear on the utility bill of the customer outlining what the fee is.

Presently, we all, whether we live in a municipality or not, pay these fees because the utilities just add them all together and factor them into their standard rate.


  1. atlantaman says:

    The franchise fees seems to be a hidden taxes that need to be brought out into the open. Georgia Power is forced into laundering the money from increases in our electric bills and then deposits the clean money into the treasuries of the cities. The rates are propped up – it’s a shell game.

    Kudos to Jan Jones on this one.

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