What’s up with UGA’s SGA?

Someone emailed the tip line and said UGA might shut down the SGA. They said something was on Fox 5 about it. I haven’t heard of this and wonder if they confused it with this.


  1. LymanHall says:

    This isn’t something unusual. Every four years, the SGA Constitution calls for students to vote whether to continue to have an SGA or not. It was part of a deal made the last time SGA came back (from what I understand, SGA was abolished and brought back several times in the 1970s-80s). I’ve also been told that if students ever did vote SGA down, it isnt coming back.
    The real story should be the lack of interest this year. Only one presidential ticket is running, and from what I understand, all the Senate races are likewise uncontested. Recently, we at least had races with lots of candidates (though the winners were usually pre-determined 🙂

  2. SevenHillsDem says:

    Yeah, in fact there are some Senate seats that have no candidates. There has been this ongoing back-and-forth between the Red & Black and SGA over the latter’s effectiveness. Supporters say that SGA has protected Fall Break, saved the Key (a document showing grade distributions for most all classes), and proposed medical amnesty for students who help save someone who may be sick from alcohol poisioning in exchange for not being punished with an MIP.

    Detractors accuse the SGA of being an insular social network for Greeks that does nothing but spend UGA’s money and toot its own horn.

    In my opinion, neither is true and both are true. SGA has done some good things, but could stand some major institutional reform.

    Maybe getting rid of it for a few years might lead to some changes for the better. Then again, students could lose the very, very small voice we have in campus affairs

  3. ColinATL says:

    Having been involved with SGA at both UGA and Georgia Tech, I can tell you that SGA at Georgia has problems. A big part of the problem is that they virtually have NO responsibilities as an organization, other than serving as a voice for students to the Administration.

    At Tech, the SGA has control of the budgeting process for the $2 million activity fee. It gives the organization a (sometimes tedious) purpose, credibility and impact.

    Just my 2 cents…

  4. SevenHillsDem says:


    You’re spot on. Infrastructure “refreshments” are definitely needed in the budgeting process from what I can tell.

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