Friedman’s Last Interview

Milton Friedman’s last interview, not done by Peach Pundit, but rather, Tunku Varadarajan at the WSJ is published today for your enjoyment.

Go have a read, it is–as per usual with Mr. Friedman–stimulating and well worth your time.

Also recommended is this story from Australia. Not because I agree with the man in question’s philosophies, or because I desire to highlight this injustice (moderate sarcasm), but rather because said man is a friend of mine. Well done mate. Cheers.


  1. joe says:


    Your friend is nothing but a trouble maker. He has previously been denied access to a flight because of the shirt, yet he wore it anyway. He risks misssing out on permanent residency and seeks legal advice to recover damages.

    If you want to make a political statement, make the statement. Just don’t whine and threaten to sue when things don’t turn out your way.

    Your friend is a total loser.

    my 2 cents

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