B.E.D. Put To Bed

This is why I’m not big on trends. Most of them, such as a return to Roman style eating of crappy cuisine at a froo-froo trendy restaurant chain, are just terrible ideas.

If you never bother to keep up with trends, you never have to worry about them when they die. That’s my philosophy. I’ll where wear [Ed.’s note: You gotta start proof reading when you speed blog] khakis and polo shirts for life. None of these new fancy “men’s leggings” that are apparently suppose to be the rage this year.


  1. DougieFresh says:

    Was the eating in bed concept the trend, or is the doing whacky and crazy things just to be noticed part of this the trend?

    If it’s the latter, it seems like it is actually not quite put to B.E.D.

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