Wild shih tzus on the loose in Cobb (And No, It’s Not House GOP’ers)

It’s real lapdogs.

Beware. The Shih Tzus are on the loose in east Cobb.

Four shaggy little dogs, which resemble mobile rag mops, were first noticed near a condominium community before Thanksgiving. They yap at dog walkers and roam the common areas.

Residents don’t know how the dogs, probably Shih Tzu mixes, became homeless. One was killed a few weeks ago after straying onto nearby Powers Ferry Road. Another is on the lam. That leaves two, but the number could increase. Area resident Gabriella Toth said one of the pooches is suspiciously plump.

Surely there is a Chinese restaurant in Cobb County running low on supplies that could use an infusion of meat.


  1. Mike Hauncho says:

    Will someone let me know when these tyrants are captured so I know when it is safe to come out of my fallout shelter?

  2. DMZDave says:

    Actually it’s the Koreans who enjoy a little BoShinTang (dog soup) now and then (it’s good for the man or something). As for the Chinese, they aren’t too fond of dog meat, apparently they think it tastes like ShihTzu.

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