1. tribalecho says:

    Holy cow. I can barely tell you how stupid this looks to anyone who isn’t enthralled by spectator sports.

    Can’t you all just get along. I mean, you are all on the same game plan. You do all watch the same stuff on the tele.

    Why do MY congress critters have to get involved in teen-age nonsense?

  2. tribalecho says:

    Dear Rug,

    “nor should he be”….what? Not embarrassed by wasting his time? And ours?

    I got a plan. If you can’t find at least six big countries on the map that don’t begin with A or E, ( yes that includes the perhaps un-PC, America) then you don’t get to watch sports.

    You gotta do your homework baby
    If you wanna grow up right.

  3. rugby_fan says:

    tibalecho: nor should he be repentant.

    Hmm…just six? Well seeing as how I could identify at least 125, I would have no qualms with your proposal.

    Nice try at–whatever you were trying to prove.

  4. gatormathis says:

    In the Halls of Congress, and especially for what it cost, protocol should be the order of the day.

    The resolution was to honor the acheivement of lads on the field, not simply a one game match-up.

    I am thankful for their efforts, hence, the boys from the South won again.

    Don’t blemish the boys hard work with a nay vote on their Bill.

    You vote “yea” on the Bill.

    That cleans up the paperwork.

    You call for an Amendment that says,

    “Jack Kingston sho hated to have to vote this Bill for Flordia instead of his beloved Georgia.”

    Which will be recorded in the record, but probably won’t be called to a vote.

    Good clean voting record,
    Lot better press,
    Still get ya licks in.

  5. jsm says:

    And all along I thought he did it because of the uselessness of such a bill. I’m disappointed–the reason behind his vote is senseless.

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