Someone Will Sue

Progressive people always sue to stop the progress of new roads.

Two of suburban Atlanta’s most heavily traveled thoroughfares — Buford Highway in the northeast and Tara Boulevard to the south — could be in store for major overhauls.

Regional transportation planners have developed a blueprint they say could significantly improve the roads for commuters and pedestrians.

Plans call for the metro area’s first busway — bus-only lanes — to be built on Buford Highway and for a five-mile stretch of Tara Boulevard to be converted to a limited-access highway with a two-lane access road.

Both corridors would also get new sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, and bicycle and walking trails. A bus rapid transit line would run on Buford with a limited number of stops at stations, similar to a rail line.

I kid about the lawsuits — that only happens in Bibb County. This actually seems like a reasonably thought out scheme to help ease the traffic problems.


  1. Pappy says:

    Actually Erick, you could be right.
    This is Marta taking a swipe at Carlos Ochoa’sRoyal Bus Lines. If Marta won’t let the Royals use the lanes, and I doubt they will, I wouldn’t be suprised to see some kind of response (be it legal or PR) from Ochoa’s camp.

  2. RiverRat says:

    how can you think that $512 million dollars for two roads “reasonable,” but $100 million for commuter rail is craaaazy?

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