How about that poison?

Apparently, they didn’t manufacture the poison strongly enough…Insider Advantage reports that the Joint Legislative Ethics Committee has dismissed the complaint against Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives Glenn Richardson (R-Hiram).  The Committee based the dismissal on lack of probable cause.

UPDATE by Erick: The State Ethics Commission also dismissed Bobby Kahn’s complaint. So, basically, what it boiled down to, was that the Democrats wanted everyone to know that the Speaker had had an affair and that was all. They were only concerned about the personal smear.


  1. Mike Hassinger says:

    FWIW, Grift, “dismissing the charges due to a lack of evidence” is not “nothing.” It’s actually dismissing the charges.

  2. leftrightcombo says:

    I think the issue has already hurt his chances for Governor. I think this will be the start of a systematic approach to chip away at the front runners for higher office. I don’t know why this would be a shock to any one. Republicans have been doing this to Dems. for years. Now they are using the tactics against each other.

  3. The reporters who cover this story (like just about everyone who hangs out at the Capitol) know it’s true. This will just give some of the intrepid ones a reason to go after Glenn even harder.

  4. griftdrift says:

    Oh and Erick about the update? We all know it was Democrats who filed the ethics complaint but we’ve all heard the whispers that it’s Republicans feeding the press.

  5. Mad Dog says:

    Cagle doing another Reed hatchet job?

    After all, Reed was never indicted, arrested, convicted for any of the accusations Cagle made in the primary.

    Pre-emptive strike … very GOP

  6. buzzbrockway says:

    Y’all can complain all you want about this being dismissed, but Kahn offered no evidence that his accusations were true.

    So, all you people who want bring down the Speaker, go get some proof. Internet rumors are just not enough.

  7. Mike Hassinger says:

    Grift, maybe the ethics committee is a toothless dog. Or maybe, as buzz points out, there wasn’t any “there” there.

    And even if there was something to this gossip, you’ve got a long way to go before being able to prove a quid pro quo in this instance. Politically motivated tee-hee bulls*** is a tactic best left in high school.

  8. griftdrift says:

    Agreed Mike. It is all B.S. But it is also just as much B.S. to pretend exoneration by the ethics committee washes away all sins. It’s also B.S. to act that this was solely a Democrat political play. Yes it is all rumor and innuendo about it possibly being a hatchet job by Johnson, Cagle, the conservative wing, etal. But where there’s smoke there’s fire.

    But in the end, you’re right. It’s all B.S. and we should probably move on to better things.

  9. Gag Halfrunt says:

    When did the Joint Legislative Ethics Committee hold a meeting where they asked for a presentation of evidence? Did the Speaker or anyone formerly from AGL testify? I must have missed something.

  10. landman says:

    Did anyone really think that kahn was being anything more than the windbag he is,give me a break.I just hate he cant keep leading the Demacratic ship straight into the ground!!!!!!

    Maddog what is your deal with Cagle….give it a rest,Im starting to think you some perverse attraction to him.

  11. buzzbrockway says:

    Here’s what Sen. Eric Johnson said:

    “The Joint Legislative Ethics Committee must not allow itself to be used for partisan political purposes,” Johnson continued. “The fact that the chairman of a political party makes vague accusations against a leader of the other party on the weekend before the inauguration and the opening day of the session clearly indicates the motivation behind the charge. It should insult the people of Georgia and embarrass those who take the political process seriously.”

    Johnson also predicted Kahn will next claim a “whitewash” and a “cover up.”

    “That is what he planned all along,” Johnson said. “He knows we cannot pursue undocumented charges. He is simply manipulating the process and the media. All I can ask is that the media treat rumor as rumor and fact as fact. The fact is there is no evidence of any wrong doing.”

  12. CobbGOPer says:

    Again, this is electoral politics at work. Everyone knows Speaker Richardson is interested in attaining the Governor’s office. But there are quite a few folks down at the Capitol with the same aspirations. This is a calculated move to throw some dirt on a guy considered a potential front runner for the GOP nomination. Who’s behind it, we may never know.

  13. DMZDave says:

    This was simply a dirty trick on the part of Bobby Kahn. He wanted to slime Richardson with the rumor of his affair and used the ethics complaint process as a vehicle to give the story legitimacy so that the AJC could publish. Richardson is on tape saying that he didn’t give a damn about the underlying legislation about which he was supposedly ibeing nfluenced so there was no ethical issue and the Kahn man knew it. Eric Johnson got it exactly right.

    As for Cagle being involved, what a joke. He is a pretty sharp guy but if he can find a way 4 years out to get Bobby Kahn to carry his water and make this complaint than I hope he does run for governor. We could use someone that smart and effective .

    And of course Richardson is running for Governor/ This isn’t going to slow him down a bit. It will simply make him stronger and hopefully more careful. What is exciting for the Republicans is that there are so many potential candidates who would make pretty good governors.

  14. IndyInjun says:

    Mad Dog:

    Reed ran despite the incriminating emails that show any reasonable observer that he pimped out the Baptists, which was an affront to us all.

    Reed was possibly the most dishonest man to ever stand for statewide office and that covers a LOT of scoundrels.

    Cagle will make a great Lt. Governor and Governor.

    I was proud to have supported him in 2006.

  15. atlantaman says:

    “The ethics committee did nothing? I’”

    What should the ethics committe have done? The whole thing is beyond a joke and more gossipy than a bunch of old ladies.

  16. gatormathis says:

    The games are on and the gloves are off.

    Really didn’t think it would start so soon, huh?

    It’s the old lesson of who screwed up first, not who screwed up worst.

    I don’t imagine that the screwing up is over, either.

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