Note to Ben Harbin

A UGA Medical School would actually be the third medical school in Georgia. And yes, considering that MCG has outlets in Augusta, Albany, and Savannah, coupled with Mercer’s medical school, I don’t really know that it is a good use of taxpayer money to create a third medical school.
Readers in the comments also point out Morehouse and Emory’s Medical Schools. So we have four medical schools, though only one public one.


  1. Mad Dog says:


    I haven’t seen or read the article you posted.

    Just flying blind as usual.

    The best argument I can find for another medical school?

    The expectation that the medical students, once they become doctors, will remain in Georgia.

    So, the more residency programs, the more young doctors.

    Goes to the long term effort to become a doctor. During school and residency, they make friends and lay down some roots.

    I vote this is the kind of program where taxpayer dollars are truly like ‘seed money’ to improve health and build wealth.

    Nothing at all like cutting the gas tax for a few days or “rebating” tag fees…


  2. drjay says:

    i guess they mean “state” medical schools in the sense they are state and not private facilities. there are obviously several medical schools in ga…

  3. drjay says:

    so actually erick–by my quick count–uga school of medicine would join at least 4 other med schools already in the state

  4. drjay says:

    and i think south unviersity was planning a stand alone med school in savannah–don’t know if it has moved beyond the planning stages…

  5. Mike Hauncho says:

    Maybe the med school can practice on all the drunk students that come in every weekend and all the STDs critters that crawl around Athens.

  6. CTM says:

    Actually, there is an argument got an additional medical school. MCG, Mercer and Morehouse focus on graduating practicing physicians and none have a big research focus, such as UNC Chapel Hill or even UAB. Emory is bringing in huge research dollars but that’s not under Board of Regents control, obviously. A medical school in Athens, combined with UGA’s bioscience and complex carbohydrate research centers, would make UGA a medical power house. Michael Adams has said many times that UGA lags far behind its peer flagship university peers in research dollars. And Tech brings in tremendous engineering r&d investment.

  7. drjay says:

    i suppose i do not have a point of reference–but i was a research asst. at mcg for awhile, and have 2 degrees from that institution and was under impression that we had a fairly decent research reputation. if you want more of that, i would expand the existing school before i started a new one.

  8. Jmac says:

    drjay, I think the effort is focused on expanding the biomedical efforts specifically in the Athens area. If you also remember, the governor’s budget includes money for a biomedical program expansion at Athens Tech, and the community here is hoping to land a vaccine company as well.

  9. CTM says:

    According to MCG’s web site, total research dollars for as of 06/30/2006 was $74,716,750. According to Emory’s web site, “Emory receives more research funding than any other university in Georgia, including more than $350 million in fiscal year 2004, of which $320 million was in the health sciences.” Emory is the league I’m talking about.

  10. tribalecho says:

    I really like how you make your logo pic change all the time, I’ve never seen that before. How do you do that?

  11. Ben Marshall says:

    Bard is right. The Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, which is a very good medical school, has a campus in Gwinnett.

    The state has 5 med schools.

    Erick, you are wrong. With the lack of doctors available, and especially the lack of residency programs in the state where we end up losing doctors who do their residencies in other states, another med school would only help increase the number of dr.’s across the state, and provide another channel to keep students in state for residency.

  12. Warrior says:

    A Mercer program in Savannah can start next year and save taxpayer’s dollars. A new government program in Athens is 10x as costly and 3x as long to start. Where is the “fiscal conservative”? Hello?

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