More on the Governor’s veto threat

A well placed friend has an alternative theory to the speculation here passed on by several legislators. This friend says it has more to do with the trade groups pushing this issue hiring his staffers and passing off the hiring of his staffers as implied consent on the matter from the Governor.

Morgan Perry got snapped up and then Derrick Dickey, the Governor’s campaign spokesman, got snapped up. The industry seemed to be making it clear that the Governor was backing the initiative. They also pointed out to the AJC that well:

Perdue cast a vote in favor of allowing local communities to decide whether restaurants should be allowed to serve alcohol on Sunday. The measure passed.

Sonny, this friend points out, has rarely, if ever, signaled so far in advance where he stood on an issue. But, with all these rumors of implied consent getting him hacked off, he decided to step forward and make it clear that the trade groups were scamming the legislators on where he stood.

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  1. bowersville says:

    At least the Governor publicly stepped forward, even if I don’t agree with his position, I admire that.

  2. says:

    Hey lets not sell Derick Dickey short! If you look at him in the right light he is a poor mans Travis Tritt.

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