Is This A Good Change?

I’m one of those people that always likes to see the restaurant score at restaurants before ordering anything. But, those scores are going to change, or at least the methodology.

Restaurants can earn an “A” (90-100) with one serious food safety violation per inspection, such as an employee preparing food with dirty hands. (Most restaurants will receive routine inspections every six months.) Other grades include “B” (80-89) for satisfactory compliance; “C” (70-79) for marginal; and “U” (below 70) for unsatisfactory.

The latest version of the code is more closely based on federal model food service standards than previous versions to allow for more frequent updates.

The restauranteurs seem happy. Why does that make me worry?


  1. ColinATL says:

    I wouldn’t be so scared if it wasn’t for the “A” rating with one “serious food safety violation.” Sounds pretty dumb to me.

  2. tribalecho says:

    I have to comment on this. I’m a waitress in a place that just celebrated it’s 38th year in business yesterday. Me and my boss disagree on a lot of stuff. He voted for Bush. Twice. But I gotta tell ya, you wouldn’t find a cleaner place if Martha Stewart was in charge. I’ve worked there well over a decade and all health dept results were in the high 90’s. Recently an inspector came in and gave the place a lower score, complained about several things and insisted we do stuff that to me seemed unsanitary. I don’t know what this is all about but I do know a clean, extremely clean set up when I see one. So while what you say may be true, it’s not true in the reality I see every day.

  3. Mike Hauncho says:

    I was a restaurant manager for several years and what you need to look at more than anynumber is what the violations are for. You can be deducted for not labeling containers, no lids on trash cans, how high off the ground do you store things, etc. Do not trust the score. You can have the same score for living food out at room temp as you do for not having papertowels above the sink.

  4. stephaniemills21 says:

    I have worked in restaurants in three states (NC, GA, and CT) and have to say that the health regulations are the worst here in Georgia. Things that are allowed here would get you fined in NC, not just points taken off your inspection. I also found it odd that you basically k now when your inspection is coming. A week before an inspection in a restaurant i worked in we got a call telling us it was time for out inspection. That is just not right.

    Along with the new letter scores, there should be increased standards, harsher penalties, and the scores should be visible from the front door. I have seen some restaurants do some pretty shady things when displaying their score.

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