I would have never guessed.

According to Travis Fain, the Governor has proposed amounts to run both the House and Senate. I’m surprised that the House and Senate do not, themselves, do that and have the Governor focus on the Executive Branch of government.

The governor has proposed $17.9 million in the coming year to run the Georgia House of Representatives, about $500,000 more than it’s budgeted to cost this year.
That makes the Senate a bargain. Its budget is just under $10.1 million for fiscal 2008.
The governor’s office has a proposed budget of $53.4 million for the coming year, up about $5.9 million.


  1. GOPeach says:

    I am with you Erik!

    But in a way the Senate is
    taking what they dished out
    last summer when they
    all banned together to
    judge a Lt. Governor
    candidate guilty as if
    they were all members of

    I am REALLY glad you are
    blowing the whistle on this.

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