While I’m Voicing Strong Opinions

Let me just say that I think the State GOP can do no better than naming electing Sue Everhart as the next Chairman of the State Republican Party.

Sure, sure, I know the governor is legacy building and all and he has his own pick, but the GOP has always been into grassroots building and lifting up from the grassroots to put someone in that spot. It’s Sue’s time and it’s Sue’s turn.

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  1. Mike Hauncho says:

    Let me see. Sue or A.S.H.? I think the choice is clear. Sue is a great woman who not only has earned her chance to be Chairman but she is also more than qualified to be a good Chairman. I don’t know where this talk of her not being able to raise money comes from. She has done so much for so many people in this party there is plenty of money she will be able to raise. Alec has been Chair for the past two years in name only and he told Sonny that when he agreed to do it one more time but Sue will be there in person to do it and will be very affective.

  2. Philly says:

    I like Scott-Hobbs but think if he and Sue are in the race, the vote will be split and the Governor’s choice will win. Maybe that is the Governor’s strategy. Maybe Sonny is secretly propping up Scott-Hobbs to run.

    Sue is 1st Vice Chairman of the GA GOP and has a good deal of friends and support through out Georgia and she should be the one to run. She is the only one able to defeat Gov. Perdue’s choice. Scott-Hobbs should support her then run after her term is up.

    I keep hearing rumblings about some proposed rule change to be introduced at the Georgia GOP Convention that would allow Gov.Perdue to appoint the GOP Chairman. Anyone else heard that?

    That would be quite disturbing.

  3. GOPeach says:


    I know Sue & ASH well.

    Sue loves to throw big parties and
    she likes to socialize with both
    Republicans and Democrats.
    She was at the Arts Ball back in
    the Fall with many Cobb Democrats
    who tried to destroy local republican candidates. Sue was oblivious to this
    on a local level-

    Would she be on a state level also???

    Anthony-Scott Hobbs is not a
    good ol’boy ( Thank God!!!) He
    is not going to play nice with democrats!
    He will not play to the mushy middle.
    He is a tiger and will not walk away from
    a fight. Most people hate that because
    they are weak.

    Personally I think Sue is a great
    events coordinator. Anthony is a great
    fund raiser and a fighter for real
    Conservative Values!!!!

    So I have to agree that Sonny could be
    bringing in “his guy” again.

    This is what I am looking for in the new

    I know ASH is both. Is Sue?

  4. GOPeach says:

    Mike wrote:
    “Sue will be there in person to do it and will be very affective.”

    Will Sue be Affective or Effective?

    Affective: of, caused by, or expressing
    emotion or feeling; emotional.
    causing emotion or feeling.

    Effective: . adequate to accomplish a purpose; producing the intended or expected result.

    I think that Sue would be AFFECTIVE and
    ASH would be EFFECTIVE.

    It depends on what the party is looking for…

    Emotions or Results?

  5. Philly says:

    I agree with what you said about Scott-Hobbs, but disagree with what you said about Sue.

    When Sue decided to run, she met with the Governor and told him. He opposes her running and the GA GOP have treated her quite badly since she announced. She is still in the race. Sure sounds like a fighter to me.

    I am accessing that if Scott-Hobbs and Sue both stay in the race, Gov. Perdue’s handpicked person will win. Sue has a better chance at defeating the hand picked candidate. She is well known and well liked with activists throughout Georgia. Scott-Hobbs is like a lightening rod, you either love him or hate him.

  6. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Anthony is not the one. He did however announce his intentions to run last week at the Cobb GOP meeting. But enough people see through him. I have supported Anthony in the past, but will never again.

    Sue and John are both great candidates, and I look forward to the State Convention. Should be a great time. Gotta love Democracy!

  7. Mike Hauncho says:

    Please excuse my inability spell. That one always gets me. We have a good fotball team here at UGA but hey we dont get in here because we are smart.

  8. Mike Hauncho says:

    John’s name took too much of a beating when his name was floated out there to be Sonny’s pick. They did that to see what the party’s reaction would be and it did not go over well. He is a good man and would do a good job but as long as people think the Governor is trying to put his people in charge it is not going to fly. The GOP picks from the grassroots up. We take pride in that. The Dems let the Gov (used to let the Gov) pick the state chairman, then the chairman would pick the district chairs and then so on. It was from the top down. If we give in to letting the Governor pick for us it will make a lot of party faithful mad. People want to feel like they make a difference and if you take that away from them even on something like this you will do more harm than good.

  9. Philly says:

    MH, we have had the Governor’s hand picked guy in the last four years with Alec. Alec served as BOTH Chairman and Committeeman. The Governor shoved that one down our throats. I believe the grassroots would not support him handpicking another Chairman.

    Gov. Perdue can have a candidate in the race he supports. He has a right to do that. We have right not to support that person.

    What would p**s off the grassroots would be for a rule change to take place that would allow the Governor to appoint the Chairman .

    I do believe he will run someone for Chairman.

  10. gatormathis says:

    recon us a copy of the DPG bylaws so we can read them closely. When they were written, the writers probably never fathomed the idea of a Republican Governor.

    It’s possible where it says the Governor may pick the party chair, it may not specify a Democrat.

    If not, then Sonny gets to pick their chair, because they have no Governor.

    I wonder if they done changed it.

  11. Mike Hauncho says:


    We are saying the same thing. The only difference with Alec is that he had already been elected before and he is pretty well liked. Sonny wanted him in there but he made no effort to have it an appointed position. If he tries it this year which I have heard has already been shot down then he will be called on it and it will not be good for him but hey, what does he have to lose?

  12. GAGirl says:

    I agree with Bill, you have no clue what you are talking about GOPeach!

    Please tell me who actually supports ASH???

  13. GOPeach says:

    Bill S.-

    lol …

    You just have NO idea who you are talking to.
    I know you and you can not remember me.
    That’s good. You are CLUELESS!


    If you agree with Bill Simon… lol
    Then be MY guest …

    Tell ya what… both of you-

    Look at the books-

    How much $$$$ has SUE RAISED?
    How much $$$$ has ASH RAUSED?

    That should help us see some things.

    Well…. get busy!!!

  14. GOPeach says:

    Duh- ingle Berry-

    I did not say I support ASH-
    To be honest …

    There is nobody that can replace Alec.
    I like Alec.

    Alec did more for Cobb County candidates
    than ASH or Sue!!!!! I assure you of that!

  15. Bull Moose says:

    We need to get away from the mindset that we annoint our leaders in the Republican Party.

    I say, let them battle it out and work the grassroots and earn the position the good and honest way.

    If Sue has done as good of a job as you all say, then this should be easy for her. But, really, a little competition would do the GOP well in terms of party leadership.

  16. GOPeach says:


    I actually agree with you!!

    I want to see Sue fight for something.
    She seems like a ding bat country club

    ASH is a rough yankee from Minnesota.
    He has money but will never be a “Country Club” type. He works very hard in boots and jeans.

    Sue hangs with democrats.
    That bothers me.

    Anthony is rude.
    That bothers mebut not as much
    as hanging with democrats.

    I still like Alec!
    I will miss Alec!

  17. shep1975 says:

    I will restate some of the sentiments others have about Sue and Anthony. I like Anthony and have supported Anthony, but I committed to Sue even before I had any thought Anthony would be in this race.

    Anthony entering the race does not change my support for Sue. It is Sue’s time, not Anthony’s.

    Sue is a committed conservative who has an incredible ability to raise money. As Chairman of the 6th Congressional District, she raised more money than all of the other District Chairs combined.

    She’s built grassroots organizations from the ground up.

    Sue hangs with Democrats at charity events where she is responsible for fundraising and where it is important to support the charity, not partisanship.

  18. GOPeach says:

    Don’t you think Sue is a bit scattered?
    She has so many charities to attend to.

    Anthony is not scattered like that.
    He is really focused, don’t you think?

  19. shep1975 says:

    Sue gives off the impression of being scattered, but if she was scatter-brained, would she have been trusted to organize 3 state conventions and the delegation at the Republican National Convention?

    Let’s look at numbers…

    in 2006, the Cobb GOP reported $55,601.87 raised. This is the 4th year of Anthony’s term.
    In contrast, in the 4th year of his tenure as Cobb GOP Chairman, Don Hill raised $124, 643.89 in 2000. Keep in mind, that in constrast to 2006 where the GOP controlled most of state government, in 2000, we had almost nothing.

    Congressional district Committees historically raise less than $10,000. Most keep the funds under $5,000 so they don’t have to report. Under Sue’s leadership, the 6th raised $22,378.62 in 2004.

    Sue also does not have a full time job like Anthony or even Alec. Sue is retired. Also, if the Hillderbeast is the Democrat nominee, there is something to be said about having a woman as the spokesperson for the GAGOP. Speaking for the party is one of the Chair’s most important duties.

  20. GOPeach says:


    You may be right about that! lol
    You sound like you know Anthony also!

    In any event-

    He doesn’t fight republicans-
    He fights dems!!!

    He will not do charities and have
    little parties with democrats either.

    He will tell dems where to stick it!
    I rather like that about him in an
    odd sort of way—

    Have you ever known Sue to go toe
    to toe with a Democrat? I sure haven’t.

    Anthony has gone toe to toe with
    all the South Cobb Democrats —
    He calls Steve Thompson, Roy Barnes,
    Woody Thompson, Dox Wix, Alisha
    Morgan, Doug Stoner…
    the Mableton Mafia!

  21. GOPeach says:

    Oh Shep—

    I know for a fact that Anthony raised $100K
    a year in Cobb – In 4 years – $400K

    Ask Michael Altman – treasurer.
    That’s my source.

  22. GAGirl says:

    Thank you Shep! Yea so GOPeach, what were you saying about those numbers???

    ASH is the reason why I quit the Cobb GOP.

    When he is gone, I’ll think about getting involved again.

    Sue has been involved in Republican politics since she was a kid. ASH came outta no where to screw up the Cobb GOP even more than it already was.

    I respect Sue and have none for ASH.

  23. GOPeach says:

    Sue is nice!

    She is really really nice!

    I just think she is too involved with
    democrats… That’s not cool.

    Anthony is a jerk but at least he will
    not compromise.

    I will miss Alec.

  24. GAGirl says:

    If you’re friends with Michael then I worry about your judgment. I know exactly what I’m talking about GOPeach! Just because I haven’t been active doesn’t mean I don’t know what’s going on. I was around long enough under those two.

  25. shep1975 says:

    I got it from the disclose on the state ethics website. Michael signed the disclosure. It was the end of year report.

    If $100K was raised, then there’s A LOT of money missing in Cobb.

  26. Bill Simon says:

    Michael Altman lies as much as Anthony-Scott Hobbs lies….so, whatever Mr. Altman claims is a pile of crap about what Mr. Hobbs has raised.

    Mr. Altman and Mr. Hobbs tried to “censure” me several years ago in the Cobb County Convention; they lost by a 2:1 margin. Game goes to Bill Simon.

    Mr. Alttman has about as much skill in balancing a checkbook as a kindergartner does.

    As far as what Sue has raised, PLENTY. Let’s see…she raised the money and got lots of resources donated for the Tribute to Johnny Isakson back in 2002 (an event people like you, GOPeach, likely didn’t care to attend)…as 6th District Chairman, she raised beaucoup bucks via fundraising events….and, for the 2-3 times she did the state GOP convention, she raised money and obtained donations in excess of $100K every time and coordinated the whole shebang.

    GOPeach, I neither “remember you” nor care who you are. Anyone as ignorant of the political world in Cobb, and certainly anyone as ignorant of what kind of a person ASH-ole really is, is someone who is no friend of mine…because, I do not associate with empty-headed fools.

  27. Bill Simon says:


    By the way, your demonstration of Sue talking to Democrats and getting money donated to a non-partisan organization when she WAS IN CHARGE OF RAISING MONEY FOR AN ARTS COUNCIL completely demonstrates how truly idiotic and clueless you are about anything.

    Please, go back to regaling us about how influential and smart you are by having a judge as a husband…sheesh!

  28. Bill Simon says:


    BEE-freeakini’-utiful! Nice research job!


    I see about $54,000 raised, Peachy…where is this “$100K’ raised, huh??? And, 2006 was a banner year for county parties trying to raise money because of all of the races going on.

  29. Bill Simon says:

    C0mbining 2005 and too6….Hobbs STILL hasn’t hit $100,000…ans Sue raised her stuff, NOT over “2 years”, but over time periods like 2 and 3 months.

    Ooh, yeah. That Anthony sure can raise money (NOT!).

  30. GOPeach says:

    Bill Bill Bill —-
    Calm down dear…
    Don’t get so excited
    … sheeeeze

    A Jewish boy who went to
    a Catholic school could have some
    unresolved issues but must you be
    so vicious???

    How much $%^%$% monety have
    you ever raised?????????

    Shep is just stating facts and that is
    good… Youare smart Shep!

    Now I will also state some facts:

    ASH became Chairman in 2003-
    Check this out:

    June 30, 2003- $60K

    Dec. 31, 2003 – $87K

    2003 – $87K

    June 30, 2004 $94K

    Sept. 2004 $123K

    Oct. 2004 – $133K

    Dec. 2004 – $136K

    2004 – $136K

    This would average out to be $100K
    a year.

    Now Michael was not lying Bill.

    You are acting very ugly.
    I am going to tell your mother on you.

  31. GOPeach says:


    The next time my husband and I
    attend a GOP function and you are
    there- I think you will be
    VERY VERY embarrassed.
    I will make sure of it!

    You can make your point without
    sounding like a 14 year old boy.

  32. GOPeach says:

    Now Shep-

    You at least have logic ( which is great).

    I want to remind everyone that ASH
    became Chairman in 2003 –

    Here are the doclosures:

    June 30, 2003 – $60K


    December 31, 2003 – $87K



    June 30, 2004 – $94K


    Sept 2004 – $123K


    Oct. 2004 – $133K


    Dec. 2004 $136K



    June 2005 – $17K


    Dec. 2006 – $ 55K



    2003 – $ 87 K
    2004- $ 136 K
    2005- $17 K
    2006- $55 K

    These are the totals that I found-

    Now lets think about a few things-

    2003 – ASH came on board New to Cobb
    2004 – Presidential Year
    2005 – ASH had a PAINFUL divorce
    2006 – Gubernatorial Year

    Now Bill & Shep—

    If you two knew ASH was having such
    a hard time .. and you live in COBB…
    Why didn’t YOU help THE COBB GOP???

    Were you so imbittered that you
    wanted to see ASH fail and the Cobb GOP.

    You know – I think you all should be
    ashamed of yourselves to KNOW that
    ASH was in trouble and you sit over
    on the side like a BIG FAT BABY!

    I do NOT respect people who abandon
    the PARTY because you do not like
    the leaders….

    Get over it!!!

  33. GOPeach says:

    GAG, Bill, & Shep-

    Seems you all HATE ASH more than you
    LOVE the Cobb GOP. YOU abandoned
    the Cobb Party because you hold grudges!

    I do NOT respect you. You are not
    team players. You are whimps.

    You are bloggers – not Leaders!!
    You are big fat cry babbies!!!

    If you knew ASH was having
    trouble…. Why did you not help
    THE PARTY???

    You can not see the forest for the
    trees. I know your type—
    You have no backbone.

    ASH went through a very very
    painful divorce in 2005. Where were
    you??? You were no where to be found.
    You do not give a #$#% about the
    Cobb County GOP!!!!

    Maybe SUE will be the STATE CHAIRMAN
    and ASH will get a SHOW in FOX NEWS!

  34. GAGirl says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I seriously cannot stop laughing! You’re putting us down when you’re going to “embarrass” Bill in public the next time you see him??? How petty and immature!

    We didn’t abandon anything! They drove us away!

    God, you really don’t know what you’re talking about! Shep currently holds several grassroots offices. Shep, aren’t you the Co-Chair of the GA YRS? I held a statewide grassroots office up until a few months ago and still hold a grassroots office. Bill doesn’t pretend to be a leader.

    We’re just bloggers eh? What the heck do you do??

    Fox News??? HAHAHAHAHA!

    Oh and when you cheat on your wife, they tend to leave you. You want me to have sympathy for him? HA!

    I care a lot about the Cobb GOP which is why I will be a delegate so I can elect Scott Johnson and Bob K. to run the NEW Cobb GOP.

  35. GOPeach says:


    You are slandering ASH.
    He did not cheat on his wife.
    You are a liar!!!

    You do not know the story.

    If people like you are supporting
    Scott Johnson & Bob Koncerac-

    I have made my decision NOW
    to NOT support Scott. You have just
    caused me to withdraw my support and
    I will spread the word that
    Scott Johnson supporters are
    slandering Anthony!!!

    I will find somebody to run against
    him. I am a delegate also!

  36. shep1975 says:

    GOPEACH, you apparently have no clue about my background or my relationship with Anthony. Anthony and I have worked well together on several projects. I have encouraged him to wait a bit and build up a solid reputation before making a run for Chairman. I know he went through a tough divorce and that did effect his concentration as Chair of Cobb.

    He would serve himself and his future career better if he set his sights lower right now and built up a solid reputation. Right now, there are too many people who say Anthony is only out for Anthony.

    I am currently the State Chairman of the Young Republicans. I stepped down from one of the Vice-Chairmen spots of the GAGOP after serving for 4 years to try to build up the Young Republicans in Georgia.

    It’s not an easy task.

    The Macon-Bibb County Club is struggling, Cobb no longer has a club. N. Fulton has basically vanished along with Cherokee. We are trying to revive old clubs in Fayette, Rockdale and Douglas while finding people to spearhead new clubs in Henry and Walton.

    Meanwhile, I have to convience people to donate money to us so we can help out these clubs with recruitment and some seed money. I get absolutely no help from the state party and very little from the county parties…and none of it financial.

    Every once in while I’ll post something on here. I know Bill Simon very well and consider him one of my closest friends. We even share the same birthday. However, we don’t share the same opinion on everything, but still manage to get along very well.

    I don’t know GAGirl…at least I don’t think I do.

    However, after more than a decade in GOP leadership in this state starting with the UGA College Republicans and since holding positions as varied as Treasurer of the 6th Cong. District to Chairman of the Buckhead Young Republicans, my reputation is built on my achievements in those positions…not the fact that I simply held the title. There are very few people I don’t know and more than one county party chairman who I helped give them their first push.

  37. shep1975 says:

    Also, you need to know, that since Anthony, and I for that matter, are public persons, to prove lible (slander is spoken, libel is written), you have to prove “actual malice.”

    I’ll let Erick or one of the other lawyers on here explain “actual malice.”

  38. GOPeach says:

    Never mind GAG-

    I just learned from my husband
    that somebodyAWESOME is
    waiting in the wings to run for
    Cobb GOP Chairman!!!!

    You just cost Scott Johnson his

    Perhaps next time you will
    keep your mouth shut!

  39. GOPeach says:

    Oh- Shep…

    Listen … when this other person is
    elected …

    The YR’s, CR’s, etc… will THIVE!

    This person is the hardest working
    Republican I know!

    This person has a passion that is

  40. GOPeach says:

    LOL ….

    “Mr. Peach” will not let me tell
    you all. I want to so bad. He said
    that I am to be cool and wait for
    this person to announce.

    He said the MDJ already mentioned
    it… I missed it.


  41. GOPeach says:

    Shep –

    This person will LOVE to work with you
    to build the YR’s in Cobb.

    You must know Edwin Nelson….

    He will tell you that this person is
    very very smart and strong!

  42. shep1975 says:

    Based on your conclusions, Anthony is not hard working because he let the Cobb YRs, which less than 10 years ago was the largest YR club in the nation, die during his watch.

    For better or worse, clubs rise and fall on their own leadership. Finding good, committed leaders is something that I rely on the Party leaders for, but even the best GOP County Chairmen can save a club with bad leadership…likewise, a club with strong leaders may even do better than the county party when the County GOP is not so great.

    Tell me, why is Cindye a better choice than Scott?

    Both have run for office. Both are Coverdell Leadership grads. Both have been involved in county politics for a while.

  43. GOPeach says:

    Okay… I can not believe this happening.

    My head is spinning
    I am so excited.

    Okay Shep —

    Scott is nice. Real nice.
    Who could deny that.

    Scott has never ran against a democrat..

    BUT Dr. Cindye Coates has ran
    against Roy Barnes cousin 2 times!!!
    She will not cave!! She knows how dirty
    the democrats are and still has more fire
    in her belly than anyone I know ( locally).

    She ownes her own business-
    Tutor Georgia .. http://www.TutorGeorgia.com
    She loves young people. Her son has been
    the Chiarman of the CobbTeen Republicans.

    She can raise money and run campaigns
    in South Cobb County where Cobb is weak.

    She can set up AWESOME phone banks.
    The STATE GOP had her train candidates
    on how to set up The Coates in the House
    Phone Bank.

    She is loved by everyone.
    What can I say….

    Do you know Cindye???

  44. GOPeach says:

    Oh- I did not tell you this-

    You found it out all by yourself.

    I am calling her in the morning.

    Is the GOP Breakfast tomorrow???

  45. GAGirl says:

    Do you even know Scott Johnson? Now who is holding grudges? You would be opposed to someone because of me. You really are a petty individual. Scott Johnson is a uniter, not a divider! That’s exactly what the Cobb GOP needs right now.

  46. GOPeach says:


    You owe Anthony an apology.
    You lied about him.

    You are not the first Scott Johnson
    supporter who has said slanderous
    things about the current leadership.

    Scott is nice. He seems like a uniter.

    But Cindye Coates ….
    She is a uniter and she would NEVER
    say ANYTHING BAD about another
    republican. She is a Reagan Republican.
    The best!

  47. GOPeach says:

    I helped Cindye in her campaign.
    I know her family. Her husband is
    a pastor.

    I think she will not run for this seat
    because she and Scott Johnson are

    So forget it. I will fiind someone
    else to run.

    If Cindye was going to really do this
    she would have told me. I saw her
    at the capitol this past week.

    It is a rumor. I know it.

  48. GAGirl says:

    I’m sick? You’re the one carrying on your own little convo with yourself. Have you got multiple personality problems or something we should know about?

    Either you’re Cindye Coates or you memorized her push cards. Both possibilities freak me out! Cindye has attacked me personally so you’re a liar!

    What are you, obsessed with Alec? I think we get the point! I’ll miss the money he brought in. Cindye would love Alec since the GOP invested money in her campaign this time. Too bad she lost, again. Someone who supports Anthony shouldn’t be someone who supports Alec, considering Anthony doesn’t like Alec and tried to run against him in Savannah.

    You might need to lay off of the caffeine or whatever you are hyped up on!

    Oh, and I don’t owe ASH one dadgum thing! The day he cursed at me was the day I walked! Real fine leadership right there! I continued helping the other auxiliaries and campaigns in Cobb, just not the ASH crew.

    Go to bed Cindye.

  49. Brian from Ellijay says:

    So GOPeach, it is no longer judge peach????? Now it is Mr. Peach. I think my young friend is prob correct. Call your husband PastorPeach from now on.

  50. GOPeach says:


    You are right! I am on caffiene.
    I have to be — husband had surgery
    and I have to take care of him all

    You are wrong! I am not Dr. Coates.
    I worked on her campaign twice!
    I know here push cards well as I
    helped her with them and I must
    have given out a case of them.

    I am one of the few women in the
    Cobb GOP who helped Cindye.

    I do not know who you are but if
    you were so devoted to the Cobb
    GOP- Why were you not helping
    the only candidate we had in the

    How can you say that you are sorry
    Cindye lost?? How do you know
    who gave her campaign money?

    I NEVER said I liked Anthony!
    I think you should not accuse him
    of adultrey WHOEVER you are.
    That is not right.

    Just because he cursed at you does
    not mean you have to lie about him.
    That is over the top!

    I like Scott, but for someone who
    is supposed to be ” a uniter”, He seems
    to be surrounded by people who
    have thin skin.

    I respect WHOMEVER is elected.
    If Scott Johnson becomes the next
    Chairman, I will support him –
    But it will be hard for me to work with
    people who slander leadership like
    you have.

    You should be ashamed.
    I rest my case!

  51. Brian from Ellijay says:

    So why would a Messianic Jew be offended by being called a pastor? Seems like it would wash.

  52. Philly says:

    GOPeach, Brian is Brian Laurens. I am sure you have seen him skulking around differnet events.

    GAGirl, the reason you quit the Cobb GOP is because the group you supported were no longer in charge. If you are not in control you want nothing to do with it. There are others like you.

    I had almost decide to support Scott Johnson , because I thought he and Anthony were allies. I know that is not true now and will support anyone over Scott. I have also emailed out this blog thread to anyone that might be deceived by Johnson. Johnson can put out a disclaimer, but it will be false and just a ploy.

    It is clear this race is a rematch of the Scott-Hobbs Chadwick race. The battle lines are drawn again. I have no doubt who will be victorious again. Scott-Hobbs now has no choice but to get involved with this race.

    Jason, the YR’s went downhill under your watch. If I am not mistaken, you were State Chairman for a time. You did not do a very good job did you?

    Dingelberry, why don’t you read this thread? I am supporting Sue. Or can you read?

    I am having second thoughts about that now. Sue’s team is obviously spreading rumors that are not true about Anthony’s divorce and that is hitting below the belt.

  53. Bill Simon says:


    Thank you for clarifying that your husband is a “Messianic Jew.”

    That clears-up Judge Schuster from having a looney-bird as a wife.

    So, I still don’t know who you are, and…I don’t care.

  54. Bill Simon says:


    After me not paying any attention to you after your constant hand-wringing over Ralph Reed’s loss, I now see that yo are STILL a complete neophyte, and may very well be as big a liar as ASH-ole.

    Scott and Anthony are friends, and, I still support Scott, and don’t support ASH-ole.

    You, on the other hand, are simply a moron who doesn’t know ANYTHING about Anthony and how big of a liar he is. We just proved several posts up that both Altman and Hobbs lie about the amount of money Anthony claims to have raised, and yet you continue like a blithering idiot about how great a man Anthony is.

    You’re a damn fool…and, if I were you, I’d never reveal who you really are, and remain as “Philly.”

  55. Bill Simon says:

    Philly – Part 2,

    Now you’re smoking reefer. The State YRs did tremendously under Jason’s reign and brought people in as opposed to drove them away.

    Anthony does nothing but lie abotu his leadership and what he’s done for the worls. I will touch anythign about his personal life, but, as long as he is involved in politics, I will expose him as the political cad he is as often as I can.

    I am going to repeat myself on this, but YOU are a moron, plain and simple. Both you and ASH-ole were die-hard supporters of the biggest fraud in politics since Richard Nixon, i.e., RALPH REED.

    You, GOPeach, and ASH are complete dumbasses in judgment of qualified candidates, whether they be for political party office or public office.

  56. Bill Simon says:

    Correction: I will NOT touch anything about his personal life because I don’t know enough facts about it.

    For that matter, GaGirl, you should refrain from speaking about things like that as well. We don’t know anything about why Anthony and Connie divorced and should leave that out of the discussion of his qualifications.

  57. Mike Hauncho says:

    I hear all of you blame the leadership in Cobb for why the county party has slipped but from hearing what all of you have said it is you. ASH and others may have their faults but it is also the responsibility of its members to step up and see to it that the party moves forward. He is one man and at the county level that is not much. All of you caught up in this little back and forth need to give it a rest and work towards solving the problems instead of ripping each others throats out. When the county party slips any further you can add all of your names to the list as to why that happened. Work to solve problems not make them.

  58. Bill Simon says:


    While what you say “sounds” good and admirable, I advise you to butt-out because you know NOTHING about what one county chairman can and cannot do to singularly drive people away.

    In Hobbs’ case, as in the case of Marilyn Gilhuly before him, “one county chair” who does NOTHING but lie about people can wreak a whole lot of damage all by him/herself.

    There is no reason why I or anyone else has to put-up with a flagrant liar as a chairman. People who want to work in a party do so with their FREE TIME, and MOST people do not want to work with or for someone who is a pathological liar, as these two aforementioned chairs were, and, in the case of Hobbs, still is. Get the difference now?

  59. GOPeach says:


    You are speaking the TRUTH!!!

    All these people who are slandering
    a fellow republican ARE NOT REAL

    All these people who get mad and take
    their toys and leave COULD CARE LESS

    And anyone who would let leaders run
    them off were NEVER committed anyway!

    I am not going anyway. No Chairman will
    run me away. I am here for the long haul.

    Bill Simon – You have made so many enemies
    with the Sour Grape Vine and your posts
    on blogs like this. It is a shame you do not
    know THAT!

    Like I said, you made your point
    about the statement made by Michael
    Altman about ASH’s fund raising. That
    is okay – He made a mistake.

    All anyone had to do is …

    Go to the SOS –
    Click on Campaign Disclosures
    Click on Non-Candidate
    Click on (R) –
    Republican Party of Cobb
    Click on 2003, 2004,2005

    Then beginning in 2006,
    go the the State Ethics Commission
    and view the disclosures .

    2004- $87K
    2004- $136K
    2005 – $18K – ASH goes through a divorce.
    Nobody was there to pick up teh slack.
    2006 -$13K

    It is clear that ASH did not raise
    $100K a year. He needed help!
    It is too bad he did not have that
    among all those who jumped ship.

  60. GOPeach says:

    Oh- BTW-

    The Cobb GOP is NOT about
    the CHAIRMAN!!

    It is about the VISION!!
    When you have THE VISIONS
    you don’t cave, get in blogs ,and
    destroy people’s lives.

    When you have THE VISION-
    you hold steady and ignore any
    personality conflicts.

    Hey – I am not a REPUBLICAN because
    of Bush, Sonny, Sue, Alec, ASH…

    I am a REPUBLICAN because
    The leaders do not determine my
    political view. I DO!

  61. Mike Hauncho says:


    Telling someone to butt out is something you know nothing about and in my opinion is something you need to learn to do. Your opinion of ASH may be true but your bashing does no good to make the situation better. Your mouth, or words has done more to bash the GOP than just about anyone. I dont know if you think you are a watchdog or think you are doing good but for a change why dont you talk about the good of the party and what we need to do to move forward instead of talking about the negative which only makes people more divided.

  62. GOPeach says:

    Here is a poem by Cindye Coates-

    © 1998 Cindye Coates
    Used with permission

    I am a soldier in the Army of My God.
    The Lord Jesus Christ is my Commanding Officer.
    The Holy Bible is my code of conduct.

    Faith, Prayer and the Word
    are my weapons of Warfare.
    I have been taught by the Holy Spirit,
    trained by experience,
    tried by adversity,
    and tested by fire.

    I am a volunteer in this Army,
    and I am enlisted for eternity.
    I will either retire in this Army
    or die in this Army;
    but I will not get out, sell out, be talked out,
    I am faithful, capable, and dependable.

    If My God needs me,
    I am there.
    If He needs me to teach children,
    work with the youth, help adults, or just sit and learn.
    He can use me,
    because I am there!

    I am a soldier.
    I am not a baby.
    I do not need to be pampered,
    petted, primed up, pumped up,
    picked up, or pepped up.

    I am a soldier.
    No one has to call me,
    remind me,
    write me, visit me,
    entice me, or lure me.

    I am a soldier.
    I am not a wimp.
    I am in place, saluting my King,
    obeying His orders, praising His name,
    and building His kingdom!

    I am a soldier.
    No one has to send me flowers,
    gifts, food,
    cards, candy,
    or give me handouts.

    I do not need to be cuddled, cradled,
    cared for, or catered to.
    I am committed!

    I cannot have my feelings hurt
    bad enough to turn me around.
    I cannot be discouraged enough
    to turn me aside.
    I cannot lose enough to cause
    me to quit.

    When I was called into this Army,
    I had nothing.
    If I end up with nothing,
    I will still come out even.

    I will win.
    My God will supply all my needs.
    I am more than a conqueror.
    I will always triumph.
    I can do all things through Christ.

    I am a soldier.
    Devils cannot defeat me.
    People cannot disillusion me.
    Weather cannot weary me.
    Sickness cannot stop me.
    Battles cannot beat me.
    Money cannot buy me.
    Governments cannot silence me,
    and Hell cannot handle me!

    I am a soldier.
    Even death cannot destroy me.
    For when my commander calls
    me from this battlefield,
    He will promote me to a captain
    and then bring me back to rule
    this world with Him.

    I am a soldier in the Army,
    and I’m marching, claiming victory.
    I will not give up.
    I will not turn around.

    I am a soldier,
    marching Heaven bound.
    Here I stand!

    Will you stand with me?

  63. GOPeach says:

    Here is another thing she wrote:
    ( All were on her State House web site-
    I saved them in a file as they are so
    encouraging and optimistic!!!)

    A Speech Given to the GA Tech College Republicans March 2005

    The Greatest of These is Love –
    ( A Paraphrase of 1 Corinthians 13)
    © 2005 by Dr. Cindye Coates

    Though I speak with ease and brilliance
    before large groups of people
    and have not love for each person in my heart,
    my words are empty and I am nothing.

    And though I have a thorough knowledge
    of our cause and understand our organization
    And have not love for the people
    it is meant to serve,
    |I gain nothing.

    And though I attend countless meetings
    And give unlimited hours of my time,
    And have no time for God,
    I am nothing.

    Love is patient with the weaknesses of others,
    It is not irritable or rude.
    Love does not insist on it’s on way,
    It is able to take criticism
    without being unduly hurt.

    Love does not need recognition
    or acclaim for it’s labors.
    Love is not aware of social position
    or the lack of it.
    It reaches out to touch
    the best qualities in each person.

    Love never gives up seeking answers
    To the most complicated problems.
    It gives strength and endurance
    to work out their solutions.

    Love and the work that love does
    Will never end.

    When I was a child, I spoke like a child
    I read childish literature and lived
    on the lighter side of life.

    But now I am a mature woman, wife, and mother.
    I am responsible to think deeply about life.
    And to invest my hours and days wisely.

    For now we see things in an uncertain light.
    We are often confused, frustrated, discouraged.
    But in the pure light of eternity,
    we see the threads of our work
    woven into a pattern of value.

    And now we have faith
    Hope in the future
    Of the humanity we serve –
    And love for one another

    The greatest of these is Love.


  64. GOPeach says:


    My name is not Linda.

    Brian Laurens-

    I do not know you.
    I sent Cindye an e-mail to ask her.
    She wrote and said:

    ” Yes, I know Brian. He is sincere and nice.

  65. Bill Simon says:


    Honey, if I keep driving people like you away from me, I’m doing good for myself. The people who are my “enemies” are people who like to go around lying about GOOD Republicans and I happen to be a person who will not put up with that crap.

    And, those “enemies” of mine are also enemies of the people who have the REAL political power in this state…that is, the elected officials in the state and at the federal level.

  66. GOPeach says:


    Okay just for that-
    I am going to give you a great big hug
    and a big kiss next time I see you.

    You will NOT get rid of me now.

  67. Bill Simon says:

    The purpose of the Cobb GOP is, as an organization, to help build interest in the party, not drive them away by acting like a tyrant…as Anthony and his predecessor have acted.

    The job of the Chairman of the Cobb GOP is to raise money and recruit candidates to run against the opposition party.

    It is NOT, as it has been in ASH’s case, the job of recruiting candidates to run against sitting Republicans and give them challenges in primaries as Anthony did back in 2004 against people like Ginger Collins that he didn’t like.

    So, MIKE, I not only know what I am talking about, I know the difference between right and wrong. If all you wish to see done in a county party is for everyone to sit around and hold hands in some sort of demonstration when the key player of the party is a dishonest SOB, then you are a person who not only doesn’t know right from wrong, you seek to hide the wrong that people do in a vain effort to give the appearance that everything is hunkey-dorey when it isn’t.

    In fact, Mike, with your brand of thinking, you should go get the head job at DFACS so you can act like nothing’s wrong with how they do things…

  68. Bill Simon says:

    Mike Altman made “a mistake” in claiming ASH has raised $100,000 and over a year while he’s been in power? Mr. Altman didn’t make a “mistake”…he participated in blatantly misrepresenting the job ASH has done and thinks nothing of it.

  69. GOPeach says:

    Bill Bill Bill –

    You were doing sooo good.
    You were being sweet.

    Now you are being mean to Mike.
    Behave Bill. I mean it now.
    Settle down and behave yourself.

  70. GOPeach says:


    I am going to set up a debate between you a
    and Michael Altman.

    Then we can get the truth.
    When is good for you?

  71. GOPeach says:

    I know you want everyone to
    think you are b b b b bad to the bone.

    But B B B B Bill-
    You are really a cream puff.

    I see straight through you.
    I know your kind.

  72. GOPeach says:


    Have you ever exaggerated???
    Ever?? Maybe because you are
    embarrassed?? Have you ever said
    that you were 6 ft tall, when you are
    really 5’8?

    Maybe Michael did that…
    Maybe he exaggerated.
    Now we know! And??????

    Do we sit around slicing and dicing
    somone because they did not meet
    an objective?

    What if Michael makes a public
    apology here on PP?

    Would you flush the toilet and
    NEVER bring it up again???

    I didn’t think so.

  73. GOPeach says:


    I was just corrected by my husband–
    He was with me at the GOVERNOR’S
    BALL last Monday.

    Michael Altman did not say that
    Anthony raised $100K a year.

    He said ” The new Chairman has to
    raise $100K per year.”

    I heard him wrong.


    I am really sorry.
    I thought that he was implying that was
    what ASH had done.

  74. Mike Hauncho says:


    Sitting around and being hunky doory is not what I said. You are talking like a Democrat when you bash the guy but you have made no effort to make it better than to get on a blog and bad mouth someone. You are full of talk and no action. The issue is clear. ASH has not been a good Chairman but that is about to be behind you. What are your plans to make it better? You have never been a leader as you have no one dumb enough to follow you. I wish you the best of luck in what ever you do in the future but if you continue to talk and act like you do it will be a long and lonely life for you.

  75. bowersville says:

    The LINDA spoken of is probably the LINDA from Bibb County that frequently commented on this site. I re-read some of the LINDA comments by using the “Search It!” engine here on the Pundit. Whew!


    The blog appears to be pro David Duke sentiment and anti Zionist to me. Not my cup of tea.

  76. GOPeach says:


    Please tell me I don’t come off like this
    chick! I remember her from last
    summer – What a flippin idiot –

    She needs to go catch a delicious bass. LOL

  77. Bill Simon says:


    When someone is elected to be chairman of the Cobb GOP (or, any county party), and they are a prolific liar, _I_ am powerless to do anything about them…especially when they have fellow Kool-Aide drinkers around them that support their lies.

    People like Debbie Ellis and Michael Altman have been supporting ASH-ole for years in their repeating of lies about people and about things like, exactly how much money ASH has and has not raised during his tenure.

    AND, furthermore, I actually DO “do something”…I warn others away from the party because Republican voters in Cobb go out and vote WITH or WITHOUT input from the county party.

    I just don’t want to see people pour ANY money into an organization run by, at the absolute minimum, a pathological liar…and, at the maximum, someone who may very well not be managing those funds in what would be an expected standard-of-care-manner.

    The fact is, Mike, is I have documented articles that I’ve written for the past 5 some-odd years about Anthony’s antics. I’m not just popping-up in the last couple of weeks on a blog about this…I’ve known all about Anthony-Scott Hobbs for longer than YOU’VE been around Cobb politics.

    In fact, here is a link which will take you to a page of my archives that will provide a litany of past articles I’ve written about Anthony…so, I know what I’m talking about when it comes to the character of Anthony and his fellow Kool-Aiders:


    And, in that list of hyperlinks is a dead link to an article in Creative Loafing regarding ASH’s crudeness in dealing with donors to the party…but, here’s a live link to the story:


    So, Mike, if you’re interested…look through my archives…or, don’t, and remain as uninformed as Peachy here.

  78. GOPeach says:


    You are right again!

    Billy Simon is NOT a Republican.

    I am a delegate in the Cobb GOP.
    I know at least 75% of the delegates
    and we know how destructive Billy
    has been and still remains to be.

    He thinks he is the watchdog but he
    is a lazy coward. The only “power”
    he can find is writing frivolous
    articles using profanity and insults.

    We can always tell when someone
    is desperate… they begin swearing.
    They call people vulgar names on-line.

    I want to see Billy say these things
    in public out in the open, so he can
    get a good old fashion punch in the
    mouth by those he slanders.

    My word to Bill is get a Thesaurus!
    Increase your gutter vocabulary
    for starters. His ( few) readers are
    political junkies who are not involved
    in grassroots politics what so ever.

    Creative Loafing and The Sour Grape Vine
    are ONLY read by liberal democrats or
    very weak-minded moderate republicans.

  79. Bill Simon says:

    That’s what you accused Casey Cagle of being in his primary against Herr Reed…the Republican electorate didn’t buy your team’s claims then, and they won’t buy them for ASH-ole.

  80. GOPeach says:


    You have NO VISION for the future!

    You bring up THE PAST over and ovefrom your jaded perspective – just like a dog who returns to his own vomit.

    You use the same old tired cliches like “Kool Aid” and ” ASH-ole”. blah blah blah blah blah…

    You brag about being “well connected”with powerful elected people on a state and federal level … but when your name comes up or your little. Sour Grape web site – these people
    roll their eyes and shake their head.

    Now you are bringing up such a moot issue like the Reed/Cagle primary- Do you ever flush the toilet? Or do you just play in the stinky poop?

    You are making it clear that you are not a team player in the Cobb GOP. You have no ineterst in building bridges.

    You are not helping Sue Everhart or Scott Johnson with your nasty words about Reed or ASH….

    You are causing people to run away from all the “old gaurd” and start a whole new era in the Cobb GOP.

    That’s why I (and many others) want to have a FRESH START with new up beat visionaries who will not fight partisan battles but who will fight democrats!!!!

    Name ONE PERSON running for a CHAIRMAN position who has ever fought democats?????

    ALL they know is “party fights”. These party fights are destructive! I want a chairman who will fight democrats!

  81. Bill Simon says:

    Peachy, YOU were the one who started talking smack about Sue Everhart. Pot calling the kettle black, much?

    All you are is a hypocrite. You stop maligning Sue, and I’ll stop maligning ASH. You start-up maligning Sue again, and I’ll bring-up more past than you can handle.

  82. GOPeach says:

    Bill –

    I did NOT malign SUE.
    I said that she partys with democrats.

    I also questioned her ability to raise
    money for CANDIDATES who
    run against democrats!!!!

    ASH – DOES NOT party with
    Old Marietta Roy Barnes Democrats
    and He does GIVE MONEY to Cnadidates
    who RUN AGAINST them!!!

    That is my concern!

    Sue is very nice. But she may be too nice
    to the people who will EAT US FOR LUNCH
    if THEY COULD! We need a TIGER.

    What has Sue done for South Cobb County?
    This is NOT maligning…
    It is Simply Asking QUESTIONS.
    Big Difference Bill.

    Past fights are not my concern Bill.
    The future is my concern!

  83. Bill Simon says:

    This “partying with Democrats” is a specious charge, Peachy. It was a non-profit arts event.

    Good grief, you are one insane nutball, you know that?

  84. Bill Simon says:

    By the way, Sue can and has raised plenty more money than little ole Anthony.

    The CEOs of companies will not take Anthony’s call if he ends-up as chair of the State GOP> The heads of companies in Atlanta and georgia can smell a phony-baloney and that is exactly what Anthony smells like to anyone outside of the Cobb County clique.

    They WILL take calls from Sue Everhart and return them as well.

  85. Bill Simon says:

    Peachy, YOUR future should be a long stint in Milledgeville…or, perhaps that’s exactly where you’ve been for the years prior to now, and you were let out too soon. You are flat-out nuts.

  86. rugby_fan says:

    GOPeach, you ever been to a party in your life? I’ll bet there was at least one Democrat there. Ergo; you too, are one who parties with Democrats and thus, are soft on Democrats.

    How can the GOP trust you in their campaigns?

    And I love the intellectual stimulation in your last series of comments.

  87. GOPeach says:

    Bill –

    Can you post ONE TIME
    without using silly little juvenile
    insults like ” you are nuts”, ” you
    are an insane nut ball” etc… ???

    Honestly, it really gets redundant.

    I suppose you know every CEO in Atlanta
    now along with every single elected official.

    There you go again , Pinochio!

    Show me the Money!

    We can ALL go to the SOS or the State Ethics Co.
    to see what ASH has done ( or has not done)…
    Where is the evidence that Sue has raised so
    much money single handed;y??

    It is NOT a hard question, Bill.

    I like Sue. I just think she has too many buddies
    at the Arts Ball! She threw an ARTS BALL in the
    middle of the 2006 GOTV this last election and pulled volunteers off of key raises in South Cobb. I KNOW this for a fact. I worked on these

    She cares more for the ARTS than republican
    candidates who are fighting in South Cobb
    who barely lost!! Where was Sue???

    She was having her toddy with democrats
    when she should have had her flippin sleeves rolled up in the trenches fighting along side of candidates who needed her to help them.

    BUT INSTEAD she is at an ARTS BALL!!!!!
    What timing! What a POOR STRATEGIST!
    She obviously has her CLICK which includes
    youThat alone would make me and about 75% of teh Cobb delegates want to look for the exit sign.

    Where is HER VISION for the future?
    To gather up more democrats to be artsy with?

    She abandoned Cobb County like the rest of
    her CLICK. They moved up to the STATE GOP!
    Now Sue is with the BIG DOGS! Let’s see if she
    can keep up.

    I do not LIKE ASH personally. I like Sue personally. But ASH will not drop the ball the week before the election to schmooze with artsy democrats .

    That was a BAD MOVE… really bad.

  88. Brian from Ellijay says:

    They did not “move up the state gop.” They concentrated on improving the Womens group. Have you ever been to one of their meetings lunch time Fridays? They have well over 150 people there. Alot more than on Saturday mornings at Piccadilly.

  89. Brian from Ellijay says:

    But that being said, Sue has done an excellent job at the State GOP, including organizing several State Conventions and all of the due diligenge for the National Convention. Yes, all that stuff the Delegates were arranged to get and do, that was Sues organization skills.

  90. rugby_fan says:

    “Do you ever flush the toilet? Or do you just play in the stinky poop?”

    And yet Mr. Simon is the puerile one.

  91. GOPeach says:


    Let me help you with something-
    I belong to the CCRWF.

    That GOP Friday women’s lunch group are a
    bunch of retired women who have nothing
    else to do OR they work for judges or have
    a husband in some political office.

    These are mainly all high brow women who do not know how to WORK!!! They were NO where
    to be found when the Cobb Co GOP candidates
    were fighting it out in South Cobb Co. against

    A fellow member of our group was running
    for State House against a democrat. NONE
    of these women helped her. All they want to
    do is go eat lunch and get dressed up to sit
    around and look important.

    Sue can throw great GOP Tea Parties but
    I doubt she can command an ARMY!!!!

    We do not want democrats in the GOP-
    We want CONSERVATIVE Indepentants
    who have no home.

    Herman Cain calls them the politically homesless. These are the people whom we
    will fail to reach if we do not do something.

    As we sit here at our computers the democrats
    do not give a flip about AHS vs. Sue stuff ….
    They are recruiting Black, Gays, and Mexicans
    faster than you can clear your throat in

    Don’t think for ONE minute that what just
    happened in DC could not happen here.
    Sonny and Casey are riding high but don’t
    think it will last forever….

  92. Bill Simon says:

    Peachy sez: “…OR they work for judges or have
    a husband in some political office”

    In your case, Peachy, you have a husband who was a judge…what makes you think YOU are any better than these other women YOU scoff at and look down your nose on?

    Hello, Pot?….

  93. Bill Simon says:

    By the way, Peachy, “South Cobb” has gone Democrat due to having knuckleheads like Marilyn Gilhuly and ASH as chairs of the county GOP.

    These two are the epitome of people who want to achieve high political offices of power, yet have NO desire to take on the true responsibility that comes with the job.

    That means, that instead of going around threatening everyone who disagrees with what they’re doing, had these two chairs been WORKING at building the party instead of tearing everyone down who didn’t see things their way, “South Cobb” may not have become the Democrat stronghold it has become and is getting stronger at becoming.

    Remove your head from your rear-end, Peachy, and get some fresh air into your feeble brain.

  94. GOPeach says:

    Silly Billy-

    I have never seen YOUR fat white crack in South Cobb helping anyone!!

    I worked like a dog.

    Sue was NO WHERE!
    She even stood up a GREAT candidate
    in South Cobb. She promised her she would
    support her and Sue confirmed and NEVER
    showed up! ASH was there!!! He wrote checks!
    He gave time and effort.

    I am better than these women because I know
    how to WORK for weeks until 3 AM. I know how to dig deep and write generous CHECKS to these GOP Candidates.

    Not ONE person who is on PP was with us in South Cobb! Not one!!! YOU are a disgrace to
    the Cobb GOP!

  95. Bill Simon says:

    It WASN’T HER JOB to go run races, you stupid fool! She’s first vice-chair of the state party, not vice-chair of the Cobb Party. Where was Debbie Ellis? Where was Hobbs’ recruitment and management of volunteers? THAT was HIS responsibility, not Sue’s!

    AND, I don’t believe one word YOU or your fellow Hobb-ettes say about Sue Everhart. You guys are ALL pathetic, pathological liars!

  96. Bill Simon says:

    As far as me “working in South Cobb”, I have a pretty full time job to do. I don’t have “fat bank accounts” to write “generous checks from” like you might.

  97. GOPeach says:

    When I tell a candidate that is a fellow
    member of the CCRWF that I will be
    there for her, I do not let her down!

    I do what I say I am going to do.

  98. GOPeach says:

    My husband is getting better from the
    surgery so I will not be on this thread fighting
    with you Bill at 3 AM! It’s been real.

    Thank You Lord for healing my wonderful husband who knows you as his kind and gentle Shepherd!

  99. GOPeach says:

    Okay Everyone-

    I am going to cut Sue some slack!

    I am going to give her a chance-
    NOT because of Bill’s insults and
    name calling –

    ( Bill – I’m going to kick your butt at
    the bicycle rack for all your name calling.)

    I am going to give Sue a chance because
    she is a WOMAN. I am going to agree with
    Erik and say it is HER TIME and Anthony
    just needs to grow up and get a better
    reputation before he takes on an AMRY.
    He needs to learn how to be nice at
    Tea Parties first!

    Maybe Anthony is too hard for us Southern
    people and we need a Belle to run things.

    I am going to stand with women all the
    way! That’s a GOOD move.

    Let’s all make sure that we hold Chairman
    Everhart’s feet to the fire and tell her
    to stay the heck away from democrats!

    Let someone else rasie money for the
    arts – Somebody artsy like Bill Simon!
    He knows EVERY CEO and EVERY
    ELECTED OFFICAL and they will
    ALL take his calls! 🙂

  100. GOPeach says:


    Here is a Copy of the GA GOP RULES
    for THE TREASURE!!!

    6.6 Treasurer:
    6.6.1 The Treasurer shall be the chief financial officer of the Party.
    6.6.2 The Treasurer shall have the custody of and responsibility for the funds, property, and financial records of the Party.
    6.6.3 The Treasurer shall perform all fiscal responsibilities required by the CCRC and relevant laws.
    6.6.4 The Treasurer shall render a written report to the Executive Committee at each meeting. The Executive Committee shall review said report and submit it to the CCRC.
    6.6.5 The Treasurer shall be authorized to make all expenditures and to pay all just debts of the Cobb County Republican Party, according to the authorization and budget of the CCRC and as otherwise required by these Rules.
    6.6.6 (Checks) All pecuniary disbursements under $1,250.00 shall be signed by either the Treasurer or County Chair.
    6.6.7 (Checks) Pecuniary disbursements over $1,250.00 must be signed by two authorized County Party Officers, one of whom must be either the County Chair or the Treasurer.
    6.6.8 Only the Chair, First Vice-Chair, Second Vice-Chair, and Treasurer shall be authorized to sign checks.
    6.7 The Assistant Treasurer:
    6.7.1 The Assistant Treasurer shall keep accurate records of all property of the Party, submit documents to the Secretary of the State Party, and assist the Treasurer by performing all duties assigned by the Treasurer or by the County Chairman, CCRC, or Executive Committee.
    6.8 The General Counsel:
    6.8.1 The General Counsel shall be appointed by the County Chair and approved by the CCRC.
    6.8.2 The General Counsel shall advise the County Chair on all legal and regulatory matters of concern to the Party.
    6.8.3 The General Counsel shall familiarize himself with the Rules of the Cobb County Republican Party, the relevant District Committees, and the State Party and shall advise the County Chair on these rules as needed.
    6.8.4 The General Counsel shall keep the County Chair advised on all pertinent election laws.

    6.9 The Finance Chair:
    6.9.1 The Finance Chair shall be responsible for raising the funds of the Cobb County Republican Party and for obtaining adequate financing for the Cobb County Republican Party.
    6.9.2 The expenditure of such funds shall be the responsibility of the Cobb County Republican Party.

  101. GOPeach says:

    Here is the copy of the RULES for the STATE Chairman:

    County Chair:
    6.1.1 The State Chair shall be the Chief Executive Officer and spokesperson of the GRP and shall perform the duties required by these Rules, the Rules of the Georgia Republican Party Executive Committee.
    6.1.2 The State Chair shall convene twhen the needs of the Party require, shall preside at all Executive Committee meetings, and shall be an ex officio member of all committees.
    6.1.3 The Chair shall preside as Chair of the State Convention until a temporary organization is effected. The Chair shall appoint Interim Convention Committees and their respective Chairs subject to the approval of the GRP. The Chair shall be responsible for preparation and organization of the State Convention and shall provide for the timely distribution of all Convention-related notices required by these Rules and the Call.
    6.1.4 The State Chair may participate in the State Convention, but shall not have a vote, if not elected to the Convention as a Delegate or an Alternate.
    6.1.5 No person shall serve as State Chair for more than two consecutive terms.
    6.1.6 The Chair shall not act in any capacity in a manner that demonstrates support or partiality for any candidate in a contested race in a Republican Primary.

  102. GOPeach says:

    It is clear that Sue can Chair according to the

    So why don’t we elect ASH – GA State Treasurer since he was a primary fundraiser for Sonny the first time Sonny ran and WON!

    That way healing can occur and a bridge can be
    built in the GOP! Let’s all try to talk ASH into running for Treasurer of the GA GOP.

    If we do this –
    Anthony will keep Sue away from demorats and
    Sue can Anthony become a Southern gentleman!

    ( unlike Bill Simon – who needs his butt kicked-
    Since no man on PP is willing to do that….
    I guess Peach has to do the honors.)

  103. GOPeach says:


    You need to know that the TIMING of SUE’S
    BALL was during the GOTV!!!!

    HER HEART was not into the success if the
    GOP Candidates Statewide with Democrat Opposition…. Not one Democrat incumbent
    lost their seat… What does that say?????
    Not enough EFFORT!!!

    This is one reason Sonny may not be so
    excited about Sue running. I heard he was
    not real impressed with Sue’s Arts Ball in Cobb
    in the 2006 GTOV… It was bad timing.

    You must be as politically challanged
    as Bill about these things…

    When one is on the Executive Committee
    of the STATE GOP — You don’t raise money
    for THE ARTS during GOTV!!! You raise money for the PARTY ( if anything) !!!

    That’s why said her focus is scattered.

    We NEED F O C U S in a State GOP Chair.

  104. Bill Simon says:

    “Sue’s timing of the Arts Ball was during GOTV…”

    So, according to Peachy’s view of the world, EVERY activist’s life must stop during GOTV and they can do nothing else except GOTV for the Republican party….

  105. GOPeach says:


    She was 1st Vice Chair of the GA GOP!

    Her job ( along wiith Alec, Carolyn, etc..)
    was to LEAD an entire PARTY to VICTORY-
    That is THE OBJECTIVE!!

    She dropped “the ball” and went tioONE
    with a bunch of limp wrist artists.

    The Candidates DEPEND on the Party
    to”BE THERE for them!!! They NEED
    SUPPORT!! They NEED support during

    An Arts Ball was not the OBJECTIVE
    of GOTV! According to you , Biil,
    being an an executive board is a little
    hobby for bored retired people.

  106. buzzbrockway says:


    I gotta jump in here. Look, the State GOP did not put on an Arts Ball, therefore the State GOP was focused on it’s objective. The State GOP achieved it’s objectives quite well this year. I don’t understand why this seems to be a sore point for your. If Sue E. is involved in charitable activities then good for her. Republicans can be involved in all sorts of activities and still fulfill their responsibilities to the Party.

    If you want to complain about something, complain about the fact that some people in the GOP obtain titles simply for the sake of obtaining titles and a number of them will be supporting ASH for State Chairman.

    You should be concerned about people with inflated opinions of themselves running the State GOP – not Sue E. raising money for a good cause.

  107. GOPeach says:

    Buzz –

    The State did NOT do well!

    The OBJECTIVE was to fill 120
    State House Seats with Republicans
    so Sonny could 2/3 of the Vote for
    Constitutional Ammendments
    like HOPE CHEST!!!!

    THAT did NOT happen Buzz!
    NOT one incumbent democrat got

    Several of THOSE incumbent democrats
    were at Sue’s ARTS BALL!!!!

    She was schoozing with these incumbent
    Democrats during a GOTV in COBB CO
    where SHE LIVES .

    She pulled volunteers off of local races
    to attend her ARTS BALL during GOTV.

    Do you want names?????

  108. Bill Simon says:

    To the rest of the people reading this thread, as amusing as this Ping-Pong match might be to you all, I have decided to refrain from posting anymore on this thread.

    Instead, I plan to go outside house and run full blast into the brick wall that surrounds my house…why? Because I REALLY believe I will have more luck in convincing the brick wall of anything than trying to get Peachy to understand ONE thing.

  109. shep1975 says:

    WOW — You miss a day on PP, and you miss a lot!

    I know Cindye in passing. I’ve met her several times, but she was relatively cold to me.

    I know her son is TARS chair for Cobb since I was the one who was contacted the TARS national office and helped Linda Parker get the organization off the ground in GA.

    I suggested to my wife, who is a college student at KSU, sign up on Cindye’s Tutor Georgia since my wife is a native German speaker and I bet there aren’t too many German tutors.

    I know she’s ran against Terry Johnson twice, and lost.

    I also worked with Ginger Collins in some form or fashion (I designed some of her direct mail, her campaign logo, and push card in 2000, and did general GOTV the other elections) which were then against Terry.

    As for Scott Johnson, he has always been extremely friendly and personable. He lost a GOP primary for state senate. He works with a lot of faith based charities. And he’s stood by the party and the Cobb leadership through thick and thin.

    Both are Coverdell Leadership grads (as am I).

    Running against Terry Johnson is no great feat of courage, esp. since Roy is no longer Governor. If I lived in the district, I would run against him too. All races, win or lose, are character building. They both teach essential skills like organization and fund raising.

    As for helping candidates in South Cobb, no, I wasn’t there either. I took 3 targeted races, two in DeKalb and one in Fulton and tried to concentrate on them because those were the seats we held and the Dems had targeted the hardest. We kept 2 of the 3. We lost the open seat.

    I tried to raise and organize volunteers. I also was busy trying to hold on to Congress. I organized volunteer effort to send people to both Tennessee and Montana. We had Georgia YRs on the ground in both states. Tennessee was good, Montana wasn’t.

    I also helped organize a candidate training school last April held in Cobb. 8 hours of detailed training from people like Randy Evans, Marty Klein, Mark Rountree, and others on everything from sign design to campaign and election laws.

    During this time I had to try to get people to step up and support us financially in our efforts. I’m still looking at $2000 in debt since people made commitments to us and didn’t follow through. Sue E. wasn’t one of those people. She put in both time and money.

    Furthermore, she was all over the state helping where she could. No matter where I was in Georgia, I would run into Sue stumping for candidates.

    Helping build networks where there are none is what we are needed for, that is our job as state officers. We are elected from counties which should have strong networks and GOTV programs.

    People like Sue and I are out there. We get the complaints and criticisms a lot more than the accolades. I don’t hide who I am on this forum and play games like “guess the poster” because I’m willing to take the hits for the issues and people I believe in. My webpage is not a blog, but it has how you can reach me so I link it, even if it results in prank calls at 3AM because my phone number is on there.

  110. shep1975 says:

    I was at a lot of party meetings and noone suggested the goal was 120 seats. The districts are so narrowly tailored along party lines that without some real creative gerrymandering, it could not happen. To get 2/3 of the House, we would have to get 2/3 of all the house votes.

    That has never happened even in the best election years!

  111. GOPeach says:


    It is very obvious that you do not really know
    Cindye Coates. She is ANYTHING but cold.

    In 2004 Terry Johnson out spent Cindye 5 -1
    and she still ONLY lost by 150 votes!
    She did NOT quit ( Like Scott Johnson did).

    She went after Terry again in 2006. Please
    know that her State House district is in the
    13th Congressional ( David Scott -D) – and
    the 33rd State Senate ( Steve Thompson-D).
    RINO -Woody Thompson ( Steve’s brother)
    campaigned against Cindye. She is a major
    threat to the Democrats is Cobb County.

    Terry Johnson was the only democrat State
    House incumbent in Cobb Co. that had opposition.
    Cindye was in the cross hairs of the Cobb Co.
    Democrat Party ,Shep! She knew it and fought
    anyway. Her district is 75% democrat.

    Cindye is on the Board of Milford Little League
    where she raised $55K for needy minority kids
    and handicapped kids so they could play
    baseball. She also is the co- founder of Coates
    4 Kidz – an annual coat drive for needy kids
    in her district. She also tutors kids for FREE!
    She tutored Scott Johnson’s daughter for free!

    Cindye did not run against Terry Johnson, who is
    the WORST legislator in the State House. Cindye
    was running against the Cobb Democrat Party.
    They were out to destroy her. But Cindye will
    not quit!~

    Please do not misread her. She is focused and
    loyal. Not only that, she is the hardest
    campaigner in the State.

    Just ask Glenn Richardson, Paul Beneke,
    Sharon Cooper, and Malcolm Smith. They will
    ALL tell you the same thing.

    I sent Cindye this link a few minutes ago and
    I want her to read this ….

    I make a motion to nominate

    GA GOP Chair – Sue Everhart
    Cobb GOP Chair – Dr. Cindye Coates

    Do I hear a 2nd ?

    Shep- I WOULD LOVE to see you move to
    HD 37 FAIR OAKS and beat Terry Johnson!

    Just because Roy is out of office… He pumps
    money into Terry’s campaign as does Steve
    Thompson, Woody, and all the South Cobb RINOS.

    Shep – the Coverdale Institute does not cut it
    in South Cobb! Name ONE Coverdale Leadership Grad whom has beat a “Roy Boy”?

    It is ANOTHER WORLD Shep.
    You just have NO idea.

  112. GOPeach says:

    Shep wrote:

    “Oh, and if Sue had them at her Art’s Ball, then they weren’t campaigning!”

    That is a GREAT point.
    I did not think about that.

  113. rugby_fan says:

    GOPeach, if you are going to write asinine post after asinine post, at least use proper formatting.

    This quarter inch column is starting to grate.

  114. GOPeach says:


    Believe it or not that comes from years as a newspaper columnist way before blogs were around and spell check! LOL

    Asinine??? that’s not nice, Rug
    I am disappointed in you. 🙁

  115. Brian from Ellijay says:

    LOL. Scott is going to be unopposed. Who is there to challenge him. He can be the Gerald Ford of the Cobb GOP county. LOL

  116. GOPeach says:


    From the way I hear it-
    Scott is not going to be opposed.

    The other person running for the
    Cobb GOP Chairman plans to
    run against the Cobb Democrat
    Party Chairman not Scott.

  117. Bill Simon says:

    Well, the “other person” has it wrong (as do you) tas to what his/her duty is as chairman of the party.

    It is not to spend his/her time “attacking the Democratic chairman of the Cobb Democratic party.”

    THAT would be a fruitless endeavor as i would do nothing to help Republicans defeat Democrats in public office races.

    The chairman needs to be someone who has an organized mind, capable of both managing people and projects, as well as being able to delegate responsibilities in areas that he/she does not have expertise or time.

    The chairman is also responsible for raising money.

    And, the chairman is responsible for meeting the primary goals of the county party organization: The goals being to BUILD the party by attracting people to come in as volunteers to work on various projects to help communicate the GOP message when the time comes to do so for a public election.

    Mr. Hobbs has been spending HIS time on the wrong actions. Nobody gives a sh*t about what the Cobb Democratic Party Chairman does or does not do.

    The Cobb County Commission is dominated by Republicans…the Cobb Dem chairman has little power in his hands to effect any real change in Cobb…EXCEPT if that chairman spends all of his time focusing on finding and training people to become candidates to oppose our candidates, while “our chairman” spends his/her time futzing around, trying to play “Sharks and Jets” with the Dem party of Cobb, rather than just keep his/her mind focused on building and managing the Cobb GOP.

    Thus, the failure of Mr. Hobbs as chairman for the past 4 years…he was too busy focusing on promoting himself, rather than promoting the party.

  118. GOPeach says:


    The new person’s M.O. is ALL ABOUT
    raising up great new candidates who will
    take on the Cobb democrats in general

    He/she is quite capable of that duty.
    The old guard has been all about running
    republicans against republicans in primaries.
    These days are over.

    Finially we have a fighter!
    South Cobb is about to see a

  119. Bill Simon says:

    Hmm..interesting, Peach. So, with this statement from you: “The old guard has been all about running republicans against republicans in primaries”, you ADMIT Anthony-Scott Hobbs’ M.O. has always been about running Republicans against Republicans.

    And, this is the guy YOU want as chairman of the State GOP? A man who wants to spend his time as chairman going out and getting Republicans to run against incumbent Republicans?

    Yeah, Peach, YOU got a real good idea of who should, and who should not, be chairman…of ANY organization ANY where…

  120. GOPeach says:

    Bill –

    Are you saying that Anthony was behind
    running Chuck Clay, Roger Hines, Robert
    Lamutt, and Tom Price against each other?

    Surely you gest! LOL

    Are you saying that Anthony ran Lance
    Cooper, Shawn Davis, and John Wiles
    against each other?

    Yeah – Right!

    This is the type thing that the NEW CHAIRMAN
    with discourage. The new person will tell all
    these men ( have a pissing contest )
    they are completely on their own and
    the county party will not be a part of helping
    them waste million of dollars and assigning our volunteers just to fill a seat with a REPUBLICAN.

    The new person will focus on unseating
    democrats! Please know it!

    This person will announce soon enough and
    there are plenty of us who will be thrilled.
    Finially- a candidate who GETS IT!

    Someone who will not run from a fight!

  121. GOPeach says:

    I have been involved with the Futon County GOP
    for about 30 years. I have had friends in the Cobb GOP for about 20 years and non of these
    little wars are new to be.

    It is amusing to me that you all think you are
    so up on things and you think I am not. You
    have no idea. I could tell you storied that go
    way back .

    By the way, I worked with Paul Coverdale in
    Washington so I am not “new” to things GAG.

  122. GOPeach says:

    I wish we had blogs in the old days!

    I have kept journals that I am thinking
    of publishing at some point. I have a
    long history in the republican party.

  123. rightofcenter says:

    Thank goodness I don’t live in the wacky world of Cobb. I’ve learned so much from you….1) it is bad to socialize and have Democrats as friends (sounds very boring to me); 2) it is bad to be involved in charity fundraising (certainly gives a new take on being a Christian). 3) You get to decide who is a real Republican or not (gee, I wonder if I would make it?)

  124. GOPeach says:


    I know about your violent behavior.
    I am told that you kicked Marilyn once.

    Well I tell you that if you kicked the
    new Coob Chairman, you will not kick
    anyone else. Your butt would be in
    jail! I will make sure of it!

  125. GAGirl says:

    It’s people like you who have driven the normal folks away from the Cobb GOP. BTW, if you worked for Paul COVERDELL, then I would expect you to be able to spell his name right.

  126. GOPeach says:


    If you are normal…
    the I hope you NEVER come back!

    “Nomal folks’ must mean you and
    Bill Simon…

    Puleeeeeeeeeeeeeze join the Democrat Party-
    OFFICIALLY! Thank you!

  127. Philly says:

    Bill the bullshi* you posted in the Political vine was wrong. You even have a disclaimer at the bottom that called your load of crap satire. You did this to protect yourself from being sued. If what you were saying was accurate, why the need of the disclaimer? It was clear to all that you had some kind of obsession with Scott-Hobbs. Sorta of like a spurned lover.

    Bill Simon also attacked other Republicans with his venom. Like Congressman Tom Price and many others. Many believe that Simon is a Democratic operative working undercover.

    GAG, You just don’t like the fact you are not in charge so like a spoiled little child, you take your marbles and go home. Others have done the same, but many new faces are now active in the Cobb GOP so you are not missed. Keep your marbles at home.

    Scott Johnson and his team will NOT receive my vote. I have told many supporters of the current Cobb GOP administration about your comments. It is quite clear this race is a re-match of the Chadwick-Scott Hobbs race and will have the same results.

  128. Bill Simon says:


    Now, you’re either an idiot or just as much of a liar as Marilyn Gilhuly was.

    I never touched Marilyn Gilhuly. BUT, no less than TWO of her minions DID kick me or try to kick me.

    The first was that crazy racist/anti-semite fool of a man named Dorsey Dodgen who DID kick me when I wouldn’t listen to Marilyn’s bullshit lies about what the rules of the Cobb GOP were and what they were not.

    The 2nd was when that gnome by the name of Herb Bricker made a comment about “wishing” he could kick me when I told his wife how rude and inconsiderate she was when she and her pal at the breakfast table yapped and booed at someone who was making a candidate speech.

    I’ll tell you this, Peachy, one thing’s for damn sure when it comes to Gil-hooligans and Hobb-ettes…they certainly like to act like Fascists when it comes to “organizing” and “building” a party…all of their techniques of leadership have done NOTHING but destroy the Cobb GOP.

    SO, if your “candidate” is anything like Hobbs or Gilhuly in that he/she lies about people and spends most of her/his time demonstrating how big of a hypocrite he/she/it is, hopefully, they won’t be elected.

    But, if he/she/it is elected, the Cobb GOP organization will, again, be near the bottom when it comes to being a well-run party.

    By the way, Peachy…one day, your REAL name will be known and you will be exposed for the piece of sh** liar you are. Then we’ll see who the “wuss” is in Cobb county…

  129. GAGirl says:

    I have no wish to run the Cobb GOP so you’re wrong. I have many other focuses in my life right now. All I hope for is a leader who is honest, will build the Cobb GOP and not do it for personal gain. Scott Johnson has been there through it all and never given up. That I do give him credit for. He has no enemies that I know of and has the knowledge and energy to lead the Cobb GOP. That is why I support him. If you’re not going to support him just in spite of me then you Philly are the childish one.

  130. Philly says:

    Mike, Scott-Hobbs has been a good chairman. He has a great deal of support. Bill Simon and his ilk got tired of being out voted at every county committee meeting so they quit the party. Scott- Hobbs would not have that support if he were not doing a good job.

    Next you will hear Simon bash the people that voted with Scott-Hobbs at the meetings. At the last county convention Scott-Hobbs and his team won without opposition. Simon will next bash those people just like he bashes those that don’t agree with him, including President Bush.

    An Award was named after Sue Everhart during his tenure and he whole heartedly supported it.

    People like Simon and GAG did everything they could to help destroy and tear down the Cobb GOP because they were not in control.

    Bill, produce facts about all the various allegations you have made about Scott-Hobbs and his team. I remember reading in your Political Vine that they had not filed Quarterly Financial Disclosures. I went to the SOS site and found them. You had deliberately misrepresented facts .

  131. Bill Simon says:

    Philly, I have an “obsession” with ASH because ASH is a pathological liar…in much the same vein as Bill Clinton is. Do you want Bill Clinton as state GOP chairman?

  132. Philly says:

    Bill, Why did you put disclaimers at the bottom of your articles if what you were stating was accurate?

    If Scott-Hobbs was as bad as you claimed, then why did his team run without opposition at the last county convention? Why did people like you and GAG leave the party because Scott-Hobbs had the support of the committee members? You were constantly out voted.

    BTW, I voted not to censure you, but it had nothing to do with what you were saying. I believe it was a freedom of speech issue and I do not believe in censorship.

    I am supporting Sue for Chairman but like Scott-Hobbs and he is nothing like you have stated.

    I have seen you bash other good Republicans like our President and Congressman Price. You are a disgrace to the GOP.

  133. Philly says:

    They were filed BEFORE you made your allegations so don’t give me that bs and I saw no fine. Another of your lies?

  134. Bill Simon says:

    Scott-Hobbs has been a liar for all of his tenure as chairman. From what I understand, nobody is inviting him to speak (except for Gwinnett County GOP) in the state…no state reps or senators are returning his phone calls to talk to him about supporting him….Scott-Hobbs is almost as washed-up as Ralph Reed, a man, I know, YOU were/are obsessed with to the point of bawling…

  135. Philly says:

    Nice attempt to cover up, but I was referring to your allegations you made almost a year ago about the Cobb GOP not filing the forms. They were posted on the SOS site at that time.

    The only liar I see is you and you seem to have such an uncontrollable temper to threaten GAPeach and myself. I am just so frightened I will not be able to sleep tonight. Ha!

    I know that Scott-Hobbs must have a good relationship with State Senators and State Reps. I have many speak well of him at different events and it is not like they distance themselves from him as you imply.

  136. Bill Simon says:


    I think what happened back a year or so ago is that rather thna filing them electronically, they elected to file them via PDFs, and I didn’t find those PDFs until a few months after that.

    I would have thought that had Hobbs been raising as much money as he CLAIMED he was raising in the press that he would have been required to file electronically.

    Evidently, the law didn’t apply then, and I was only looking for them in the electronic past of the SOS site.

    Not a “lie”, Philly, but an sssumption based on the lies of Hobbs’ claims.

    No threats, Philly-boy, just promises that once your name is found out, I’ll just bet you won’t be as vocal about things as you are now.

  137. Philly says:

    I disagree with some of the President’s policies, but still support him. He is better than having a Democrat as President.

    Our Republican elected officials get bashed enough by the Democrats and the news media, they don’t need to be bashed by other Republicans.

  138. Philly says:

    I don’t see that Scott-Hobbs has lied. I see the Cobb GOP being involved in more things thatn ever before and beign an active force in the community.

    I have never known Scott-Hobbs to recruit a candidate to run against other Republicans nor have I seen him bahs other Republicans as I have seen you.

  139. rugby_fan says:

    “If you are normal…
    the I hope you NEVER come back!”

    Good to know where you stand.

    GOPeach, someone who is interested in building a party, not destroying it, would never try and kick someone out of a party.

  140. Bill Simon says:


    This is not the Nazi Party here where I have to swear allegiance to be loyal to everyone who “says” they are a Republican. I look at the PRINCIPLES of the Republican Party, not the people.

    When there are people whom I see that claim to carry the banner of the Republican Party but DON’T really follow the principles, then I think it is incumbent upon someone to publicly point that out. No one else was around in July of 2000 to do it, so I took-up the duty.

    You, on the other hand, apparently think this SHOULD be the Nazi Party where anyone who claims to be a Republican should be fully protected from criticism from anyone inside the GOP.

    Rep. Price voted for bullshit legislation like CAFTA and the Highway Spending Bill…he was part of the Congress that voted to raise the spending to levels never before seen. That is NOT the mark of a “Republican.”

    Let me be perfectly clear: I am more concerned with the PRINCIPLES of the GOP rather than the “people” who claim to be Republicans. Sure, I get invited to less parties and hoopla, but, that’s fine with me.

    You, Philly (and GOPeach, and others) are more focused on the emotional, “feel-good” crap that people vocalize about the party and the principles, BUT, when it comes to their actual actions and/or votes, they violate those principles.

    Additionally, people who are natural-born liars who say they are “Republican” cannot POSSIBLY follow the principles of the Republican Party, or ANY party. They are just using the party as a vehicle to flim-flam people into doing things that are only and solely designed to help themselves and enrich their lives…or, pocketbook, in some cases.

    Ralph Reed is a con-man. Anthony-Scott Hobbs is a con-man. You, Philly, are a dupe, and an easy mark for these kinds of people.

    I am not fooled by natural-born liars. When I meet one who is a Republican and he/she attempts to represent me and my values, I will call them out on their lies and lack of character…because having them in those positions of power hurts the Republican cause tremendously.

  141. Jace Walden says:

    Our Republican elected officials get bashed enough by the Democrats and the news media, they don’t need to be bashed by other Republicans.

    Our Republican elected officials deserved to get bashed by anyone and everybody who gets the opportunity to bash them. They did an absolutely disgraceful job of governing the country.

    Will the Democrats do worse? Who knows, they haven’t been in long yet. The only fact is that under the Bush Administration and the 109th Congress, we saw one of the greatest expansions of government in U.S. history–greater than Bill Clinton, Greater than Jimmy Carter, Greater than Lyndon Johnson, greater than Kennedy, and greater than Truman. So, this crop of Democrats has a LOT of work to do in order to be worse than the Republicans that were just ousted.

    It should have been “other Republicans” that were holding their Republican Elected Officials to standard long before the “Democrats” and the “media” had a chance to jump in on them. Unfortunately, the GOP is almost wholly run by Republicans who don’t care about standards, principles, or morals. They only care about power. And they say stupid things like this:

    I disagree with some of the President’s policies, but still support him. He is better than having a Democrat as President.

    Really…which Democrat is he better than? Because other than his fetish with trying to invade my privacy, he’s done everything else that a democrat would theoretically do–increase spending, increase the size of government, attempt to grant amnesty to illegal aliens…and he seems positively giddy about his opportunity to raise the minimum wage should the bill come before him.

    Democrats and the media didn’t ruin the GOP. Mindlessly partisan Bush apologists and power hungry loyalists ruined the party.

  142. Tommy_a2b says:

    I agree with most of what Bill and Jace just said. People should be held accountable, especially if they tell you to your face they believe in specific things and vote differently.

  143. Bill Simon says:

    ::: the sound you hear is the sound of crickets chirping because neither Peachy, nor Philly, have any kind of comeback to Jace Walden’s comments :::

  144. GOPeach says:


    Only you are vile enough to call somebody
    a pussy. Maybe you will get your ass kicked
    by someone who actually has one!

    ( To everyone else -please forgive me everyone for having to address Bill’s vulgarness. He is a beast and an obvious pervert.)


    You may be giving Scott your support but
    you will be in the minority. He has too many
    people like you who are on his “TEAM”.
    That is what we know now and that is not
    where the Party needs to go!

    ” GOPeach, someone who is interested in building a party, not destroying it, would never try and kick someone out of a party. ”

    Oh but Rugby- that is the tough part about
    leadership. We must run the trouble
    makers out. They spread negativelty like
    a plague. When we are building, we must
    throw out those who fail to support.

    Just because you DO NOT LIKE the
    chairman does not mean you LEAVE
    the party. That shows a lack of integrity.
    Loyal is loyal!

  145. ScottJ says:

    This is Scott Johnson.

    I have to admit I have never posted to a blog before (though I am a regular reader of Peach Pundit) but I have never been the subject of a blog before. But I am weighing in now to set the record straight on a few things – then you all can go back to insuting one another. 🙂

    The unfortunate thing about a blog is people can slash and burn and say things they would never say in person and hide under the cover of an alias. I refuse to do that. That is why I have chosen to identify myself for the record.

    First, Anthony-Scott Hobbs and I are friends. I have been an active supporter of the Cobb Republican Party for more than 12 years including Anthony’s two terms. Even this year, I worked diligently to gather candidate sponsors to make the 4th of July BBQ a roaring success. On July 3, Anthony and I and a few others stayed up almost all night to build an awesome GOP float for the Marietta parade . I am a Century Club member, a Cobb 100 member (x2 for 2006) and when the party office was going to be closed at the end of October, I stood up and pledged to raise the money to keep it open through November for the candidates. With lots of help, we did it. Currently, I am co-chairing the Cobb GOP Legislative Luncheon (along with Bob K.) to be held on January 30. Anthony and I have talked twice today! (Not about this blog!)

    Anthony-Scott Hobbs has given me his word to stay neutral in any race for County Chairman between me and anyone else and I respect him for that. I invite you to verify my words directly with Anthony.

    Second, Cindye Coates and I are good friends and I have traded e-mails with her today. Peach, we all know you are still talking about Cindye but I know she asked you to stop using her name here. Neither Cindye nor I like what is going on here. I have supported her in her runs for the State House. (For example, check her June 30, 2006 disclosure.) If Cindye decides to run it is not because she has a problem with Scott. If you want to know why she is running, ask her. I will tell you this – I will not speak evil of her now or in the future. I understand this is not personal and so does she. I invite you to verify my words with Cindye.

    Now y’all, this middle school mindset that “if you like Scott then I don’t” needs to stop, please. I don’t know who you all are but I assume you are adults. Can we act like it? Whoever said Scott Johnson doesn’t have enemies is right. That is because I diligently try to treat everyone with respect even when I don’t always agree with them.

    Just one more thing…one of you suggested that I was a quitter and I want you to know the facts. I pulled out of a District 37 State Senate race in 2004 before qualifying because the CEO of our company, my direct boss, friend and supporter, was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer. He asked for my help and I answered the call. As a Senior VP and corporate officer, I owed my attention to him and our employees. Now, two years later, I can report the company is sound and profitable. I pulled out to care for the affairs of a dying man. If faced with that decision, I would do the same thing again – some things are more important than politics.

    The great news is if you want to know what my plans are to move the Cobb Republican Party forward, you don’t have to take anyone else’s word for it. Check it out for yourself at http://www.cobbgop2007.com

    And feel free to e-mail me directly at [email protected]

  146. rugby_fan says:

    Once again, if my point were a brick wall, and it smacked you in the head at 90 MPH, you would not notice it. My, my.

    I was simply highlighting that while you label Mr. Simon as being “vulgar”, the genesis of the crass statements was from you.

    Just remember the adage about the pot and the kettle.

  147. Bill Simon says:

    Careful, Rugby, Peach is winding-up with something to throw/write down at us…these little breaks in the action are times where she runs to the refrigerator to scarf-down her 1-can-every-hour-of-Tab habit…

  148. Bull Moose says:


    This has become a pointless debate of who knows what…

    The State GOP needs someone with leadership ability and potential who can take advantage of the strengths without creating useless division…

    I don’t know who that is. I don’t feel that these two people you’re all discussing though are the right people.

    Neither will have my vote…

  149. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Thanks Scott! You are a tremendous asset to the Cobb GOP.

    BTW- I remember July 3rd! I thought that was never going to be done.

    Bull, if you do not know Sue, then you apparently have not been involved in the Repulblican party very long.

  150. Hello Everyone.
    This is Cindye Coates.

    I was sent a link to this site and was amazed that a blog that was actually about the State GOP Chairman race could become about the Cobb County GOP chairman race also.

    Being the topic of a blog or a newspaper article is not new to me as I have had plenty of experience in that regard. However, my criticism usually comes from liberals not fellow conservatives. I have learned to ignore much of what people say unless it starts to get really personal or it starts to effect my family or my friendships.

    I just want to concur with the previous post by Scott Johnson. He and I are really good friends. His family and mine have shared some very special times. He helped me both times I ran for State House. We have had several long talks about our burden for the Cobb GOP and we hope to both remain servants with solutions determined to build bridges; not walls.

    This past year, not only did I run for State House, I worked very hard behind the scenes for the Cobb GOP as well. Anthony Scott Hobbs will tell you that I helped organize the Legislative Luncheon which was a highlight of the year and kicked off the 2006 election season on a high note. At the 4th of July BBQ, I provided the band, the PA and sold as many tickets as the Lt. Gov. candidates , I was a Cobb 100 member twice and I ran the Cobb GOP Phone Banks for 6 weeks, working not only my race but all statewide races as well. After loosing an election by a razor thin 180 votes (again) , I pulled myself together to be the Chairman on the Cobb GOP Annual Christmas Party which was very successful.

    Please keep in mind that none of these things put food on my family’s table. This was all done out of my commitment to support the party and to encourage fellow conservative citizens who share my passion for faith, family, and freedom. If we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem. I have read all the posts on this blog and I hope those whom have been hurt in the past will move on and get behind whomever is the next chairman of the Cobb GOP and the GA GOP. It is the members who make the difference anyway, not the board. I know this for a fact. I have brought more new people into the party than anyone of the leaders by simply reaching out to those whom have seen our tent as too small for them. Because of my district, I have to relate to low income minorities as well as those whom I play golf with. This is something that I find both challenging and rewarding at the same time. Variety is an understatement. I hope that if anyone should need to find out anything about me, they would also contact me personally. [email protected]

    The MDJ did not have my permission to announce my running for chairman. I will do that when and if I believe that is the right thing to do. If I do decide to run, it will not be because I find fault in Scott. It will be to fulfill a call to action. As my oldest son, Kyle says who is currently the Chairman of The Cobb Teen Republicans , “ It’s all good.”

  151. GAGOP concerned says:


    Have you a better candidate? If not just go back to selling to selling houses. Savannah needs your salesmanship more than that GAGOP needs your critizing its’ leaders.

  152. Philly says:

    Rugby, Bill Simon is the one that took this thread in the gutter first. You seem to have forgotten that or you choose to ignore it.

    The bottom line is Scott , the fact people like Donna Rowe , Ga Girl and others support you and are blasting the current administration speaks volumes. You are part of that so don’t deny it. You just don’t take an active part. You say you are friends with Anthony yet you did not say one thing in his defense. You are a fence straddler and you will not receive my vote. I don’t want others like Donna Rowe and GAG to take control of the party. A man is known by the company he keeps.

  153. Hello Everyone. This is Cindye Coates.

    I was sent a link to this site and was amazed that a blog that was actually about the State GOP Chairman race could become about the Cobb County GOP chairman race also.

    Being the topic of a blog or a newspaper article is not new to me as I have had plenty of experience in that regard. However, my criticism usually comes from liberals not fellow conservatives. I have learned to ignore much of what people say unless it starts to get really personal or it starts to effect my family or my friendships.

    I just want to concur with the previous post by Scott Johnson. He and I are really good friends. His family and mine have shared some very special times. He helped me both times I ran for State House. We have had several long talks about our burden for the Cobb GOP and we hope to both remain servants with solutions determined to build bridges; not walls.

    This past year, not only did I run for State House, I worked very hard behind the scenes for the Cobb GOP as well. Anthony Scott Hobbs will tell you that I helped organize the Legislative Luncheon which was a highlight of the year and kicked off the 2006 election season on a high note. At the 4th of July BBQ, I provided the band, the PA and sold as many tickets as the Lt. Gov. candidates , I was a Cobb 100 member twice and I ran the Cobb GOP Phone Banks for 6 weeks, working not only my race but all statewide races as well. After loosing an election by a razor thin 180 votes (again) , I pulled myself together to be the Chairman on the Cobb GOP Annual Christmas Party which was very successful.

    Please keep in mind that none of these things put food on my family’s table. This was all done out of my commitment to support the party and to encourage fellow conservative citizens who share my passion for faith, family, and freedom. If we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem. I have read all the posts on this blog and I hope those whom have been hurt in the past will move on and get behind whomever is the next chairman of the Cobb GOP and the GA GOP. It is the members who make the difference anyway, not the board. I know this for a fact. I have brought more new people into the party than anyone of the leaders by simply reaching out to those whom have seen our tent as too small for them. Because of my district, I have to relate to low income minorities as well as those whom I play golf with. This is something that I find both challenging and rewarding at the same time. Variety is an understatement. I hope that if anyone should need to find out anything about me, they would also contact me personally. [email protected]

    The MDJ did not have my permission to announce my running for chairman. I will do that when and if I believe that is the right thing to do. If I do decide to run, it will not be because I find fault in Scott. It will be to fulfill a call to action. As my oldest son, Kyle says who is currently the Chairman of The Cobb Teen Republicans , “ It’s all good.”

  154. Bill Simon says:


    Anthony’s “allies” are quite few in number in the Cobb GOP. Your prissy-boy threats (just like the ones you made during the primary of Cagle v. Reed) mean nothing to most people. Why? because you have no power, my friend. Your only power is to blog anonymously in space…and, if you think that gives YOU “power,” please, keep on living in that fantasy world.

  155. Bill Simon says:

    Oh…by the way…as a note to the “allies” of Anthony, perhaps you can all start working on an explanation as to WHY the Cobb GOP is paying for two different office spaces on a monthly basis…at the cost of over $1000 each?

  156. Philly says:

    If Scott-Hobbs has no allies in Cobb then explain why his administration ran unopposed at the last county convention? Explain why the county committee supports him?

    If you feel like Scott-Hobbs has violated some ethics law or has done something unethical, then why have you not filed an ethics complaint? We all know how you like filing ethics complaints. Why have you not brought his so called wrong doings before the county committee to take action since you say he has no support?

    Cindye, you have my vote. You are not someone that straddles the fence as Johnson does.

    You, Bill, hide behind disclaimers to protect yourself from lawsuits when you slander someone.

  157. Bob Koncerak says:

    This is Bob Koncerak

    Maurice, Mike and others—thanks for your kind words of encouragement. Constructive input from folks like you is always appreciated.

    GOPeach…not sure what’s up with you. I also have high regard for Cindye. Certainly don’t understand your brand of politics, but I’m running with our TeamFor2007 ( http://www.cobbgop2007.com) to counter—and hopefully smash, the negative influence that the small cadre of folks like you have exerted on our great Cobb County party. Ridicule never helps anything, Peach. Sad that you best ply your trade behind a poorly-chosen name: I’ve lived in Georgia for 7 years now….and you sure give Georgia peaches a bad rap!
    My contact info is available on our campaign web site. I’m always available to meet/clear up misunderstandings…if that’s of any real interest to you.
    I’m proud to have worked hard in the Cobb GOP for a couple of years, now. I’m proud to have been nominated and appointed to CLI (www.coverdellleadership.com),
    I’m proud to have been elected president of my class, and I’m gratified to have received so much support so far in this campaign. You need to get out from behind that screen and find a positive way to contribute! We need passion like yours directed to build up, not tear down our volunteers. Folks like you whine for fresh volunteers so often because you RUN OFF the few that show up. Building organizations requires a positive contribution—so turn it around, huh?
    Oh, speaking of running off volunteers, you’re way off base with comments about the N GA State Fair. It was a raving success. We had something like 75 volunteers, numerous GOP candidates, tons of material to distribute and we were the most exciting and well-attended booth in the building. Stop the smearing–you’re insulting the many folks who helped out there. I’ve posted a few photos from the fair on our web site. Go check ‘em out in the event that you’ve honestly forgotten how successful that event really was.

    This is a time of tremendous opportunity for the Georgia GOP. In working with Scott, I want to focus on:

    1. Organization-building–with a focus on precincts with least penetration. The county party should use resources like Voter Vault in the opposite way that I see candidates use it. Our goal should be to focus on precincts with the LEAST penetration—and take initiative to raise the GOP and attract members in those communities. Further, we need to distinguish and appreciate positions like sub-district chairs. Sub-D chairs are the work-horse positions of our party and they are woefully under-appreciated. Why not hold a semi-annual luncheon–with invited elected officials to offer thanks for these important folks? Not hard or expensive, but it must be deliberate, it takes time and SOMEONE WHO CARES. I CARE, Peach—that’s why I believe I have a good shot at the office of 1st VC. Genuine RECOGNITION and APPRECIATION of volunteers goes a long way.
    2. Building a collegial communication platform to coordinate/activate across all Republican groups in Cobb—women, Madison Forum, Black Republicans, etc. We’re fortunate to have an incredible number of dedicated, experienced, knowledgeable Republicans in Cobb. Now we need a collegial party organization to pull them all together. Reasonable minds can differ, but we can all agree on the core principles of the Republican party. We need to spend our energies in building an organization, not flogging issues.
    3. Positive, constructive support and resource contributors for Cobb GOP elected officials–in the numerous forms that can take. Also, BUILDERS and DEVELOPERS of quality candidates for the next election cycle.

    That’s what I want, Peach. Go fight some Democrats and leave us organization builders alone. You ran most of us off over the past couple of years. We’re coming back together.


  158. Bill Simon says:


    He wasn’t challenged because the good people, as I advised them to do, gave-up their efforts to help the party and stayed AWAY from the party. So, no one was interested in challenging Anthony and his merry band of liars because they had bettert hings to do with their time and money.

    As far as me going to the “county committee,” or the “excecutive commitee,” all of those “committees” were stacked with Anthony worshippers who were either too stupid or had no problem with the county party paying an extra $1000 per month to pay for Anthony’s private business space.

    Don’t worry, Philly…one day, law enforcement WILL be catching-up with Anthony-Scott Hobbs and/or, as he was KNOWN in Florida before he moved here, “Anthony S. Hobbs.”

    Anthony thinks that if he just changes his first and middle name to be a hyphenated name, that will throw-off state and federal law enforcement. It won’t.

    I would propose that you ask him why, when he found out he had to submit to a GBI background check before he could obtain an appointment from the Governor, he decided at that point that he didn’t want the position anymore. Whatever answer he gives you, it will be a lie, Philly.

  159. Philly says:

    Let us see proof of your allegations, Bill. I have seen the Cobb GOP financials and have seen the ones posted on the SOS web site. I don’t see where we are paying for two offices as you have alleged.

    As far as law enforcement and the appointment from the Governor, I would like to see proof.

    Scott-Hobbs has attacked the Democrats many times, I would think if he had skeletons in his closet, the Dems would have found that out. Obviously you have investigated Scott-Hobbs, have you found anything out?

    First you have attacked Scott-Hobbs now you have attacked the Cobb GOP County Committee members. I thought you said he did not have support in Cobb, yet the Cobb GOP County Committee still supports him.

    As for your statement, “He wasn’t challenged because the good people, as I advised them to do, gave-up their efforts to help the party and stayed AWAY from the party. So, no one was interested in challenging Anthony and his merry band of liars because they had bettert hings to do with their time and money.”

    I consider Sue Everhart good and she has stayed active with the Cobb GOP. She even had an annual award named after her. Is she now not one of the good people?

  160. Philly says:

    If Scott-Hobbs was doing anything unethical Sue would have been screaming at the top of her lungs. She would not have turned a blind eye to it.

    She has remained an active part of the Cobb GOP and attends county committee meetings and she has much support within the Cobb GOP.

    Bob, you will not receive my vote and neither will Scott Johnson.

  161. Bill Simon says:

    Philly, apparently you want the Cobb GOP to remain stuck in the septic tank it has been in for 5 years. Perhaps you will get your wish because ONLY in a world of mediocrity can people like you and Peachy excel.

    On your challenge to me, I’m looking at the October 2006 Disclosure, Expenditures:

    7/7/2006 – Office Rental Paid to “T1 Asset Management” – $1105.00

    8/1/2006 – Office Rental Paid to “75 Canton LLC” – $1106.00

    9/12/2006 – Office Rental Paid to “T1 Asset Management” – $1105.00

    9/26/2006 – Office Rental Paid to “75 Canton LLC” – $1218.16

    Again, I will ask, why is the Cobb GOP paying for 2 different office spaces…one owned by “75 Canton LLC” and one owned by “T1 Asset Management?”

    Is there a plausible reason, Philly, one grounded in a reality that exists in the business world?

  162. Bill Simon says:

    Proof of Hobbs opting-out of the Governor’s appointment due to his reticence in submitting to the GBI background check is not something that will be on a document somewhere, Philly, that you or I will have access to “see” as “proof.” But, based on the folks that told me about it, I believe it…because, it’s one of those things that makes sense.

    If you recall, the Governor thought Anthony hung the moon in 2002 (he didn’t, but, the Governor’s people, at the time, were very easily duped by all Anthony claimed himself to be), and, when Anthony was offered an appointment, he said “YEAH! I want that, Governor! Heck yeah! I’ll be the MAN, then!!”

    But, as the story goes…when informed of the required background check, he said “hey, uh…nevermind…”

  163. Philly says:

    Looks like rent was being paid for four
    months to me. July, August, September and October. Some were paid early some were paid late. Not sure why it was made out to different companies. Some have more than one name.

    I don’t see any company letting rent not be paid for a month and just forgetting about it.

    The financials were available at county committee meetings and no one, including Sue, raised objections to it.

    As far as Sonny so called turning his back on Anthony as you imply, Scott-Hobbs was not the only one that helped Sonny get elected that the Governor turned his back on. There were many others and I am not referring to flag groups. I guess they all something dubious in their backgrounds.

  164. Bill Simon says:


    Where did you read where I said the “Governor turned his back on Anthony?” I made no such implication.

    See, you have, apparently, the same “woe is me” complex that Anthony has. I said the appointment was offered to Anthony, but, (and, I repeat myself) ANTHONY was the one who withdrew his name from consideration after he found out this wasn’t somethign he could just show-up for one day without having to submit to a background credentials check.

    By the way, earlier, you mentioned that I “protected” myself with declarations on the Political Vine that said “it was all satire, etc…”

    Well, Mr. Philly, I make no such declarations now…everything I’m saying about Anthony are open to slander charges…IF, they are, indeed, untrue.

    I can promise you this…if ASH finds a dumbass of a lawyer to file a slander/libel suit against me for what I blog about him on, my attorney will be filing a litany of “discovery” requests on Meestah Hobbs…requests that will rip open the facade of Hobbs and turn his life upside down.

    See, that’s the funny thing about our slander/libel laws…the defendant is allowed, by law, to legally obtain the proof of his allegations against the plaintiff…and, if the plaintiff wishes to continue the lawsuit, he must turn over all those documents, and give a deposition.

    Myself, I’m looking forward to my deposition, should a slander/libel lawsuit be filed on me from ASH…go ask Anthony if he’s ready for his? 🙂

  165. Bill Simon says:

    Oh…yet another point, Philly: The “financial statements” do not show the level of detail as to who was paid and for what and when. Analysis of financial statements AND disclosures takes time…one cannot look them over in a 2-hour meeting and decide, “yeah, these look okay.”

  166. GOPeach says:


    of YOURSELF you damn yankee!

    Name ONE volunteer that you
    attained from the FAIR-


    You are so flippin anal – You ran off
    at 10 PM and missed everyone
    leaving who passed by the booth.
    I know because I watched it. I was
    at another booth near yours.

    When I helped the candidates
    in South Cobb, I asked them where
    were all the volunteers that had
    been signed up at the fair. I was told
    Bob had a list that was NO GOOD!
    Your “VOLUNTEERS” were not
    where we needed them BOB!

    That just goes to show you how
    ilqualified you are for the 1st VC.

    I knew Paul Coverdell and your
    arrogance would be an embarrasment
    to him. Seems like that is the common
    thread with yout TEAM and that is
    not going to be a plumline for who
    leads in the Cobb GOP.

    You think all I do is sit at a computer
    and I do not help the Cobb GOP!
    Ask Ginger Collins! I worked so hard
    for her. People like you and Scott
    gave up South Cobb to the democrats.

    Scott Johnson says he has no enemys-
    That is a sign of being neutral. If he
    did become the next Chairman, he
    will have enemies very fast! He will
    be in the crosshairs of the Cobb Dems.
    They will eat him for lunch. He has
    no clue to what lies ahead of him.

  167. GOPeach says:

    Smash Bob?

    I sense a little passive aggression.

    Watch out Scott-
    I think your 1st VC has some anger
    issues and is out to upstage you!

    Looks like your TEAM is already
    having a pissing contest.

  168. Philly says:

    Bob, part of the reason the Cobb GOP Booth has a booth is to recruit new volunteers and you failed miserably at that compared to prior years. Nan Ploener did a much better job and she did not go around crowing about it like you did and tooting her own horn.

    I seem to recall the folks I have seen busy and active the past four years. People like like Fred and Pat Allen, Doris Fowler, Debbie Ellis, Linda Thompson, Deb Golder, Al Meyer, Dawn Strickland, Harold Smith, the list goes on. When something needed to be done, you would normally see that group doing it.

    Michael Altman donated his time as treasurer and did the financials. Michael is a CPA. There are the countless hours Scott- Hobbs put in.

    Sue Everhart would help out when she could but she stayed pretty busy with the Sixth District and then with the Georgia GOP.

    There are a lot of Scott-Hobbs supporters that are supporting Sue for GA GOP Chairman because they feel it is her time and she deserves it. We feel that Scott-Hobbs should help Sue and then run in a few years. He is not well known enough throughout the state like Sue is.

    I just remember seeing you the past year and I just remember Scott becoming active after he announced he was running. Where was he all this other time?

    Bob, your statement “Someone who cares “implies the current administration does not care . You are WRONG.

    Whenever I had a question or concern I could always reach Debbie and she would answer my questions or help me find an answer. At the meetings Scott-Hobbs, would always take time to answer any questions I may have had. Linda Thompson and Deb Golder and someone named Lynn manned the office and always was helpful. Blasting the current administration will not get you votes.

    And Jason, if I recall correctly it was Debbie Ellis that helped organize the TARs in Cobb. In fact, she was TARs advisor for a few years in addition to her party duties. Sam Teasley took it over after Debbie gave it up.

  169. GOPeach says:

    Preach it Philly!!!
    Whooo Hoooo

    This ‘new guard” – TEAM is
    so full of it. I am sickened
    over their arrogance and
    Messianic Mentality.

    Look everyone-

    It’s the second coming of Jesus!

    Bob and Scott CHRIST!
    They have come to SAVE us
    and Rapture us from Anthony.

    Now we will NEVER have another
    bad day. Everything is going to be

    What is Bob and Scott smoking?
    Whatever it is…let’s all become
    drug dealers!

  170. Bill Simon says:

    Philly, it’s amazing how much you laud other people and that you have “observed” them putting forward the efforts, while you say Bob K. has not…just exactly what effort have YOU ever put into the Cobb GOP?

  171. Brian from Ellijay says:

    I still think Philly is one of the immediate former vice chairs Bill. That one that moved to Gwinnett.

  172. Philly says:

    Peach, I am not sure. I have been involved with the Cobb GOP for the past 15 years and actively volunteer.

    You have probably seen me at most meetings.

    No Brian, I live in West Cobb. Wrong as usual.

  173. Bill Simon says:

    But…Peachy doesn’t attend those meetings…her time is split between getting orders from The Mother Ship and collecting Gone With The Wind memorabilia.

  174. GOPeach says:

    GAGOP –

    Dawn Strickland lives near me in
    Mableton! Plus Dawn would have
    guessed who I am since she also
    worked on The Coates’ campaign
    like a did.

    So you are wrong—
    good try though!
    I’ll give you that.

  175. shep1975 says:

    I know Debbie Ellis was the coordinator for the TARS chapter in Cobb. I worked with Linda on getting the information from the national TARS organization to set up a state chapter in Georgia. Through some of the campaign work I had done in Virginia in 1999, I got to know some of the people in the national hq outiside of Washington.

  176. shep1975 says:

    Not really, but Johnny Blankenship, the state chairman of the TARS, and I are close friends. It’s odd that the YRs and TARs have a closer relationship than either of us have with the CRs.

    However, I did get Valerie Hunter, the Kennesaw CR Chairman, the opportunity to be a driver in the President’s motorcade when he came here for the President’s Day dinner. My younger brother is moderately involved with the KSU CRs, but I’ve had him working for and volunteering for political candidates since he was 12 or 13 when I would take him to work with me so he could help out around Newt’s office.

  177. GOPeach says:

    I heard that Kyle is moving on to CR’s
    soon. Since there is no Cobb CR’s he
    should start one maybe. He is very sharp.
    You should help him, Shep.

    [email protected]

    I memorized his e-mail since he was
    Cindye’s campaign aid.

  178. shep1975 says:

    CR clubs are only chartered on college campuses. There is a very good club at Kennesaw State. As I said, I know the Chair of the club and my brother is a member.

    You can visit http://www.gacr.org to see which colleges have College Republican chapters. I met Erick Erickson back when he was the Chairman of the Mercer College Republicans.

  179. Philly and Peach,, you both amaze me. One riles Bob because, IN YOUR OPINION, he didn’t do a good enough job at recruiting. You rile Bill for not liking ASH (I have no opinion of the man, I don’t know him), you throw the words slander around, but you two don’t have the spine to stand behind your own comments. You hide behind an alias because of your own cowardace.

    So, who has more credibility? Someone who works and is visible to people to judge the quality of their work, or one who hunches down in the weeds to not be seen and throws bricks?

    The drivel on this thread is interesting and sad at the same time. Who in God’s name would even want to be part of the mess up there?

    Glad there are good and decent people who have vision and commitment, who are willing to allow their actions to be judged even by people like yourselves that don’t have the confidence in their own opinion to stand by their criticism with the character of their name.

  180. GOPeach says:

    Actually Maurice- I never riled
    Bill for not ” liking” ASH.
    WHo likes ASH???

    What I am addressing is the
    way Bill INSULTS people by calling
    them a ” liar” and “a pussy”.

    That is completely vile to me.
    He can not make a point without
    being vulgar.

    Bill HATES ASH!!!!
    Bill HATES a lot of people!!!!
    He drinks ” HATER AID”
    every 1/2 hour.

    One minute he calls me “Honey”
    then he insults me by calling me a
    really bad names!!!

    It is CRYSTAL CLEAR that
    Scott Johnson, Bob K, Bill Simon,
    and GAG are all at WAR with ASH
    and everyone else who did NOT bolt
    when we came under “new
    management” after Marilyn.

    I would LOVE to see BILL SIMON
    be chairman of the COBB GOP!
    Let’s see HIM make EVERYONE
    happy!!! 🙂

    You are either with the GOP or you
    are not — good, bad, ugly!

    That is my argument. LOYALTY!

    I am an alias because I am married
    to someone well connected in
    government and I have always had
    bite my tongue.

    Now that my husband has retired,
    I am coming out of the background
    gradually and let’s just say that this
    is a stepping stone for me.

    Who knows – maybe I will get the
    nerve soon enough to reveal who I am.
    Until then, I will remain GOPeach.

    I guess I am a coward, Maurice–
    But it is not for me, it is to repsect
    “Mr. Peach” for now anyway.

  181. GOPeach says:

    Thanks Shep!

    I am sure Kyle knows that already
    and will be involved. Right now he
    is a Toastmaster and is going out
    speaking. He just signed with a
    speaking bureau. The one his mom
    is on- Premeire Speakers, I think.
    He has a gift to motivate people –
    The apple does not fall too far from
    the tree.

  182. GOPeach says:

    Oh Shep-

    I just remembered-
    Cindye Coates has started a
    local Conservative Speakers
    Bureau. If you or anyone
    here is interested, you should
    contact her about it.

  183. gatormathis says:

    GOPeach // Jan 20, 2007 at 3:36 pm

    I would LOVE to see BILL SIMON
    be chairman of the COBB GOP!

    “Now I hav done seed me some of every thang”, sez tha gatorman……..lol.

    The hottest duo since Hillary/Obama?

    Peachy could have got folks to pay her to say that if she woulda though about it.

    Some things in life are just free.

  184. GOPeach says:

    Gator –

    Are you calling Bill and Peach a duo?
    LOL That will be the day! LOL

    I can see it now –

    Peach & Bill – C0-Chairs of the Cobb GOP

    Bill’s Bratts and Pecach’s Protoges
    together under ONE great BIG infinite tent!

    We would need to tear down the GA World
    Congress Center, Phillips Arena, and the
    GA Dome just to have a Meeting Hall big
    enough! LOL

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