Funny Rumor of the Day

From the tip line:

Rumor has it that Anthony-Scott Hobbs is organizing a covert meeting this evening for Metro County GOP Chairs to garner their support for his run for State Party Chair. Not sure where or when the meeting is, or which specific counties have been included.


  1. buzzbrockway says:

    He’ll probably get pledges of support from a number of County Chairman. They will pledge to delivery to Hobbs their entire delegation.

    With the pledges of support, Hobbs’ people will say: “He already has x votes locked up so his victory is inevitable.” Of course it will all be bunk because the delegates will vote as they see fit, not as their County Chairman tells them.

    When Hobbs ran two years ago, his people were claiming they had 700 votes, and thus the Chairmanship, locked up. Now his people claim Hobbs never ran for Chairman.

    This is going to be a fun State GOP Convention. I can’t wait.

  2. Bill Simon says:

    “Metro-County Chairs.”

    Well, that’ll be interesting because the only “metro-county chairman” who buys ASH’s bullsh** is Gregory Howard in Gwinnett.

    The only other one might be Mike Divorscak in Fulton…but, his continued leadership at the helm of that party isn’t locked-up…Shawn Henley is challenging him and Shawn has a powerful intellect that might just run Dvorscak right out of that position.

    Check out Shawn’s platform:

    (Of course, I now have NO doubt that Anthony or his mini-mes in Cobb will plagiarize Shawn’s platform and make it his own to run for state chairman against Sue Everhart…)

  3. rugby_fan says:

    His “powerful intellect” is not powerful enough to spell the name of one his endorsements correctly.

    Nor is it powerful enough to know that for minority outreach he should spell, “Spellman College” with one “l”.

  4. Bill Simon says:

    Oy, Rugby…I didn’t read everything….BUT, “powerful intellect” is more about his “presence” rather than his spelling ability.

    When I talk to him, I get the feeling that he knows what the f*** he’s talking about and likely wouldn’t go out and claim his party never sent out a mail piece that could be racially-tainted when in fact, the party not only sent the piece out, but HIS signature was on it…”His” being Mike Dvorscak’s signature.

    But, Rugby, my friend, I have no desire to get into a heated discussion with you on the Fulton GOP race. If you are for Dvorsak, that is your prerogative and that’s fine.

    Your nit-picking sounds a lot like me…or, what I USED to be like, anyway. 🙂

  5. rugby_fan says:

    No, not on the Dvorsak bandwagon (although, I do wonder, if “Dvorsak” might be an Anglicisation of the surname of one of my favorite composers, but I digress).

    From a cursory glance at his accomplishments I don’t doubt his mental stature.

    But, I do feel it is worth mentioning that he has a proposal for a minority outreach program and mis-spelled the name of one of the most significant black colleges.

  6. Mike Hauncho says:

    Unless Mike is promised something buy ASH he is going to support Sue. He has said many times he is supporting Sue. Any other word on whether or not Mike is running for a state party position?

  7. SugarHillDad says:

    Bill, I do not think you give Greg Howard enough credit. I know of a couple of different county chairs going to the meeting tonight and I also know Greg Howard is not going. Last time I asked Greg he said he was going to support Sue and he told ASH to not run. Just curious, but why do you seem to dislike Greg so much?

  8. Bill Simon says:


    Because Mr. Howard has no sense of “sensibility.”

    He yanked Ben Satterfield off of the Elections Board and replaced him with…WHO? Someone who had JUST moved to Gwinnett County?

    He didn’t replace him with a current activist in Gwinnett, he replaced Satterfield with a newcomer to Gwinnett.

    That person was Debbie Ellis, who had left Cobb County. She didn’t know squat about the ground rules of Gwinnett, or how their precincts are organized or any of that. HE replaced Satterfield at the behest of the woman who has him on a very short leash, First Vice-Chair Kathyrn Gartland. Mr. Howard has no sense, common or otherwise.

    Number One, Ben should have been allowed to continue on the Board…and, if Mr. Howard had something against Ben, fine, but he should have had the balls to replace him with someone from the grassroots in Gwinnett.

    He didn’t, ergo, my opinion of Mr. Howard is that he has worth about as much to the world of Georgia politics as ASH is.

    And, if you happen to tell him (OR, you happen to be Greg Howard yourself), you can tell him I said so.

  9. SugarHillDad says:

    To be sure I am not Greg. I have only spoken to Ms Ellis a few time at different meetings but she seems nice enough. I think the reason she was put in the position was that she had similar experience on the Cobb Election Board, or at least that was what I was told. You could probably verify that for me.

  10. Bill Simon says:

    Well, don’t take this as if I’m yelling at you, I am yelling into the blogosphere that DEBBIE ELLIS WAS NEVER ON THE COBB ELECTIONS BOARD!!!!!

    So, may I ask you who told you this? Think back as to who told you that…

  11. Bill Simon says:

    By the way, SugarHill, you sound like you’re a decent guy…likely a person who stays on the outskirts of the inner-party stuff.

    So, take this advice from me with regards to Debbie Ellis: DON’T tell her ANY secrets about yourself. She’s extremely crafty and, while she seems “nice,” she’s not….and, I have personal experience with her over 4 some-odd years of observing her and dealing with her.

  12. Bull Moose says:

    Okay, I don’t know this Sue or this ASH, but from what I’m gathering, I want someone else besides either of them…

    Can’t we get someone who represents what’s good about the GOP and who will be positive, open, responsive, helpful, etc… Both of these two seem like the wrong choice…

  13. atlantaman says:

    I wonder if Dvorsack went to ASH’s star chamber meeting tonight, perhaps a deal was cut for state party leadership positions.

  14. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Usually Virginia Galloway and Dvorsak are the two chairmen that show. He has held several of these.

  15. Philly says:

    Debbie was never on the Cobb Elections Board, but she did Ballot Security Training for the Cobb GOP and I remember her telling me that she served 4 years as CHAIRMAN of the Elections Board in Alabama. You are quite wrong Bill, as usual. She knows quite a bit about election laws.

    Again you are upset because those you support are not in power and you will attack those that oppose you. You and your co-horts in Gwinnett would have yelled and screamed no matter who that Ben guy was replaced with. You would have just had different excuses for opposing them.

    You say that Ben should have been allowed to continue on the Board. Do you feel the same way about Frank Molesky in Cobb should Johnson be elected?
    You are also wrong about Debbie Ellis. Those that don’t especially care about Scott-Hobbs like Debbie. You just don’t like her because she was an ally of Anthony while in Cobb. She was also friends with Sue if I recall correctly .

    Bull Moose, Sue has been a long time party activist and she would make a great Georgia GOP Chairman. I like Scott-Hobbs as well, but don’t feel like it is time yet. I have heard that Galloway is supporting Sue and she is no longer Paulding Chairman and has not been in some time.

  16. Philly says:

    Sugar hill guy, I would strongly advice you read some of Simon’s past writings. He blasts our President and has blasted Congressman Tom Price and others. He attacks good Republicans with malice. Some people believe him to be a Democratic operative seeking to cause problems within the GOP.

    His Political Vine used to be sent out with a disclaimer that stated it was all satire. This was to protect him from lawsuits when he libeled someone. He frequently stated things as facts that were not true.

  17. buzzbrockway says:


    You can disagree with Bill Simon’s comments but to say “Some people believe him to be a Democratic operative seeking to cause problems within the GOP” is ludicrous.

    BTW, who exactly are the people who say Bill’s a Democratic operative? For my own personal edification I’d like know.

  18. Philly says:

    I believe he is and I have heard numerous other folks say that about Simon. You would not, Buzz, because you are one of Simon’s allies.

    The facts speak for themselves. Look at his writings attacking Republicans. He attacks Republicans far more than he attacks Democrats.

  19. Bill Simon says:

    If I was a “Democratic operative,” one would think I wouldn’t continue the charade when I went into the voting booth.

    But, I encourage anyone who wishes to check of my record of voting in Republican primaries by pulling my record from their local county elections board. Look under “William Simon” on Ronnie Drive in ZIP code 30062.

    After you check on this, Philly, you’ll do well to stop talking out of your ass…

  20. Bill Simon says:


    As far as “the impressions you gather” by reading what other people say, may I remind you that YOU were once a stalwart supporter of Ralph Reed.

    Sue Everhart is a very good person, and, if you bothered to remove your head from your ass, you might consider asking if any of the women in your local GOP organization have ever heard f Sue, or worked with her as part of the Republican Women of Georgia.

    OR, you could continue to act as ignorant as you are now. It’s funny, but little ole’ Erick Erickson in Macon, Georgia has heard of Sue…why haven’t YOU in lil’ ole’ Savannah?

  21. Bill Simon says:


    As far as “attacking Republicans like Tom Price and President Bush,” I’ll reiterate here, what I said over at the other thread:

    When Republicans don’t like Republicans, and violate the PRINCIPLES of the party, I’m not going to support them.

    You, Philly, apparently think the GOP should work like the Nazi Party.

    I wonder, Philly…could you be Lew Stafford?

  22. Bill Simon says:

    That first line should have read “When Republicans don’t ACT like Republicans, and violated the PRINCIPLES of the party, I’m not going to support them.”

  23. Philly says:

    Sue has paid her dues and would make a great chairman. I can not believe anyone that is politically active in Georgia has not heard of Sue.

    You might not have heard of her but you have seen her fruit. She was always called upon to organize the State Conventions and even make the arrangements for the Georgia Delegations to the National conventions. Sue has very few enemies and counts great GOP elected officials such as Isakson as her friend.

    Bill, you can attack the policies you disagree without making the attack personal. You are very malicious in your attacks and you attack them personally. That is like throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

  24. Philly says:

    If you were a Democratic operative, you would not be stupid enough to vote in the Democratic Primary.

    You attack far more Republicans than you do Democrats.

    I am not Lew Stafford. Nor am I one of the two senior citizens that you claim attacked you, Dorsey Dodgen and Herb Bricker.

  25. Philly says:

    Look at the way you just attacked Bull Moose because he disagreed with you. You and BM have been on the same side of the issues 95% of the time. But let him disagree with you on one issue and you let your anger erupt

  26. Bill Simon says:


    Bull started acting like YOU…so, when people start acting out of their normal character, they need a jolt to get them back to reality.

    Politics IS “personal”, Philly, when people like Tom Price and George Bush say one thing and vote another.

    Apparently, the majority of Republicans in this country had had enough with the policies of the GOP and tossed them out on their ear last November, or, are you actually living in America right now?

    The fact is, I can tell long before most people when things aren’t going right, or…in the case of people like Hobbs and Debbie Ellis, when people AREN’T acting “right.”

  27. Philly says:

    So I take it you have been appointed the behavior police and you are the only one that can determine when someone is good or bad or acting right..

  28. Bill Simon says:

    Apparently so, Philly…one just needs to observe you while you sit there looking at the house burning down and don’t bother to sound an alarm to anyone.

  29. Philly says:

    You judge people by their associations . Sue Everhart is an active part of the Cobb GOP and she never has raised any objections to anything Scott-Hobbs has done. I guess she is no longer one of the good people.

    I have never heard Scott-Hobbs or Debbie say one word negative about Sue. In fact, Debbie has had nothing but good things to say about Sue and Sue has had nothing but good things to say about Debbie.

    I am so glad that you have been appointed to watch out for those of us that are too ignorant to watch out for ourselves. Makes me sleep so much better at night to know this.

  30. leftrightcombo says:

    V. Galloway is not a chairwoman anymore. She is however the standard for party chairs. No Dems. run in Paulding!

  31. atlantaman says:

    I’m curious to see how the “secret” meeting went. Have they developed a strategy to turn-out the metro delegates just like they did for the District Chair races.

  32. For what it’s worth, my vote is going for Sue. I’ve only met her once, but credible people who I respect enormously have enthusiastically endorsed her, and that’s good enough for me. The one I was hoping to hop into the race is not going to get involved.

    The Party is poised to move dramatically forward and we need effective leadership to stimulate involvement from ALL parts of the state, not just the metro area. As much as I worked against Reed in this election, he did build a strong base in Middle Georgia and Savannah. For that I am much appreciative. We need to rekindle that focus.

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