1. gatormathis says:

    Congrats Saxby! You have a very talanted and hard working guy in your stable.

    Tomczak’s energy level approaches nuclear on the campaign trail. He is a trench worker who dosen’t mind sweating when the job calls for it.

    His familiarity rating increased tremendously last year as he toured the state with the Guv and met many key people all over.

    Good work on your last campaign Justin, good luck on your next one.

  2. GOPeach says:

    Justin in NO liberal-
    Went to Kennesaw State University to
    run the College Republicans and then
    went to Harvard to get a Master’s degree.

    His dad is a Pastor — VERY Conservative!

  3. rugby_fan says:


    That implies that either all home schooled children are conservative, or that a conservative is defined as having been home schooled.

    I shall let you choose which fallacy you like best for your statement.

  4. gajimmy.fox says:

    It’s not that all home schoolers are conservative, it is just that most are usually a little crazy border line weird. If this justin guy has made it this far being home schooled good for him.

  5. GOPeach says:

    Actually Rugby-

    are Socially and Fsically CONSERVATIVE!!!

    In case you did not know-

    HOME SHOOLERS have the highesy SAT
    scores in the nation! HARVARD welcomes
    Homes Schooled Students because they know
    how to study and work independantly.

    Jimmy Fox –

    The following people were home schooled:

    George Washington
    Thomas Jefferson
    James Madison
    John Quincy Adams
    Abraham Lincoln
    William Henry Harrison
    Theodore F. Roosevelt


    Patrick Henry [VA]
    Charles Pickney III [SC]
    Richard D. Spaight [NC]
    William Livingston [NJ]
    Richard Bassett [DE]

    U.S. Senators and Congressmen:

    William S. Johnson [CT]
    George Clymer [PA]
    John Francis Mercer [MD]
    William Blout [TN]
    William Few [GA]


    Blaise Pascal
    Booker T. Washington
    Thomas Edison
    Benjamin Franklin
    Andrew Carnegie
    John Stuart Mill

    Chief Justices of U.S. Supreme Court:

    John Rutledge
    John Jay
    John Marshall

    College Presidents:

    John Witherspoon — Yale
    Timothy Dwight — Princeton
    William S. Johnson — Columbia

    Preachers / Missionaries:

    John & Charles Wesley
    John Owen
    Johnathon Edwards
    William Carey
    Dwight D. Moody
    John Newton
    Hudson Taylor


    Mark Twain
    George Bernard Shaw
    Irving Berlin
    Charles Dickens
    C.S. Lewis

    Famous Women:

    Abigail Adams
    Mercy Warren
    Martha Washington
    Florence Nightingale
    Phyllis Wheatley
    Agatha Christie
    Pearl S. Buck


    “Stonewall” Jackson
    Robert E. Lee
    Douglas MacArthur
    George Patton


    John Singleton Copley
    Andrew Wyeth
    Rembrandt Peale
    Claude Money
    Ansel Adams


    Anton Bruckner
    Felix Mendelssohn
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    Francis Poulenc

    So – JUSTIN TOMCZAK is among
    these people! That is not bad!
    Not bad at all!

  6. rugby_fan says:

    Wow, I could begin to dissect how horrible a post that was, but I simply don’t have the time.

    I’ll let you know this GOPeach, your logic fills me with great mirth! Do not let your posts stop, I do not get nearly as much laughter out my other activities as I do reading your comments! Well done!

  7. ugavi says:

    Who cares if Justin was home schooled or not. He is a very talented, bright man, who did a great job for Sonny, and will do a great job for Saxby.

    It’s an honor to know him.

  8. I home schooled my son for a few years. It takes dedication, and there’s nothing weird about it. Especially now with broadband, you can create a far more effective learning environment than most any classroom.

  9. GOPeach says:

    I think homeschooling is the best education.

    I have never met a weird homeschooler.
    And I know plenty of them. So many go
    to my Church.

    I guess they are “weird” because they do
    not do “party” like the public school kids
    do. They are very well mannered and have
    lots of respect for adults.

    I know Justin Tomczak is very well respected.
    He does not “party”. He is focuesd and smart!

  10. GAGOP concerned says:


    Apparently you do not know Tomczak then. He contantly plays poker and drinks. Hell, I remember when he ran the Victory center in 04, He basically lived there or at the bar (Jocks and Jills, what is it called now?) across the parking lot. He kept the “homeschoolers” who the parents had entrusted to him up all night drinking and gambling. Justin doesn’t party…lmfao. Perhaps you should go back into the closet.

  11. GOPeach says:

    Although I am not “Cindye”-
    as you suppose, I do know the
    Tomczak family from when
    they lived in Virginia.

    If what you are saying is true,
    I would have to hear it from
    the Home Schoolers themselves.
    Untlil that time, I will deem this
    a smear of Justin’s character.

    Shame on you.

  12. GAGOP concerned says:

    You might know the family.

    And the family if honorable/ I know his father is a pastor of a small demographically mixed non traditional church near Bells Ferry and 92.

    I did not make the claim against the family though. I made a first hand eye witness account of Justin. And Eric, it might be fun and he should fit in with Saxby just fine. I remember being at the campaign office in 2002 and Saxby would come in off of the road and grab a beer out of the cooler. A drink the campaign constantly had on hand.

  13. GOPGrassroots says:

    I know Justin to be a man of upright character and personal integrity. He worked his tail off for the GAGOP and for the Governor and made a bigger difference than anyone who sat on blogs blasting away at other’s character. I see nothing wrong with him, or anyone else, having a beer and/or sitting down for a friendly game of cards. Moderation in all things. Lighten up folks.


  14. Pappy says:

    More contemporary home-schooled notables:

    Dakota Fanning
    Charles Carl Roberts IV
    Percy Romeo Miller, Jr (aka ‘Lil Romeo)
    David Ludwig
    Balki Bartokomous
    Chow Yun-Fat
    Rod and Todd Flanders

  15. Bill Simon says:

    Peachy, just make sure you do the world a favor and don’t EVER “home-school” anyone. There are quite enough nuts in the world already, you included.

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