GOP Party leadership races.

More and more, candidates for local Party leadership are using websites to get their message out. I even had one back in the day. Here are two such websites I’ve been made aware of. As I hear of more, I’ll pass them on, or feel free to post your links in the comments. Shawn Hanley, Candidate for Fulton GOP Chairman.
Scott Johnson, Candidate for Cobb GOP Chairman, Bob Koncerak 1st Vice Chairman of the Cobb GOP and Andre O’Brien, candidate for 2nd Vice Chairman.


  1. Mike Hauncho says:

    I like both of these sites and I think these are great ways to reach out to the party members and even those not involved to see what they can do to become more involved. The internet is the way to go and both Shawn Hanley and Scott Johnson along with Bob Koncerak have made a good first step to winning their races.

  2. Bull Moose says:

    So, anyone have an update on what’s happening on the state level as far as party leadership races?

  3. atlantaman says:

    I heard a rumor that the current Fulton County GOP Chair is going to run for one of the state level gop positions – 1st or 2nd vice-chairman.

    I think Scott, Bob, and Shawn are all great guys. Does anyone know if Scott and/or Shawn will have opposition in their respective races?

  4. Brian from Ellijay says:

    They are both unopposed as of the moment. GOPeach keeps rumoring a mysterious candidate against Scott though.

  5. Too bad I can’t vote. Bob and Andre are very dedicated people. These guys are roll up your sleaves and get to work kind of guys. If you want results, they’re the right people for the job.

  6. GOPeach says:

    I read a letter Bob sent out last summer
    where he slammed Ann Coulter.

    I guess he doesn’t like thin blondes in
    mini skirts with a brain. lol

  7. Mike Hauncho says:

    Shawn Hanleyis running against Mike Dvorscak for Fulton County chair. Mike is the current chairman but has lost favor in the county over the last few months. If he runs for a state chair position I would not be surprised but I would be surprised if he gets it.

  8. ugavi says:

    Dvorscak’s performance in Fulton has been terrible. Due to his “efforts” we lost the best opportunity to gain a majority on the Fulton County Commission. He cares more about Black Tie events at the Buckhead Ritz, than building a bench of qualified candidates or GOTV.

    Dvorscak may have some support, but he needs to go. If he cared about the FulCo Republican party more than himself, he wouldn’t run for reelection.

  9. Philly says:

    I know, in Cobb, there is another candidate for 1st Vice Chair. I do hear from reliable sources that there is another candidate for Chair.

    It appears that Scott Johnson supporters have been blasting the current administration and that has pi**ed off a lot of people and they have been called to action.. Scott is trying to straddle the fence and you know the old saying, “He who stands for nothing falls for anything.” He will not get my vote and I have attended every county convention for the past 15 years.

  10. Philly says:

    Maurice, Just because they are CLI, does not mean they are good. roll up your sleeves?

    I am pretty active in the Cobb Party and have only recently seen Bob and Andre involved when they decided they were going to run. I know that Bob has attacked the current leadership at times.

  11. atlantaman says:

    Is Dvorsack definitley in for Fulton Chair? I keep hearing rumors that he’s going to run for State GOP leadership.

  12. Mike Hauncho says:

    Mike is running. When he found out that I was supporting Shawn he was not happy but hey thats life. Many people have tried to get him to bow out gracefully but he will not. The only way he is not runnng is if there is some truth to the state party rumors. His reputation is known throughout the state ranks and I would be surprised to see him on the ballot.

  13. I’m not from Cobb, but I can say with all certainty that these two are people who complete a task. Yes both are CLI grads. We elected Bob as our class president. If he does for Cobb County what he has done for the class of 2007, you’re in very good hands.

    He’s excellent at organization and fundraising. He follows through on the task and gets accountability from his team.

    Bob and I don’t agree on some things, but I can say, without reservation, he is honest, dedicated, commited and hardworking. That is precisely the kind of people you want involved in leadership with any organization. Too many times people give a good line but never follow through. Bob gets the job done.

    Andre is a jewel of a human being. He is an excellent communicator and is a diligent worker as well. These two would be huge assets to Cobb County GOP.

  14. GOPeach says:


    Bob has yet to prove this in the Cobb GOP!
    From what I heard from the current
    leaders in Cobb GOP, Bob crashed and
    burned as the “Organizer” of the N. GA
    Fair GOP booth.

    He dropped the ball on meeting
    his OBJEC TIVE which was to RECRUIT
    VOLUNTEERS from the sign up.

    He need to worke behind the scenes maybe
    but that is it. He has terrible people skills.
    He is very boring and has no energy.

    Somebody VERY exciting is going to
    challenge him.

  15. Are you talking about Bob Koncerak? For the intellectually challenged he would be a bore, but he is a pretty engaging person. In the year plus that I have known him, I have NEVER known him to slack of on anything.

  16. Bob Koncerak says:

    This is Bob Koncerak

    Maurice, Mike and others—thanks for your kind words of encouragement. Constructive input from folks like you is always appreciated.

    GOPeach…not sure what’s up with you. Certainly don’t understand your brand of politics, but I’m running with our TeamFor2007 ( to counter—and hopefully smash, the negative influence that the small cadre of folks like you have exerted on our great Cobb County party. Ridicule never helps anything, Peach. Sad that you best ply your trade behind a poorly-chosen name: I’ve lived in Georgia for 7 years now….and you sure give Georgia peaches a bad rap!
    My contact info is available on our campaign web site. I’m always available to meet/clear up misunderstandings…if that’s of any real interest to you.
    I’m proud to have worked hard in the Cobb GOP for a couple of years, now. I’m proud to have been nominated and appointed to CLI (,
    I’m proud to have been elected president of my class, and I’m gratified to have received so much support so far in this campaign. You need to get out from behind that screen and find a positive way to contribute! We need passion like yours directed to build up, not tear down our volunteers. Folks like you whine for fresh volunteers so often because you RUN OFF the few that show up. Building organizations requires a positive contribution—so turn it around, huh?
    Oh, speaking of running off volunteers, you’re way off base with comments about the N GA State Fair. It was a raving success. We had something like 75 volunteers, numerous GOP candidates, tons of material to distribute and we were the most exciting and well-attended booth in the building. Stop the smearing–you’re insulting the many folks who helped out there. I’ve posted a few photos from the fair on our web site. Go check ’em out in the event that you’ve honestly forgotten how successful that event really was.

    This is a time of tremendous opportunity for the Georgia GOP. In working with Scott, I want to focus on:

    1. Organization-building–with a focus on precincts with least penetration. The county party should use resources like Voter Vault in the opposite way that I see candidates use it. Our goal should be to focus on precincts with the LEAST penetration—and take initiative to raise the GOP and attract members in those communities. Further, we need to distinguish and appreciate positions like sub-district chairs. Sub-D chairs are the work-horse positions of our party and they are woefully under-appreciated. Why not hold a semi-annual luncheon–with invited elected officials to offer thanks for these important folks? Not hard or expensive, but it must be deliberate, it takes time and SOMEONE WHO CARES. I CARE, Peach—that’s why I believe I have a good shot at the office of 1st VC. Genuine RECOGNITION and APPRECIATION of volunteers goes a long way.
    2. Building a collegial communication platform to coordinate/activate across all Republican groups in Cobb—women, Madison Forum, Black Republicans, etc. We’re fortunate to have an incredible number of dedicated, experienced, knowledgeable Republicans in Cobb. Now we need a collegial party organization to pull them all together. Reasonable minds can differ, but we can all agree on the core principles of the Republican party. We need to spend our energies in building an organization, not flogging issues.
    3. Positive, constructive support and resource contributors for Cobb GOP elected officials–in the numerous forms that can take. Also, BUILDERS and DEVELOPERS of quality candidates for the next election cycle.

    That’s what I want, Peach. Go fight some Democrats and leave us organization builders alone. You ran most of us off over the past couple of years. We’re coming back together. Your time is over.


  17. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Well I attended/worked the Cobb GOP booth at the N. Ga State fair as I have over the past 5 years. I thought the Cobb GOP booth looked great. Nan was a great organizer and a good friend, I was worried when I realized that she was no longer organizing it. But then I met Bob. Bob is dedicated, He was there at least once everyday. I know, I was there 4 of the days, at least partially. For anyone to say that “he failed at the effort” is assinine. The booth was manned and manned well everyday. On some days there were actually to many people, a problem that I have never encountered before. Anyone truly involved in grassroot politics understands this to be success.

    Philly, do you even live in Cobb anymore? I thought you moved to Gwinnett.

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