Bad news for Bull’s Man.

McCain finished third in a Straw Poll….in Arizona.

Hunter, R-El Cajon, got 96 votes among the 458 ballots in the non-binding poll of Maricopa County party officials asked to list their first choice for president.

Hunter easily beat Arizona’s own U.S. Sen. John McCain, considered a front-runner in the GOP presidential race, who drew a comparatively paltry 50 votes. Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney came in second in Saturday’s poll with 82 first-place votes.

That’s a shame. 🙂


  1. drjay says:

    hard to put a lot of stock in straw polls–they are easily manipulated, generally only include a very small sample, and a “safe place to make a point w/out doing any real voting

    1986 pat robertson won straw poll at michigan state gop convention
    1995/96 clint day won senate straw poll at ga state convention
    1996 pat buchanan won alaska straw poll (actually it may have been 12/95)
    and of course phil gramm won a slew of straw polls across the country in 95/96–i suppose hunter’s little victory can be added to this very incomplete list…

  2. Bull Moose says:

    Good Lord, it was a county… Come on…

    Governor Tim Pawlenty has signed on to be National Co-Chair of McCain’s campaign.

    Progress is being made.

  3. Bull Moose says:

    Note to McCain leadership: be the reformer, that’s what people liked… No need to tack to the right. Stay the straight shooter that people loved in 2000… We are ready for that…

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