I Apologize

So I think I was too hard on the Lt. Governor after talking to a mutual friend last night.

He’s not being vindictive and, I’m assured, holds few grudges. So, I’m very pleased to rule that one out.

Second, I’m assured he really is committed to this “new tone” thing that Bush tried in D.C. and failed miserably out. He doesn’t see the need to push hard on legislation that has no chance of passing and wasting everyone’s time in the process. Were I in his position, I’d feel the same why and is kind of why I’m frustrated with Bobby Franklin’s bill, which while I support it, think it will take up a lot of time and controversy.

I do have some thoughts on this though. I do think Lt. Governor Cagle is being a bit foolish. We cannot expect the Democrats to play nice. We cannot expect to say, “Hey, this is never going to pass, so let’s not do it.” No, the Democrats are going to push forward legislation as best they can and try to put Republicans in difficult positions.

The GOP should not be afraid to do the same thing. The Voter ID bill, when played right, is the perfect issue. It is supported widely by independent and Republican voters. Even a very slim majority of Democrats support it. But, elected Democrats are adamantly opposed.

Cagle is a very nice guy. No one can deny that. And this is probably him continuing in the role of nice guy. There are a lot of nice Democrats too. But they are in the game to win. And Cagle and the GOP should be too. It’s the nature of the political game.


  1. griftdrift says:

    I’m going to disagree Erick. I think it’s a cagey political move. The ID issue has basically run its course. Not much political meat left on that bone. Republicans got to scream about voter fraud, illegal aliens and activist judges. Democrats got to scream about disenfranchising the poor and minorities. Now, few except the hard core really care.

    I think Cagle’s move is in two parts. First, he cuts off a campaign issue for the Democrats effectively neutering their argument that Republicans are mean to the poor (at least on this front). If he allowed it to continue, his party would have those dogs nipping at their ankles for the next four years.

    Second, he established his role as an indepedent leader and not just a party lackey. In four years, he can go to the voting public and say I was not just a yes man for anything that came along.

    He could be potentially a very scary candidates for Democrats to face in ’10. Much, much scary than Grandpa Perdue.

  2. Bill Simon says:


    You “support” the elimination of ALL abortion? Women/girls getting pregnant via statutory rape, or their Daddy forcing themselves on them, and that’s ALL “A-okay” in your mind?

  3. Harry says:

    There are so many extenuating circumstances….maybe we need to consider eugenics and ethnic cleansing as well. On the other hand, a baby isn’t so concerned about whether it’s the product of a rape or miscegnation.

  4. Big Mack says:

    I think that Casey has reached his highest political point. There was a lot of work done on his behalf in south Georgia when we really did not know him. We did know Ralph Reed. For him to appoint Democratic committe chairmen and abandon the voter ID cause, is enough to make me start working against him and his gubernatorial campaign right now.

  5. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Big Mack – sorry to say this, but you’re completely off point. If you and half the people that comment on here actually followed our state gov’t, you’d all realize that Casey Cagle is just sticking with the norm…ever since Republicans have taken over the senate they’ve had a few Democratic Chairmen of committes — it makes for a good “show”…while in reality these committes NEVER, EVER get any “important” legislation…they’re purely for show…Eric Johnson operated the Senate like this, Casey Cagle is doing the same…it’s all for good show.

    And with the voter ID issue…why waste hours and hours of committe time and Senate debate on a bill that can’t possibly get 2/3 vote…he’s right on the money –don’t waste taxpayer money by wasting our legislators time.

  6. DoubleDawg3 is right. We had 3 Dem Chairs also. There has been no “blowback” from GOP Senators. They understand and have more influence in other areas such as Appropriations Subcommitte Chairs.

    As to Voter ID, Casey is right there, too. I said before the session that we should let the appeals process proceed first (because I think we will win and make a CA unnecessary) and there aren’t 2/3 votes anyway. I expressed this view to Senator Staton – even while co-sponsoring his amendment.

    Unfortunately, Casey told the media his views in a wide-ranging press conference on Friday and it caught Sen. Staton off guard. It wasn’t an intended slight. Remember, Senator Staton is a key Committee Chair AND got Appropriations as an extra Committee.

    Our new Lt. Governor has been as sincere in private as he has in public about uniting the Senate (no repurcussions for who was for who in primary) and for trying to build a bi-partisan Senate. While I worked at that, Taylor was running for Governor and it made the body more partisan. Casey has a fresh start and he should be commended. Bi-partisanship doesn’t mean moderate. Just look at the bills being introduced and you see no shrinking from conservative values. If successful, it means we can tackle some tough issues like Medicaid and traffic that need unity.

    The first week was fantastic in the Senate.

  7. Bill Simon says:


    Aborting a fetus produced by a crime of statutory rape or incest is as much “collateral damage” as the U.S. dropping bombs in Iraq and killing scores of innocent men, women, and children.

    Since I’m certain you haven’t weeped one drop for the innocent lives we’ve killed in Iraq, why do you weep for the aborted fetus here?

  8. ColinATL says:

    Cagle is setting a tone, and that’s appreciated by Democrats. Maybe some things will get passed that are truly bipartisan and necessary before things get messy before the next election cycle, which, uh, I guess has already started…

    Erick, there are many ways of winning and being a nice guy at the same time. Don’t be so jaded.

  9. educatedvoterga says:

    Back to voter id–

    I think this issue matters greatly to the base of the Republican party and to most Georgians.

    I am sick of RINOS who would rather get along with Democrats in their little clubs than do what we elected them to do.

    What Lt. Governor Cagle is doing on this issue seems very similar to the Senate in D.C. I don’t care how many Democrats you offend. A peaceful senate is not what Republicans want, but one that tackles the difficult issues.

    The people of Georgia want a vote on this. Lt. Governor Cagle should use his considerable influence to help get the votes to pass this constitutional ammendment, but give the Democrats a pass on a tough vote.

  10. rightofcenter says:

    Perhaps your handle should be “educatedinga”. On the list of things that Georgians (or most Republicans for that matter) care about, this would be about 99th. Your implied definition of RINO is interesting: basically, anyone who disagrees with you.

    Bless you, Senator Johnson and Lt. Gov. Cagle!

  11. Bill Simon says:

    Harry, IF you truly believe that…then you should start petitioning Bush to go into Darfur and stop the slaughter of thousands of innocent people.

    But, incredibly enough, those people don’t hear from people like you…because YOU only decide to take up a cause for people not yet born. I guess the reason for that is, they cannot speak to you about what they’d prefer.

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