Bush visits Fort Benning

President Bush will be in west Georgia today, making a stop at Fort Benning for the first of a number of trips to sell his new Iraq policy.

Bush’s trip comes a day after his announcement that he will send an extra [21,500] troops to Iraq to curb sectarian violence and give the Iraqi government more time to get established.

The Third Infantry Division’s Third Brigade Combat Team, based at Fort Benning, helped lead the charge to Baghdad in 2003. It has been to Iraq for a second tour and is now preparing to go a third time. The brigade will head for California’s Mojave Desert soon for a final round of training before departing for Iraq.

The unit had been scheduled to deploy in late spring, but could go sooner as part of the president’s surge.

Besides meeting and dining with soldiers, Bush also is expected to meet with parents of soldiers who live in the area of Fort Benning. Some have lost children in the Iraq war.


  1. Adam says:

    I think there is a typo in the source article. He plans to send 21,500 troops, not 21,000,500. At least I hope. Haha.

  2. Adam Fogle says:

    Probably because the Senate is in session and they’re on the Hill.

    Isakson especially, since he is on the Foreign Relations committee which is grilling Condoleezza Rice as we speak.

  3. blazer says:

    No, you got it all wrong Demonbeck, grilling rice is like a euphamism… its the same procedure only done over an open fire in a big cast iron pot…

  4. buzzbrockway says:

    DG: I heard that Senator Isakson and Senator Chambliss will not attend. I wonder why?

    AF Probably because the Senate is in session and they’re on the Hill.

    Not all Republicans are slackers like Kingston. 😉

  5. VictoratGaImproper says:

    Despite the experts advisting otherwise, George has always been good at sending other people’s children off to war, it appears he’s downright addicted to it. Nothing noble about him apologizing to the ones that lost children over there, his apology is long overdue and he continues to make the same mistakes over and over again.


    Also see:
    Veterans for Peace, greater Atlanta Chapter

    Active Duty Military Appeal for Redress

    “A senior aide said later that Bush would not let the military decide the matter. “He’s never left the decision to commanders”

    “I know that my son’s life was wasted, thrown away like it was nothing,” Michelle Deford, whose son, Army Sgt. David Johnson, was killed in Iraq in 2004″

    In case you need some Biblical references

    Baptist Peace Fellowship

    Methodist Federation for Social Action

    For those of you that only understand In God We Trust as it relates to a dollar bill:

    All others that think other peoples lives
    have value:

    Can we use the word Amen around here when Bush is in the State?

  6. ColinATL says:

    It’s getting to the point where I almost feel sorry for King George. So deluded… the King has no clothes?

  7. fishtail says:

    Why did Bush go to Ft. Benning instead of Ft. Stewart to promote his decision to send 21,500 more American troops to Iraq? Could the answer be that Ft. Stewart is the home of the 3rd Infantry Division and their families, and the 3rd is currently shipping out in the first wave of these new soldiers to Iraq.

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