Romney leaves flip-flops on YouTube floor

This has very little to do with Georgia, but it’s about one of my previous posts so deal with it. Plus, I cannot resist getting out in front of this video before it hits the national cycle.

And, Bull Moose is always posting about 2008, so I figured I would offer you a different talking/blogging head on the subject.

A while back I wrote a post on the likelihood of Georgia going blue. In that post I made a number of assumptions regarding the 2008 president election. One of those assumptions was that Romney could be painted as another Massachusetts “flip-flopper.”

Romney was painted as a social conservative who is in favor of gay marriage. And he is a Mormon. This does not at all sit well with southern voters. Pat Buchanan and Pat Robertson capitalize on Romney’s image and run as strong third party candidates. They appeal to many Christian voters who are highly skeptical of a Mormon candidate, especially in light of his stance on gay marriage.

thought I was crazy – even after being corrected two or three times. But a select few agreed that Romney has, in the past, held strikingly different views.

Well, for the disbelievers, Hotline found a pretty interesting video on YouTube about “The Real Romney.”

And let the commenting begin…


  1. Decaturguy says:

    I kind of liked Mitt Romeny circa 1994, what happened?

    Romney still has still never changed his beliefs on gay marriage.

  2. Bull Moose says:

    Well, hypocritical as always. Funny thing, most members of the FAR RIGHT usually are pretty hypocritical…

  3. As President Bush said, the world changed on September 11th and some people are still living in the past and refuse to recognize the new threats. Who knew he was talking about gay marriage?

  4. VictoratGaImproper says:

    Is Dick Cheney a new grandpa yet?
    Cheney has two children, Elizabeth and Mary, and five grandchildren. Elizabeth, his eldest daughter, is married to Philip J. Perry, General Counsel of the Department of Homeland Security.

    Mary is one of her father’s top campaign aides and closest confidantes; she currently lives in Great Falls, Virginia. Her sexual orientation as a lesbian has become a source of increasing public attention for Dick Cheney in light of the same-sex marriage debate and Ms. Cheney’s pregnancy.

    On August 25, 2004, Cheney said that same sex marriage is an issue that should be decided by individual states. Cheney attends the United Methodist Church.”

    end of wikipedia quote…

  5. debbie0040 says:

    Romney is not the only politican that flipped flopped. When Bush 41 ran in 1980, he ran as Pro Choice. When he ran in 1988, he ran as Pro Life .

  6. Someone just pulled the drain plug out of the tub…

    I don’t think we’ve seen “the” Republican candidate that will win in ’08. Considering the fact the fact that we’re still licking our wounds from November’s defeat. Until Republicans, or a Republican, emerges with a strong enough base to project a vision that is built on strong economics and ethics, who can communicate it succinctly ’08 will be another 1996.

    Herman was correct when speakng with Jason. America is starved for leadership.

  7. Mad Dog says:


    Thanks for making an “I hate the Average American comment.”

    Isn’t that Bush’s best audience? His bread and butter? His whole world is based on … “I’m just an average guy. One of the little people. The middle class. The working class. See? Anyone can be President!”

    ‘America’ is starved for education. I’m not talking about the four year olds. I’m talking about the 40 year olds that keep making the same mistakes and expecting a new outcome.

    Cutting taxes creates huge federal debt.
    Cutting interest rates stimulate the economy.

    Spending huge amount of money on bogus issues fractures the country.
    Facing the real issues would unite the country.

    Employment (careers vs. J.O.B.s)
    Economy (using the resources that we have in the best way possible)
    Honesty and credibility for elected officials

    Just to name a few real issues.

    Birth control a la Roe vs. Wade, gays, lesbians, the 9 Commandments, using the phrase America is under attack by its enemies, (America is a continent not a country)

    In plan simple language, the old way – the GOP way — of building a base, “strong enough base” and THEN projecting a nightmare vision, dooms the country and political hacks.

    Well, the country anyway. It might secure some careers for political hacks that can build a base by any means necessary, raise money, create shadow organizations like Swift Boats for Bush, etc etc


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