Race for new Dem. Chief.

The Political Vine has an interesting post about the race to replace Bobby Kahn at the Georgia Democratic Party:

Given the turnout for an unpaid position with little power, rumors have been flying. The most nasty rumor seems to be that Mike Berlon and his county party are not in compliance with the State By-laws.

Rumors are that Mike Berlon has been delaying that election while cobbling together a coalition of the YDG, Labor, and ex-insiders. Not only has Mike the Candidate not held the election, he hasn’t held any monthly meetings, either.

No one asked him about this on Saturday, but given Mike’s public statements about grassroots, importance of each county, and his take on the Party’s alleged Atlanta First, Last, and Only Policy, who can take him seriously?

Head over to the Vine and read the whole post.

Any comments from PP’s Democratic readers about this?


  1. JAC1975 says:

    I sincerely hope that Mark Burkhalter has better things to do than dabble in leadership races within the DPG. I think these rumors and whatnot are nothing more than posturing by people who know (and fear) that Mike Berlon will shake up the party and the way things have always been done. His platform and ideas for the DPG are spot on, and it seems his opponents can do nothing than snipe. Even DeKalb had to have two meetings before quorum could be reached to hold party elections!

  2. Jmac says:

    …that Mike Berlon will shake up the party and the way things have always been done …

    With all due respect, if his recipe for success looks anything like the one he’s been using in Gwinnett County, then I don’t want the kind of shaking up he’d do.

    It’s easy to say you want to raise money and recruit candidates … but when your track record is as unimpressive as his is as a county chair with regard to those two functions, forgive me if I don’t necessarily think he’s the answer.

  3. JAC1975 says:

    It’s obvious that Jmac hasn’t spoken with Mike about his plans. Although I do wonder why anyone would willingly sign up for the constant sniping that a party chair gets.

  4. Mad Dog says:

    So it’s pick on a white male Democrat over 40 week,

    Now that Berlon, Clinton, Carter, Kahn, and Liberals have all been linked to causing the common cold, I’m going back to my bunker.

    A bunker is the only safe place to be with the Legislature in session and Atlanta cops arresting jay walkers.

  5. Jmac says:

    I haven’t spoken with him, but I’m basing my criticism on the party’s performance in recent elections and his struggles with fundraising for Gwinnett County candidates and his own races.

    It ain’t my intention to be overly critical or anything, which is why I’m basing this on what is definitive and not rumors like those circulating around involving ‘delaying elections’ and what-not like that. It’s an important election for the party, and as a Democrat, I want to make sure we get a proven guy (or gal) who can give us focus, direction and bring the necessary skills and resources to the table.

    All that in mind … I like Kidd more than Berlon.

  6. gatormathis says:

    I don’t care what nobody says, that cost a Home Depot customer something right there…………..

  7. atlantaman says:

    A Mark Burkhalter conspiracy regarding rumors for DPG chair…that’s the funniest thing I’ve read in a while. Mark Burkhalter no more cares about the DPG chair then the Democrat Party Chair of Alaska.

  8. gatormathis says:

    A bunker is the only safe place to be with the Legislature in session and Atlanta cops arresting jay walkers.

    Oh, Lawd…..first they after the Speaker, now they done arrested a Jay Walker…..what the Dems gonna do next?

  9. Mad Dog says:


    How about enforce the laws and tell the truth?

    Something the Speaker, the Governor, the Lt. Governor, the President et al have never done.

  10. Mad Dog says:

    I’ve heard just about all the rumors coming out of Gwinnett.

    So, Mike Berlon, here’s the first chance for your leadership of the Democratic Party to be tested in public damage control.

    I wish you better luck in Georgia than you had in Ohio with your time with Jerry Springer.

    Burning my ACLU card and bra.

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