MARTA in Gwinnett?

It could happen:

Gwinnett voters rejected the extension of the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority lines in 1990, but officials are hoping the county’s dramatic growth and diversification have swayed the electorate to reconsider the idea.

Officials from the Gwinnett Village Community Improvement District partnered with MARTA late last year to study the extension again. As part of that effort, Bruce Le’Vell, a Duluth man who serves on both boards, invited officials to tour the area.

“In the past, the public didn’t truly understand the concept of transit,” Le’Vell said. “Last time, they just drew some dots. You’ve got to give the public something more.”

This time around, he hopes to incorporate artist’s renderings to show his vision of transit-oriented development, which will allow people to live, work or be entertained near the stations.

The problem is limited dollars to spend on transportation. Do you expand MARTA into Gwinnett or build the Brain Train? IIRC MARTA rail is very expense to build, perhaps more expensive than the Brain Train. On the other hand, MARTA could take people to more places than rail from Atlanta to Athens would. Both have their merits and drawbacks. I suppose thats why Legislators get the big bucks. 🙂