DL and NW in talks

News flash via the Wall Street Journal:

Jan. 10, 2007

Northwest Airlines has been having recurring talks with Delta Air Lines about a potential link-up between the two, possibly after they both emerge from bankruptcy-court protection later this year, said people familiar with the matter. US Airways earlier today upped the ante by sweetening its hostile takeover bid for Delta to $10 billion.

Less than one day after US Air ups its bid, Delta appears to be trying to instill enough doubt in the minds of ‘unofficial creditors’ to make it through January and into February – when the work picks up to emerge from bankruptcy.

I’m one of those that would absolutely detest a US Air merger – and have long wanted Delta and Northwest to marry up. It solves many route problems for both companies, and in fact leaves only Latin America as the weak point in the system. Their fleet is much more compatible than the near polarized Boeing – Airbus split of DL/US.

No matter what happens, Delta is arguably one of the pillars of commerce in the state of Georgia. Here’s to hoping it resolves itself quickly and in favor of the local economy.