A couple of podcasts…

I sat down with Herman Cain for a podcast today and I thought that some folks would be interested in listening to it. You can download it here.

Among the topics discussed are the 2006 mid-terms, the 2008 Presidential race and whether Mr. Cain will run for elected office again.

I also chatted with Senator Eric Johnson yesterday about what to expect from this year’s session. You can get that one here.

I’m still relatively new at podcasting, so don’t knock on me too hard.


  1. john.d says:

    One thing – The senator mentioned that voter ID “secures the ballot box” – While there is legislation addressing electronic voting (HB 9), I see the lack of paper trails and other means of tampering with electronic voting much more important than voter IDs. I just don’t see a threat in illegals voting. For one, they can’t speak english. Sure, they can go on name recognition but I seriously doubt they are going to even go in the first place, with all the dirty looks they will get from the Good Ol’ Boys.

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