Glory, Glory Hallelujah – The Government Is My Church

Radical Right Wing Rep. Bobby Franklin (R-Marietta) held a hearing today on his bill that would outlaw all abortions in the State of Georgia, including making doctors who perform aborions in order to save the life of the mother guilty of murder. 

The hearing turned into a tent revival.  For great coverage of this event, see Bernita’s posts over at Blog for Democracy or Spacey Gracey’s site.

Theocracy in action.


  1. GOPeach says:

    Decatur Guy writes:
    “making doctors who perform abortons in order to save the life of the mother guilty of murder. ”


    You are S T R E T C H I N G it!

    That is NOT the definition of abortion!

    To save the life of the mother is not an
    ABORTION – by definition!
    That is liberal left spin job- rhetoric!!!

    I was at the hearing today and it was wonderful!
    It was not ” a CHURCH” is was freedom of speech. Only 2 songs were sung by most who were waiting for people to get to the LOB 606.
    and they were very nice and up-lifting.

    Reminded me of the Civil Right Movement-when everyone sang ” We Shall Overcome”.

    This a Civil Rights of the Unborn!

    Yes, some hands were raised… SO WHAT??? These students have passion!!! They are not violent. They are kind. Did that hurt anyone???

    If these little bloggers were so offended, why did
    they sit through the hearing spying and snearing?? They were smearing those who were in the hearing- exercising the same freedom of speech except in a negative and destructive tone.

    Rep. Franklin is no stranger to criticism. Several of his constitutents were present who
    support him and have elected him for the past 10 years!! He ain’t going anywhere folks!

    Those who live in his district, choose NOT to live in midtown! They are in Cobb and Cherokee County! So what??? You do not live there.

    I gather you live in Decatur! I gather you support your rep. Right?

    Now – Bobby Franklin is a leader.
    So is REP.MELVIN EVERSON and so is

    I know – this is good blogg material and this
    will stir a lot of people up.

    Remember- There are 2 sides ( at least) to every
    story and GOPeach was there!!

    I am sorry you missed me! 🙂

  2. rightofcenter says:

    Can anyone say rightwingnutjobs?

    Bobby Franklin and his ilk have been harmless to this point. Let’s pray the leadership can keep them harnessed before they become the face (and the death) of the GOP in this state.

  3. buzzbrockway says:

    I wasn’t at the hearing today so I can’t comment on what took place.

    That being said, I hope Decaturguy is not saying that outlawing abortion is tantamount to creating a theocracy.

  4. Nativeson says:

    Dadgummit, Spacey G: That was Wavy Gravy, not Spacey Gravy. Wavy Gravy was on LSD, sort of like, I suspect, Bobby Franklin and GOPeach. Man, what a bunch of weirdos!

  5. GeorgiaEagle says:

    In my grandparents day here in the Deep South it was common to twist reality to keep institutional racism alive. DecaturGuy, like the black leaders who were deceived by the Margret Sanger and her ilk, readily parrot the distorted reality of the pro-abortion camp. DG leads out with a boldfaced lie about HB1. Let me quote the bill to set the record straight:

    “’Abortion’ means the intentional termination of human pregnancy with an intention other than to produce a live birth or to remove a dead fetus; provided, however, that if a physician makes a medically justified effort to save the lives of both the mother and the fetus and the fetus does not survive, such action shall not be an abortion. Such term does not include a naturally occurring expulsion of a fetus known medically as a ‘spontaneous abortion’ and popularly as a ‘miscarriage’ so long as there is no human involvement whatsoever in the causation of such event.” (emphasis mine)

    If telling the truth about the tragedy of abortion-on-demand is “theocracy in action” then let the truth keep marching on – it sure beats the hellocracy in action for the past 34 years.

  6. Decaturguy says:

    Sorry, Spacey, I fixed your name.

    GOPeach and Georgia Eagle,

    You are the ones who are spreading misinformation. Franklin’s bill makes no exception for saving the life of the mother. The only exception his bill makes is excluding from the definition of “abortion” when “a physician makes a medically justified effort to save the lives of both the mother and the fetus and the fetus does not survive, such action shall not be an abortion.”

    You’re probably not a lawyer, but specific words in legislation do matter.

    Compare Franklin’s wording to another draconian abortion bill from South Dakota (recently overturned by the voters of that state)that said “No licensed physician who performs a medical procedure designed or intended to prevent the death of a pregnant mother is guilty of violating section [the] Act.”

    Therefore, Franklin’s bill would make it a crime of murder if a doctor decides that an abortion is necessary to save the life of the mother.

  7. Decaturguy says:

    Buzz, I was not there either. But based on the reports of the performance yesterday by the anti-abortion activits yesterday, yes, I do believe that Franklin’s bill is theocratic.

  8. Calybos1 says:

    What is it about the Marietta area? First they whine about evolution, now they’re pounding the anti-abortion crusade… is time going backwards there?

  9. Adam Fogle says:

    Radical Right Wing Rep. Bobby Franklin (R-Marietta)…


    I hope you realize that “radicals” are on the far left while “reactionaries” are on the far right. It’s a matter of semantics, but there is no such thing as a “Radical Ring Wing” anything.

  10. Decaturguy says:

    Seems like a stupid waste of a comment Adam, but here is how Webster defines “radical”:

    3 a : marked by a considerable departure from the usual or traditional : EXTREME b : tending or disposed to make extreme changes in existing views, habits, conditions, or institutions c : of, relating to, or constituting a political group associated with views, practices, and policies of extreme change d : advocating extreme measures to retain or restore a political state of affairs

  11. Bill Simon says:


    SPEAKING of someone who distorts reality, let’s look at this statement of yours: “readily parrot the distorted reality of the pro-abortion camp…”

    Those of us who are not “pro-life” are not “pro-death” or “pro-abortion” as those of you on your side love so much to play the reality distortion game.

  12. GaChick says:

    I love that all you “never to be pregnant” dudes are waxing poetic about abortion.

    It seems the anti-abortionists among you believe in life before birth and after death, but not in between.

    Guys…when you can become pregnant, jump right on in. Otherwise, mind your own business.

  13. GOPeach says:


    Peach has been pregnant and she
    believes her womb is the most
    amazing place on earth!

    Nothing more amazing than to be
    a candidate to bring forth a baby!

    Poor girls make great mothers.
    How many of us had poor mothers?

    The Bible says it is better to be
    poor than a liar! Prov. 19:22

    Poor people will be in heaven.
    Liars will go to the Lake of Fire.

    Revelation 21:8
    But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

    Don’t get mad at me… I did not write the
    Bible – I am just one who reads it! I also
    believe it!

  14. WGWinters says:


    So following your logic about abortion and men, if I am white, then I could never support a law outlawing discrimation, because I would never be discriminated against. Or better yet, I cannot pass laws dealing with illegal immigration because I am not a Mexican or Honduran… Typical left-wing loopy logic.

  15. Doug Deal says:


    Of course you aren’t pro-choice, and they aren’t pro-life. Abortion warlords need to stop euphemizing themselves and stop bringing infamy to otherwise wholesome concepts like life and choice. The only realistic title is pro and anti abortionists. Nothing else.

  16. Doug Deal says:


    And people wonder why GaChick’s side can’t beat someone as imbecilic as GW Bush in 2 elections. Logic isn’t an affliction of which they will ever suffer.

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