GGA prefiled legislation to watch

With the 149th Session of Georgia General Assembly convening Monday, I have prepared a handy little chart for the next 39 days. It is a list of the current “legislation to watch.”

These are bills and resolutions that deal with high profile issues like abortion, taxes and gun control, but also the “less-covered” stuff like health care, custody battles and education. Right now the list is pretty long, but that will probably change as many die in committee or on the floor and new legislation is be added.

But right now, anything can happen in the legislature, and this chart reflects that. I will try to update the chart and re-use it during future posts as necessary.

Prefiled Legislation to Watch (Jan. 8, 2007)

Title House Senate Sponsor(s) Status
Crimes against public health and morals; abortion; provisions HB 1 Franklin, Bobby (R – H43) 11/16/06, House PF
Child custody proceedings; parental rights; provisions HB 3 Sailor, Ron (D – H93) 11/15/06, House PF
Mobile phone use while driving HB 4
HB 5
Oliver, Mary (D – H83) 11/15/06, House PF
Firearms; carrying and possession; certain emergency conditions; provisions HB 6 Franklin, Bobby (R – H43) 11/21/06, House PF
Concealed weapons; transporting of certain firearms; change provisions HB 7 Bearden, Timothy (R – H68) 11/27/06, House PF
Electronic voting machines; tampering; paper records HB 8
HB 9
Bearden, Timothy (R – H68) 11/27/06, House PF
Insurance; coverage for vaccinations for cervical cancer and hpv; provide HB 11 Manning, Judy (R – H32) 11/29/06, House PF
Public employees; fraud, waste, abuse in state operations; change definitions HB 16 Golick, Rich (R – H34) 12/07/06, House PF
English; designated as official language; documents and forms; provide HB 21 Bearden, Timothy (R – H68)
Talton, Willie (R – H145)
12/07/06, House PF
State do-not-call list; ADAD equipment; solicitation of votes; provisions HB 22 Keown, Mike (R – H173) 12/08/06, House PF
Georgia Advance Directive for Health Care Act HB 24 Tumlin, Steve (R – H38) 12/13/06, House PF
General Assembly; four-year terms of office for members; provide HR 2 Keown, Mike (R – H173) 12/08/06, House PF
Title House Senate Sponsor(s) Status
Taxation of Property; person illegally in country; not entitled to any tax exemption SB 2 Douglas, John (R – S17) 11/16/06, Senate PF
Secure and Verifiable Identity Document Act SB 5 Seabaugh, Mitch (R – S28) 11/28/06, Senate PF
Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Act SB 10 Johnson, Eric (R – S1) 12/08/06, Senate PF
Budget Act; periodic application of zero-base budgeting; analysis of departmental/program objectives SB 12 Shafer, David (R – S48) 12/18/06, Senate PF
Labor; minimum wage law; substantive/comprehensive reform of provisions SB 13 Brown, Robert (D – S26) 12/20/06, Senate PF
Animal Fighting Act SB 16 Rogers, Chip (R – S21) 12/27/06, Senate PF
State Children’s Health Insurance Plan; urge U.S. Congress to provide funding and ensure reauthorization SR 6 Goggans, Greg (R – S7) 01/03/07, Senate PF

If you feel I missed something, or you agree/disagree, then leave it in the comments.

For more information on the Georgia General Assembly, go to the official site for the 2007 session and be sure to check out Georgia Legislative Watch.


  1. Mike Hauncho says:

    I’m not sure of the status on this but I know here in Fulton County the talk of spliting the county and forming Milton Co. is a hot topic. Is that a pre-filed bill?

  2. Bull Moose says:

    Good job Fogle… I hope that you’ll keep it updated so that we can easily follow the progress of these bills…

  3. griftdrift says:

    No Mike. It was a resolution for a constitutional amendment that was just introduced. After reading the resolution, me thinks the attorneys need to reword a few things.

  4. BTokarz says:

    On the question about Milton County

    I am an aide to Rep. Jan Jones (Milton) this session, she dropped the bill yesterday after it was signed by Speaker Pro Tem Burkhalter, Chuck Martin, Harry Geisinger and Wendell Willard. The bill that would allow for a vote to allow for 2 more counties, there will be debate this session and a vote next year.

    The catch to the bill is the 2 counties must be ones previously merged in times of economic hardship Milton and Campbell are the only 2 that fit that description.

  5. BTokarz says:

    As Legislative Aide for Rep. Jones who dropped the resolution yesterday I can say it would allow for a referendum to change the constitution allowing two more counties of whose origin would be similar to counties merged in times of economic hardship i.e Campbell and Milton Counties.

    It will be debated this year and voted on next year.

  6. Calybos1 says:

    Yikes. I hope everyone else is as worried about a bill called “Crimes against public health and morals” as I am. Who wants our legislators passing judgment on stuff like that?

  7. VictoratGaImproper says:

    No opinion on this yet. Wanted you guys to know that other parts of the Country and other Republicans are concerned about the cost of Health Care & HC Insurance in their states.

    You can get daily Health Care updates from the non partisan Kaiser Foundation:

    RE: HB6

    State Watch | California Gov. Schwarzenegger Proposes Universal Health Coverage for All State Residents, Including Undocumented Immigrants

    [Jan 09, 2007]
    California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) on Monday announced a proposal that would require all state residents to obtain health insurance and would share the cost among employers, individuals, health care providers, health insurers and the government, the San Francisco Chronicle reports (Chorneau, San Francisco Chronicle, 1/9).

    About 6.5 million California residents lack health insurance. According to the Census Bureau, in 2005 19.4% of California residents lacked health insurance, compared with 15.9% nationwide (Carlton, Wall Street Journal, 1/9). Under the proposal, employers with 10 or more employees would have to offer health insurance for workers or pay a fee of 4% of payroll to a state pool that would help workers purchase coverage, with the amount that they pay based on income.

    Employees could pay for health insurance with pretax income (Steinhauer, New York Times, 1/9). The proposal would require health insurers to sell policies to all state residents, regardless of whether they have medical conditions (Benson/Rojas, Sacramento Bee, 1/9). State residents who refuse to obtain health insurance could face reductions in their state income tax refunds or have their wages garnished (Geis/Lee, Washington Post, 1/9).

    The proposal also would extend coverage under Medi-Cal, the state Medicaid program, to all adults with annual incomes of as much as 100% of the federal poverty level and to children — regardless of their immigration status — in households with annual incomes of as much as 300% of the federal poverty level (New York Times, 1/9).

    The proposal would provide additional subsidies to help state residents with annual incomes of as much as 250% of the federal poverty level purchase health insurance. In addition, the proposal would increase by $4 billion reimbursements to health care providers under Medi-Cal (Appleby, USA Today, 1/9).

    Under the proposal, physicians would have to pay 2% and hospitals would have to pay 4% of their revenue to help cover the cost of the program (Ainsworth, San Diego Union-Tribune, 1/9).

    According to Schwarzenegger aides, the governor would finance the proposal in part with about $5 billion in federal matching funds that the state will receive as a result of restructured health care programs and with state funds currently used to finance charity care (New York Times, 1/9).

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