Gangs of Bulloch County

I certainly did a double-take when I read this article from the Statesboro Herald. Apparently, the City of Statesboro (Pop. 22,698) – in rural southeast Georgia – believes they have a problem with “gang activity.”

I have spent more than enough time in Statesboro, and trust me, somebody spiked the punch at the policeman’s ball.

But as if this was not already humorous enough, enter Statesboro Police Chief Stan York.

Officials have noticed a trend in growth regarding gang-related activities, including “tags” or graffiti, tattoos and clothing – “showing of colors and especially the way the clothing is worn,” Manahan said.

And the evidence points not only to imitation of what teens see on television and in the movies, but what outsiders are bringing into the community.

“People from New York and other large cities in the country visit the area and bring ideas and connections with them,” York said. “Outsiders bring some of this influence in, and we need to be aware of it.”

Those darn outsiders! How dare they bring their “gang ideas” to Statesboro.


  1. RuralDem says:

    Actually if you know anyone in law enforcement, talk to them and see what they say. Having a close family member, and many friends, in law enforcement, rural counties do attract quite a few “outsiders”.

    You can laugh at the idea of New Yorkers coming down, but illegal drugs are being smuggled in and out of the rural areas which would cause gangs to arise.

    Ah well, apparently it’s just a joke to some on here.

  2. Mike Hassinger says:

    Hee-hee-hee! Oh, that’s hysterical! Heaven forbid that a police chief get together with his community and try to figure out if they have a gang problem or not! Why, no one would ever think that drugs or gangs could threaten the idyllic life of small-town and rural Georgia! Everyone knows that most meth is cooked up in the ghettos and the suburbs of metro Atlanta! Hardeharhar!

    /sarcasm off.

    Adam, your big city-centric arrogance is showing.

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