Chit-Chat at the Ball.

I spoke last night with some folks who know the Speaker very well and none of them believe Richardson had an “inappropriate relationship” with anyone. Some are convinced the rumor was started by a rival in the House Caucus. One is convinced the rumor sprung up because many politicians, including the Speaker, meet with lobbyists, sometimes in private. It’s very easy make an accusation because you think you see something – especially when political ambition is involved.

Also, someone asked in the comments why former Governors Barnes and Carter weren’t invited to the swearing in like Miller, Harris and Sanders were. Barnes was definitely invited and I imagine Carter was as well. Barnes turned down the invitation.


  1. commonsense says:

    Erik, is it possible that a politician/opperative might lie to you? Like maybe the officials at the NRCC who told 8/12 would be called “early in the night.”

    If there was no relationship why was she fired?

  2. Mike Hassinger says:

    commonsense, you’re an idiot. That’s Buzz who’s posting, not Erick. And Buzz is just reporting what he was told. And if it’s possible that an operative would lie to Buzz, isn’t it just as possible that other operatives might also be lying?

    You guys better hope there’s some sort of scandal. After all this reputation-damaging public speculation and rumor mongering, Lin Wood is going to eat you for lunch if it turns out Kahn himself was lying.

  3. IndyInjun says:


    GOP front Austin Rhodes has written THIS for the Augusta Metro Spirit……


    Austin Rhodes
    Metro Spirit 1-11-07

    “Keep your mouth shut, keep your zipper up, and keep your hand in your own pocket…”
    – Georgia State Senate President Pro Tem Eric Johnson (R- Savannah)

    Wise words to live by as the Georgia GOP began the 2007 legislative session firmly in control of the House, Senate, and Governor’s office.

    As the national Republican party can attest, being primary custodian of the reins of power can be a fleeting honor if those in control don’t keep their wits about them and their eyes on the prize. With recent history clearly in mind, many in Georgia’s conservative party were visibly shaken when word circulated that the man second in power only to Governor Sonny Perdue himself was being accused of having an affair with a lobbyist.

    Georgia Speaker of the House Glenn Richardson was named in an ethics complaint this week alleging an “inappropriate relationship” with a former lobbyist (she was reportedly forced to resign “post canoodling”) for Atlanta Gas Light Company.

    AGL regularly seeks special consideration and allowance from state government in any number of areas, not the least of which recently included financing a 300 million dollar pipeline, an issue pushed by the Speaker himself. Richardson’s accusers suggest the lobbyist was in place to make him…happy.

    The lobbyist in question, supposedly the ONLY female AGL had working in that capacity, has been persona non grata since the allegations surfaced, dodging the best and the brightest of Atlanta’s media elite.

    Speaker Richardson himself refuses to directly address the complaint, or any specific aspect of the allegations. Instead, he has been speaking in allegory, with a not so subtle, threatening overtone: “The last few weeks I have been fed a little poison, and I have taken it…but the bad news…for those that manufactured, dispensed, and stirred unreasonably the poison…is that I survived. I’m looking for the folks who manufactured that poison.”

    If the Speaker thinks that threatening his detractors will scare them into retreat, I would suggest the tactic might work…IF (and ONLY if) the allegations are false. If the claims do have some basis in fact, the Speaker’s days may be numbered.

    Far more charismatic Republican leaders than Richardson have seen their fortunes crumble in the wake of such personal scandal. First and foremost would be former Attorney General Mike Bowers, who had a decade long affair exposed while running for Governor. Just like Bowers, Richardson doesn’t live in the party of Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy. IF the sordid stories have any truth to them (and that remains to be seen) there will be a backlash against him and his supporters within the party that will have the Capital floors covered in blood.

    A TV reporter in Atlanta told me that the Speaker has had his wife at his side very publicly in recent days, a rare sight until the current soap opera surfaced. “Standing by your man” is a practice long embraced by political wives, but the motivation behind the stand (true love and support? financial expediency? fear of embarrassment?) is open for debate. The list of women who have done it (from Hillary Clinton to the aforementioned Mrs. Mike Bowers) will have their motivations questioned through the end of time. If you want to know Mrs. Richardson’s heart, ask her. And good luck on getting an answer.

    On the surface, this isn’t about a man allegedly having an affair. Richardson’s activities as a man are none of anyone’s business, outside of his own family and inner circle. I have seen dozens of allegations against elected officials concerning their private activities through the years, and I have always maintained that those rumors were none of anyone’s business.

    But as an elected leader in what is supposed to be the conservative party of his state, his behavior in office does matter and is legitimate fodder for debate. If the Speaker of the House is “doing the nasty” with a lobbyist, it is MOST CERTAINLY a topic for public concern.

    Since Richardson is the Speaker, and since the complaint has been filed with the Ethics Commission, he needs to address the allegation head on. He is not a Democrat, he can’t slink off into the happyland of “do it and forget it” inhabited by the likes of Jesse Jackson and Barney Frank. Richardson has to live and function among people who don’t tolerate such behavior. So the question remains Mr. Speaker…did you do her…or didn’t you?


    Just when the Injun ‘thought’ that Austin was beating a retreat……

  4. Bill Simon says:

    As a note, this complaint/allegation does not fall under the purview of the state Ethics Commission.

    It does fall under a joint committee in our state legislature comprised of house and senate members. The co-leaders of this committee are Senator Eric Johnson and….darn it! whats-his-name….oh! Speaker Glenn Richardson.

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