Those hard-working Pelosi Democrats…

are taking today off because of the NCAA National Championship game tonight.

Remember when Bobby Kahn slammed Jack Kingston over the Dems promise to work a five day week? I don’t recall the GOP Congress taking a day off for a football game.


  1. Buzz, I appreciate the point, but good luck painting the Dems as out of touch with the American electorate by saying they enjoy college football.

    Rep. Steve Davis’s first bill was a resolution condemning the BCS championship formula. At least we just take the day off as opposed to grandstanding about it!

  2. RuralDem says:

    You’re right Buzz, the GOP did not do that. Instead, they scheduled ahead of time to take days of almost every week.

    Do you have anymore partisan shades for sale?

  3. Broty says:

    Out of touch? Nah. I’m sure most Americans get the day off of work for a football game that starts at 8:00 pm. – especially anyone who started a new job last week.

  4. LymanHall says:

    Didn’t the GOP-lead General Assembly take off for Daytona so they could all go down on lobbyists’ tabs?

  5. ugadog says:

    I think the fact that Republicans took off three days a week every week outshadows the fact that Democrats are taking one day off. Very weak buzz.

  6. gatormathis says:

    Now ya’ll are up to three days a week off.

    They get to Washington on Monday, settle in, study up and get ready for three days of session.

    Friday, they tie up loose ends, head back home for the weekend.

    It’s a system that fits the Nation, not just those in 50 miles of Washington.

    Travel and flow of information has never moved before, at the rate of today. Tommorrow will be even faster.

    We operate under a system that was designed years ago.
    We work under a sysyem that was designed years ago.

    And like a lot of the rest of our founders “ideas”, they have sufficed pretty well over the years.

    When at home,officials divide their free “family” time with the public appearances and other constituent services they embrace.

    I bet a year goes by pretty fast. Especially when also running for re-election.

    Get out, raise the money and get your friends behind you, in a year from now, anybody on here, can get in the game.

    Hell, you can go down to the NEW Secretary Of State, Karen Handel this week and declare as a candidate, fill out paperwork and everything.

    I will say one thing for the outgoing Cathy Cox, her office was very courteous, and always very cordial in retreiving records I needed. She got the system “online” which was really great. You could start a document at your home printing, and just keep your printer fed with supplies. This sure beat going to Atlanta AND paying sometimes a hundrerd bucks. The information very accurate and kept up to date, also. So kudos to her for the improvements during her time in office. May she have success in her endeavors.

    Back to the original intent, they “work” three days, take two days “off”.
    Two days “off”.

    Ya’ll already trying to make it sound bad enough without lying about it.

  7. Gag Halfrunt says:

    Not at all like the Georgia legislature which manages to cram a 40 day session into 120 days.

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