Questions for Bobby Franklin

First, on behalf of your fellow conservatives and Republicans, thanks for putting us in an awkward position with House Bill 1. I think it is actually good to see where everyone will stand on this, assuming it makes it out of committee.

Second, I have a few questions for you:

  1. If a woman will assuredly die without an abortion, should she be entitled to one and why or why not? Your bill contains no provision to allow for one.
  2. If a woman is forcibly raped and impregnated, should she be allowed an abortion? Your bill contains no provisions to allow one.
  3. On the assumption that you answer “no” for number two, do you intend to seek special funding for psychological counseling for those women who would otherwise feel compelled to commit suicide or cause themselves or their unborn child harm due to the 9 month reminder of the forcible rape? Why or why not?
  4. Given the current political climate, why are you so certain that the Georgia Supreme Court will find your measure constitutional?
  5. Given the current state of constitutional law in this country, your bill is clearly unconstitutional. Why should the legislature spend its time and taxpayer money considering a bill that will be deemed unconstitutional by the federal court system?

And, for those of you reading this, yes, I am pro-life, but I believe in the three exceptions.

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  1. crichard1020 says:

    At least Franklin is consistent. If a person is truly against killing the unborn, does it matter how the child is conceived?

  2. ColinATL says:

    This issue is a political minefield that will never be resolved. Period. 🙁

    Having said that, although HB-1 scares the dickens out of Democratic me, I also see it as a poison pill to peel off suburban moderate Republicans and possibly give the Dems another chance.

  3. VictoratGaImproper says:

    Will the Men of the Georgia Legislature please call five, separate Statewide Referendums on this issue:

    1) “Women Only”
    2) “Men Only”
    3) “Eunuchs Only”
    4) “Patrons of the Duluth Brothel Only”
    5) “Employees of the Duluth Brothel Only”

  4. RiverRat says:

    I believe in the three exceptions.

    WHOAH!! OMG!! Erick, you are SOOO not pro-life! How can you support murdering the unborn under ANY circumstances??? Wrong is Wrong!!!

    You are as liberal as that angry grandma Pelosi! Well, you can move right on to California and stay the heck-fire out of Georgia!

    I hope you expect to be on Hannity’s “Enemy of the State” for this absolute BETRAYAL of conservative principles!!! I thought you were a REAL Christian!

    personally, as a democrat, I hope this thing passes. Did anyone here see what happened in South Dakota? In addition to voting to repeal the total abortion ban, the state also increased the number of Dems in the State Senate. The SD GOP went from a 17 seat advantage to a 5 seat advantage.

  5. rugby_fan says:

    1: No.
    2: No.
    3: No. Because.
    4: Because the judges are out of touch.
    5: Because the SCOTUS is full of activist judges (or whatever trite, cliched statement he can think of)

  6. elephantgirl says:

    People should not be able to choose to have an abortion because it is murder. They should choose not to have sex if they are not ready for a child but then that would infringe on their rights , heaven forbid, so just have sex, get pregnant, and then murder the product of your pleasure.

  7. rugby_fan says:

    “then that would infringe on their rights , heaven forbid”

    if that is sarcasm, it is good to know where you stand on individual rights.

  8. elephantgirl says:

    I very much believe in individual rights which is why I don’t think a person has a right to violate an unborn child’s right to live in order to satisfy their right to have sex if they are not ready to suffer the consequences that might come from that choice.

  9. VictoratGaImproper says:

    Okay then just do it your way; Sell weapons to our enemies for free-trade-fun and profit, wait til they turn 18 and send them off to war.

  10. rugby_fan says:

    OK elephantgirl,

    good to know where you stand on rights for cognizant human beings who are a part of, and contributing to, society and human kind’s advancement.

  11. As our dear leader says “bring it on” with house bill 1!

    Let the people of GA see some good ol’ fashion Conservative Leadership.

    I hope to god this thing passes! If it fails, Conservatives should keep on bringing it back up & trying to pass it- Just like they have done with the voter ID thing.

    I hope they Keep on trying & trying all the way up to 2008.

  12. Brian from Ellijay says:

    So this is the new conservative stance on abortion? no wonder Republicans lost the Congress.

    I will stick with Reagan and err on the side of life. I salute Rep. Franklin for sticking his neck out.

  13. Bull Moose says:

    Good to see the FAR right coming out… Three exceptions for me too, but we also need to work to create conditions in which abortion is rare…

  14. GOPeach says:

    I for one with be with my dear friend Dr. Cindye
    Coates tomorrow as she has teamed up with Rep. Bobby Franklin and Rep. Melvin Everson on this HB1 along with Alveda King ( the neice of Martin Luther King Jr.).

    Cindye and Alveda have worked on the Civil Rights of the Unborn for many years now and the State House will suffer for not having Cindye
    down there. She lost her State House race by 180 votes and she still works like she got elected!

    That’s my Pro-Life girl! God bless her heart!!

    Oh- FYI … Here is the schedule for anyone who would like to meet up with GOPeach! 🙂

    Tues. Jan. 9
    9:30 Media Hearing LOB 606

    Then- Prayer Rally 10 AM on Capital Steps

    11:00 Testimonies and Hearing in LOB 606


    What S. Dakota failed to do —

    VOTE YES on HB1!!

  15. landon says:

    Bobby Franklin is an intelligent politician and knows his constituency. Those who vote in Cobb County are rock solid republicans, fiscally and socially. Mr. Franklin will surely not find himself in any trouble over this bill, whether it passes or not.
    And look for changes with SCOTUS, starting with Kennedy swinging the court towards pro-life now that O’Connor has retired. And all you activists out there, I still don’t see where the constitution gives women a fundamental right to seek and obtain abortions.

  16. GOPeach says:


    Preach it!
    Bobby Frankin has a BACKBONE!
    He is a REAL MAN!!!
    Where are the real men in the State House?

    Hey- Where are the REAL WOMEN??
    Even so-called pro-life women are caving!

    This HB1 is going to separate the sheep from the goats!

    Hey— Rep. Franklin is going to help
    Mayor Franklin with the SEWERS….
    by keeping body parts of preborn childern
    out of them!!!!

    Time we work together!

  17. I’m sure most of Bobby Franklin’s constituents think that if someone from “Atlanta” rapes their daughter while she’s partying in Buckhead, she should be forced to have the baby or else serve in jail alongside the rapist.

    That sounds like the surefire ticket to re-election to me.

  18. Adam Fogle says:


    Regarding your now deleted comment:

    The rules are pretty lax on here, but you need to keep a certain level of decency.

    Don’t cross that line again.

  19. VictoratGaImproper says:


    When you choose to censor imagery of the proven, back alley, historic results of a piece of legislation, you deprive the women of Georgia of any sense of decency. I have talked with distinguished elderly women; the ones that lived through the horrific & primitive trauma of the back alley, black market, abortion trade that prevailed in the earlier part of the 20th century.

    How far are you going to support the male dominated Government’s intrusion into people’s personal lives before you define that line?


  20. elephantgirl says:

    Rugby fan–

    Those contributing human beings still have personal responsibilities that go along with those rights.

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