Ending the ad valorem tax

I like this sound of this:

“I think one of the more fair approaches to a short-term tax cut is to eliminate or reduce the ad valorem tax on people’s cars,” state Rep. Mark Burkhalter (R-Alpharetta) told the House after it unanimously reelected him speaker pro tem Monday. “Rich and poor, north and south Georgia, they pay that owners tax on their birthday. And I just think it is flat wrong.”

Burkhalter says he is considering proposing car tax exemptions of $15,000, $20,000 or $25,000.

The tax cut would work like this: Motorists would still pay their local governments car taxes. But the state would send the motorists rebate checks.


  1. VictoratGaImproper says:


    Please tell Mark that the Title Pawn lobby says thanks for helping their customers have extra cash to service their 300% per anum debt.

  2. IndyInjun says:

    Great, another exemption that shifts the burden onto others………..

    While the General Assembly is into fixing the tax code, just maybe they should remedy the woeful errors committed when the ad valorem tax was taken off of standing timber.

    Said tax is so defective that collections feel to a paltry $13 million statewide last year.

    It is essentially an honor system.

    Who is doing what is shielded from open records laws.

    Harvest of timber on federal lands misses taxation all together, unlike in most states with timber severence taxes.

    There is capability to finagle purchase prices by segregating harvesting and transport costs.

    Georgia is likely to be losing $10’s of millions from this travesty.

    Coupled with the widely-abused conservation use exemption, the overwhelming number of citizens are paying excessively in order to convey tax benefits to a very miniscule number of citizens.

    Eliminate all exemptions and return to the requirements of the 5th amendment. The vast majority will save a bundle.

    Of course, according to Earl Earhardt, reducing the ad valorm tax or abolishing it outright would RAISE revenues. Maybe the General Assembly will see it his way and slash property tax rates.

    Or maybe not.

  3. Mad Dog says:

    “The tax cut will work like this…?”

    and that helps balance the budget? Brings down borrowing costs for families and small businesses? Attracts large employers to house a headquarters in Georgia or build jobs for Georgians? Pays for road and bridge maintenance and building? Means your kids won’t go to school in a trailer parked on what used to be the playground? Pays for higher wages to retain experienced GBI agents? Clears the backlog of murder cases no longer being investigated because the DNA and other evidence got lost? Shortens the line at the DMV? Attracts national conventions and sporting events like the Super Bowl, the 1996 Olympics, Democratic National Convention? Builds the infrastructure for sustainable growth while protecting Oaky Woods and other environmental treasures? Encourages the Snow Birds to stop in Georgia instead of just passing through on the way to and from Florida? Improves the daily traffic jams on Atlanta’s clogged roads? Provides increased security at the Savanah port? Reduces our dependence on Middle Eastern Oil? Increases taxpayer confidence in elected officials? Prevents another Delta bankruptcy from emptying retiree benefits and retirement accounts? Shores up state employee retirement benefits – currently underfunded by a $1 billion or more each year over the next ten years? Pays to enforce the new laws on immigration? Hires new state troopers to keep the ratio of police per capita at the current safe levels? Hires new attorney’s in the Attorney Generals office to help fight corruption and enforce open government?

    So the tax cut works like this…the state cuts you a check and doesn’t have a clue where the money comes from…but you’d rather have the money in your hands than safe roads, a strong economy, or a diligent corps of police, judges, and GBI agents?

    Good work, Casey “You have my word on it” Cagle and the GOP wonder leaders.

  4. jsm says:

    Why the rebate checks? Why not just subtract the exemption from the assessed value at the county tax commissioner’s office and be done with it?

  5. Such a bunch of stupid crap! I don’t give a rat’s ass about the ad valorem tax on cars! I do care that the public schools in this state suck balls & I’m gonna be looking at 100k+ in private school tuition over my kid’s 1st 2 decades.

    I guess these jackasses would rather spend their on stupid bullsh*t like this & the sunday pouring thing than to do any real work for the people of GA.

  6. landon says:

    Great idea, the ad valorem tax on vehicle registration is kind of ridiculous if you ask me, it reeks of inequity. Not a problem if you’re rich, but quite a pain if you have to go to one of those fast cash places to make ends meet on a regular basis. But wouldn’t it be easier to just get rid of the tax entirely instead of giving the state govt. an interest free loan returned via rebate check? And to those who need to list all of Georgia’s problems, money is not always the solution. I am pretty sure income and sales tax far outstrip the ad valorem tax on vehicle registration as a percentage of state revenue. Give me a break.

  7. Trackboy1 says:

    You wanna talk taxes…talk Fulton Co. Comm. Bill Edwards, the worst elected official in the state. If the AJC or any media outlet that actually does true investigative reporting took a look at BE, they would find more skeletons in his closet than Bill Campbell. Milton County is a great idea alone simply because Bill Edwards is in office.

    Fulton Co. could run on a budget 20% less than it is now…but the customer service would still suck. The waste, bloat and corruption in the Fulton Co. gov’t & budget is unspeakable.


    Fulton County begins 2007 in an unusual and enviable position: flush with cash.
    The Board of Commissioners heads into a critical budget work session Wednesday with $142 million in the bank —- $90 million more than required by the board’s rules on minimum savings.
    Commissioners, of course, are busy making up wish lists for what to do with all the cash and predicting an uncommonly easy 2007 budget cycle.
    “We are going to do a little bit of everything,” Commissioner Bill Edwards said. “I’m happy, man. The money’s there. It’s just a matter of what we spend it on.”

  8. CobbGOPer says:

    Off topic, but I agree with Trackboy on Edwards and the FUCO commission. They finally got rid of Handel so now Eaves and the other socialists, er, Democrats can raid the savings she helped create during her term as Commission Chair.

    And who’s going to benefit? Not the North Fulton taxpayers that provided most of that $142 million, no sir. Therefore, Milton County must be reinstated.

  9. Level Headed says:

    I certainly agree it’s time to change the topic.

    The State Legislature has come up with another stinker of a plan to spend money through rebates, excessive overhead, mailing costs, and accounting-banking fees.

    Another great example of how the GOP has become a regional party.

    Keep changing the topic when you get caught with your pants down around your ankles.

    “But, but, … but … I just spent a million dollars to cut your taxes $12.50 a year!”

    Spend the money that it takes to bring careers to Georgia.

    Cutting taxes is just a wonderful talking point to get elected.

    Running the government by making the whole of Georgia get more bang for the buck is the JOB POLITICIANS WERE ELECTED TO DO.

    The $12.50 to get a tag on a 1985 Ford POS won’t hurt if I have a real, paying job with retirement and health care benefits.

    Wage slaves need salvation not pitiful rebates.

    Does anyone think borrowing money at the 300 percent interest rate and then getting a rebate check is good for the economy?

    All the talk about creating opportunity in Georgia and the GOP still thinks creating jobs is a valid goal.

    The economic and educational environment creates jobs the same way a slum lord creates housing.

    Yeah, a cardboard shack under an bridge is housing. A POS double wide built in 1967 is housing.

    A part time job that pays minimum wage just off the Marta bus line is a job.

    Georgia won’t survive if that is all the Legislature sees as necessary.

    A job and housing…. a worthless plan to spend money to rebate $12.50 borrowed to pay for tags on a FORD POS.

    Get real bozos

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