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  1. Trackboy1 says:

    Like Sonny or not, and I kinda do, he should have taken many more hits (and they’d be deserved) for the Wendy Saltzman run-in. If you know any parents of disabled kids, the “Katie Beckett Waiver”, which came from none other than Ronald Reagan’s White House, well, the waiver is a BIG DEAL to those parents. And those parents are some of the best, most humble, salt of the earth heroes you’ll ever meet.
    Sonny’s got thin skin…

    The total state cost of waivers is a relative pittance, about $10 million a year — 0.7 percent of the state’s Medicaid budget. And the Legislature this year unanimously passed Democrat-sponsored emergency funding of $7.3 million for families that have been kicked off the Medicaid program. But unless Perdue changes course, children will continue to be ousted.

    Heidi Moore of Alpharetta, the mom of a child with Down syndrome, leads an advocacy group for Katie Beckett Waiver parents. “We’re talking about the most vulnerable citizens in Georgia, 6,500 families,” she says. “Under Perdue, more than 2,000 families have lost the Medicaid funding. That’s just cruel. And that’s why he was so vicious with Wendy Saltzman. He’s really afraid of this story.”

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