Congrats to Andre

Andre Walker will not just be a blogger during the session, but he has been granted press credentials to the Georgia Senate. Congrats to him. It’s nice to see the Senate being more open to bloggers. And yes, don’t worry, Peach Pundit will be there too.


  1. Trackboy1 says:

    Will a member of the Fulton delegation, please, please call out Fulton Comm. Bill Edwards…the single worst elected official in the state. Yes, the same guy who wanted to sell parks to Sandy Springs for $27mil, when same of the those parks were actually donated to the county or sold to them for almost nothing. Yes, the same guy who portrayed anyone who supported Sandy Springs leaving as a racist.

    So the county finally has some breathing room with its budget. So losing Sandy Springs didn’t mean the end of the world. And Mr. Bill is ready to spend like a drunken soldier on leave.
    Use the dough to fix needed but unglamorous things like infrastructure? Roll some of it back to taxpayers?

    Hey’s gleeful that he can spend, spend, spend! Billy needs to make the biggest public splash possible. He’s got an ATM machine and by darn it, he’s going to let it ride.

    Edwards is the single worst elected official in this state. For some reason, no other elected official on any level has the cajones to call him out. Bill Edwards is one of the main reason Fulton has worst in class diasters like the jail & sheriff’s dept., tax assessors dept., courts mess, etc. If you oe anyone you know has ever dealt with the Fulton Co. gov’t, you know it’s more incompetent & corrupt than can be described.

    Commissioners, of course, are busy making up wish lists for what to do with all the cash and predicting an uncommonly easy 2007 budget cycle.
    “We are going to do a little bit of everything,” Commissioner Bill Edwards said. “I’m happy, man. The money’s there. It’s just a matter of what we spend it on.”
    He said he would like to see more money go to parks in south Fulton, a Southside amphitheater, Grady Hospital operations and transportation for senior citizens.
    Likewise, Commissioners Robb Pitts and Lynne Riley are also working on lists.

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