More on the Rumor

Instead of adding another update to this rumor, here’s what I’m being told now.

First and again — this is all a rumor, but it’s worth blogging about considering this is major buzz at the Capitol today, it appears that pictures and possibly videotape exist. But, it’s not what you’re thinking. What I’m told is that the Speaker and the other person in question were at an event together and there are pictures of them together at that event. Several folks say that it would be out of place for the other person to be there, but for the Speaker being there. It’s kind of like this shot of President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. It was a legitimate event that they both happened to be at — nothing nefarious. The problem, of course, is that people started to put names and faces together and allegations were swirling with innuendo that may or may not be true — but its salacious so all the reporters were hoping there was a there there. And there was.

Now the reporters want it to be true in this case. I get the impression that were there actual, legitimate news stories to report on right now, this would be going nowhere. But when reporters get bored, they try to create news.

I’m told that the various reporters who cover the Capitol are pushing each other hard to run the story. The AJC won’t run a story without photographic proof, or a story that someone in the GOP is going to challenge the Speaker, in which case they would use this as the reason explaining the challenge.

Now, let me put it to you this way — a whole lot of very powerful Democrats in the General Assembly has girlfriends and the AJC never did a big story when they were in charge. Several of them, to borrow a line from a friend, had more girlfriends after they were married and in the General Assembly than before they were married. The AJC did nothing on them.

So why now? I can only speculate that there is some level of partisanship involved were this to move forward — especially considering the basis for the story is so dumb — the Speaker was photographed at a party and a woman was there. Holy crap! Yeah, that’s news.

I’m told this story is being referred to around the Capitol as “Bobby Kahn’s Parting Shot.”

UPDATE: As also noted in the comments, the individual in question is rumored to have turned in her resignation to AGL, where, I’m told, she worked as a lobbyist.


  1. rugby_fan says:

    Or Erick, rather than partisanship, it might be the fact that this is the Speaker of the House, not a backbencher.

    I just have a little more than a hunch that this is the case.

    And of course, without any knowledge of what this could actually be about, you have gone and attempted to discredit the entire story. Then rather than debate the merit that this story might have, you have fallen back on the tired old; well look at what Democrats have done in the past!

    Discussions like this a true sore spot for me because rather than having the GOP admit they might have a problem, the Republicans routinely cry “bias in the MSM”.

  2. fishtail says:

    My impeccable soures tell me that what has everyone at the Capitol in a dither is that one of the women involved with the Speaker WAS a lobbyist for a major utility. I say WAS because she has been allowed to submit her resignation rather than be fired. I guess we will be hearing a lot of “pipeline” jokes around the Gold Dome very soon.

  3. buzzbrockway says:


    Scandals happen all the time. People, even important and powerful people do stupid things. It doesn’t mean the entire Party has a problem.

    I have no idea what, if anything, the Speaker did. I’ve only said hello to him a few times. I have no reason to think he’s done anything wrong, but again I don’t know him.

    If he’s done something wrong, then certainly his high profile will attract media attention. Is it a “hit” and Erick says? Perhaps, but I don’t think by the media.

    I suspect the flames are being fanned by political rivals of the Speaker. Perhaps other potential Gubernatorial candidates who see an opportunity to clear the field somewhat.

    If this information was in the hands of the Democrats, wouldn’t they have used it prior to the election? It would have helped strengthen the “culture of corruption” claim. No, I think this is an inter-party squabble that might go public.

    How’s that for wild, random, speculation?

  4. HeartofGa says:

    Not fine for Clinton or Richardson, Erick. Do you really believe that all this is about is one innocent photograph at one party? Do you believe that because “Democrats did it” that justifies the behavior? Or that the really evil people here are the media who might report about it? The interesting thing about this is that it looks like this story is breaking because of the jockeying for position within the Republican leadership. And I would like to credit Kahn with this but it’s looking more and more like the Speaker may have done this to himself.

    Unfortunately, there is a culture in Atlanta that almost expects that legislators will “have girlfiends,” and I’m not fine with that. I don’t think most voters are fine with it, either. They just don’t know about it because people are willing to cover it up and explain away the behavior in the interest of maintaining political advantage. As you said, this is nothing new. From what I hear, this kind of conduct is, unfortunately, almost as certain during session as lobbyists providing lunch- almost a perk of the profession. I think that it is wrong, regardless of party, and that if a party elevates to leadership someone who is character-challenged, that’s a problem. A person’s character does matter.

    Democrats should not have defended Clinton’s conduct and, if the rumors are true, no one should defend this. Soon, folks will be acknowledging “mistakes,” making it right with God and pleading for timely forgiveness. Spare me.

  5. fishtail says:

    More details are going to emerge very soon on this hot story. Seems a cell phone video was taken by an un-named jerk towards the end of an alcohol-fused legislative reception. Besides a couple of recognizable faces, the video pans around and zooms in as the Speaker is filmed off in a corner, presumably having had a few pops and believing he was somehow invisible, in an almost comical attempt to imitate a boar hog in full rut with the thus-far unnamed female utility lobbyist. I would dearly love to see this sordid video. Erick, can you get your hands on it? I mean the video…

  6. Jmac says:

    This does seem to be more about intra-party positioning than anything else.

    Does it really matter that Glenn Richardson or any of a host of other legislators have ‘girlfriends’? I think it’s a terrible moral wrong, but does it directly affect their ability to do their job?

    I mean, I’ve got plenty of substantive ideological reasons why I dislike Richardson … and his foolish trysts aren’t one of them.

  7. RuralDem says:

    “Does it really matter that Glenn Richardson or any of a host of other legislators have ‘girlfriends’? I think it’s a terrible moral wrong, but does it directly affect their ability to do their job?”

    Well if you run on morality then things like this should be an issue.

  8. RuralDem says:

    Am I the only one who sees a “if a Democrat does it then it is wrong, but if a Republican does it then it’s ok because a Democrat did it.”

    Amazing how the D and R labels can make people lose touch with reality 🙂

  9. CobbGOPer says:

    Whether it’s true or not, this is intended to throw a black mark on Richardson as he lays the groundwork for a gubernatorial run in ’10. There are more than a few Republicans in the House and Senate that are privately delighted that this should come up, as they would like to start eliminating potential primary rivals for ’10.

  10. gatormathis says:

    One thing for sure, more’s brewin round here than water.

    Nother thing for sure………….folks better get used to living in today’s technilogical world.

    We are soon to live in the day of “1984”, when every thought or utterence can be detected in some shape, form, or other manner.

    Such is the world we live in, when a simple address could be googled into coordinates to be used for whatever purpose.

    There is more knowledge available now, commonly and free, to any everyday computer savy citizen, than the best of cold war spies could find out years ago.

    And after all these years of espionage, if them old day spies could have just had a cellphone.

    Which brings us to Mister Rodgers’ word for the day(God rest his soul)………cellphone.

    For every “action”, it is said there is an equal and opposite “reaction”. I’ll defer to Bro. Bill if there are any discrepancies with the quote.

    And such is the cellphone. Especially these new “picture” phones. Dick Tracy nor Super 8mm never had it so good.

    For all the folks it has made millions upon millions of dollars, it has also cost a few . And will be the case, as we go on.

    You can see Saddam hang,
    Or folks doing crazy things,
    On a cellphone.

    They got the latest jokes,
    From all sorts of folks,
    on a cellphone.

    It’s a truth or lie,
    They all decry,
    bout stuff seen,
    on a cellphone.

    So after today,
    know they’re here to stay,
    you are not alone,
    on a cellphone.

    Folks don’t like my older model phone because it echoes, and I don’t like just running minutes up, so we get along pretty good.

    Think about cellphone company deals you have heard traded on in the last several years.

    It is amazing the sheer magnitude of money that has been moved around these past few years………on account of the cellphone.

    And that’s why the government is wanting to stick another damn dollar on my CELLPHONE, my two sons already taxed CELLPHONE, and everybody else’s CELLPHONE.

    But it’s to pay for the unpaid cost that hospitals have to incur with victims of trauma. Now we’re not talking about blunt trauma, such as when somebody WHAPS you upside the head in a disagreement.

    “Trauma” cases involve some of the most “hurt-up” folks in the world. Victims of bad accidents that cost untold amounts of capital, time, and high tech facilities with specialist to handle things.

    People that are hurt in car wrecks badly, some even requiring transplants (also requiring a physical contribution from someone else) or other compounded procedures, have the kind of resources that these sort of requirements can overburden quickly.

    Every community has jars out to help specific individuals of one’s choice, with faces continually changing for these situations and those with other needs.

    Which would bring a designated tax, for a dedicated medical “area” of service.

    This could be the first step towards socialized medicine. Get the emergency room covered, move on to another area.

    When your doctor tells you that you’re in for some advanced procedures, he knows how much they cost. He has no joy in sending you to the alteration shop for repairs, his job is to see you stay healthy.

    But the trauma center is one place you can get into without a credit card or good insurance. All you got to do is get hurt up real bad and bleed a lot. And they give you helluva a service, they tell me.

    I’m gonna try and limit my visits to as few as possible, pain and suffering just ain’t my bag. You never know for sure.

    But get real about one thing. We have talk about a whole lot of taxes going on, and talk about taxes coming off.

    I have a buddy in Denmark, he pays some hefty sales taxes, so watch how good a deal they offer to get those upped.

    Which brings me back to my previous thought:

    That woman ya’ll was talking about, do she work for a cellphone company?

    Sho hope it ain’t them wimmens from Duluth neither.

    One thing for sure, I bet taking the aforementioned cellphone shot was a piece of cake, compared to what the recorder of the disposed dictator’s recent demise endured.

    And now his ass is in trouble because all this electronic stuff has a tail on it longer than your best kite ever.

  11. gatormathis says:

    I apologize, as that was definitely too long.

    BdG will be back here telling me to hit them *a****a**** meetings again. Besides, I was just “funnin” the other day with my asterisks. Momma tole me not to be ugly to folks.

    gator****is out.

  12. rugby_fan says:


    I was just saying in general that when Republicans have an issue within their ranks, more often than not, rather than saying yes, this is an issue, this is bad &c., the Republicans claim “MSM bias” and say it has no truth and it doesn’t matter because Democrats do/did it too (c.f. with all due respect, Erick’s coverage of this)

  13. Gold Dome says:

    It’s a new day and these legislators down here need to realize that with blogs and picture phones life is different. I don’t think it’s too much to ask that our elected officials not betray their spouses. Call me crazy.

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