Monroe County Is Bad For Business

Though Monroe County may now be the richest county in the midstate, its commissioners’ refusal to agree on a county line with Bibb, over the demands of its own Chairman, mean Monroe County is bad for business.

Here is further irony on the idiocy of the Monroe County Commission. It’s Chairman was able to get an agreement with Bibb County on a line, but its commission members got dumb and greedy, and now businesses are caught in the middle and the dollar signs the commission members were seeing are now going to flow to a lawsuit instead into the county coffers. Citizens and businesses lose.

Shoulda listened to Chairman Carlisle.

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  1. gatormathis says:

    Kinda remind me about the boy in the retail shop next to a Chinese Resturant.

    Him and his wife went somewhere during lunch one day, the dog couldn’t go, so they left the poodle in the back storage room, food, water, sleeppad and all.

    Time they got gone a few minutes, the poodle let out yapping, coinciding with the busy time next door for the Chinese Buffet style resturant.

    Patrons, many already way into a tasty meal, suddenly lost their appetites.

    A buddy of mine who happened to be eating inside, later told me, he would never look at that piece of skewered meat with the same reverance ever again.

    So, time ole homeboy steps in the store upon return, flips on the lights, and briskly strides into the store to retrieve “Fe Fe” from the dungeon.

    He suddenly hears an Oriental pleading voice behind him saying, “Please mister please, next time you go somewhere, take little doggie with you. Time you leave, he go to barking, my customers no more want food, they mad, some want money back, little doggie he just keep on barking and barking and barking……little doggie…..he “bad for business..little doggie, he very bad for buisness”

    He suddenly realized he had caused his fellow store keeper and friend the equivilant of nuclear meltdown. Minature dog yapping from the vicinities of the kitchen area.

    The equivilant of if “electricity” went out of style for his electronics store.

    They took the dog next door, and he apologized to everyone left, and told them he ate there himself all the time. To an already desperate crowd, this was just the news they wanted to hear.

    That’s the way a small town is, more folks was there the next day, picking at the owner and laughing about it(gossip still runs about 1 1/5 times faster than fax), but mostly glad one of their favorite eating spots was still a safe venue.

    I like them Smarr Hamm Store’s beef myself, bout time fer me to swing by there and see if they got any left.

    gator****is out.

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