Maybe This Is Why

In regards to the rumor of the day, maybe this is why.

Glenn Richardson, speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives, said Thursday he is exploring a plan that would completely change Georgia’s tax policy.

The proposal would eliminate local and state property taxes as well as school taxes and “all junk fees,” he said Thursday as the guest speaker at a Fickling & Co. real estate conference at the Goodwill Conference Center in Macon.

“I’m going to try to change the tax policy,” Richardson said. “I’m going to try to change Georgia.”

I can see a scenario where those who don’t want to change the tax laws think they have to take out the Speaker before the session with salacious rumors, otherwise they are going to be subjected to a substantive session of tax reform — something a lot of folks are privately opposed to because they want to be in the majority and not really do anything with it.


  1. CobbGOPer says:

    No, he’s going to face trouble on this from Republicans because they don’t want him to use it to run for Governor (as there are more than a few members in the House and Senate who want to run as well). Think 2010 people. Speaker Richardson certainly would like to rest on such laurels when he runs, which is why the Republicans in the legislature will side with Democrats and we all get screwed out of beneficial tax reforms.

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