It’s not exactly Vegas.

The million-dollar home overlooks the 8th green at Gwinnett County’s exclusive Sugarloaf Country Club.

But authorities say the business being operated by a woman who claims to have been a centerfold model had nothing to do with golf.

Gwinnett County police on Wednesday arrested homeowner Lisa Ann Taylor and another woman on prostitution, racketeering and drug charges, alleging that they were running a high-priced call girl service from the home, Gwinnett District Attorney Danny Porter said.

I don’t know why, but I find this story very funny. Surely there are some good golf jokes to be made. Where’s Demonbeck?


  1. Mike Hassinger says:

    Maybe he can describe what a “high end” act of prostitution is. Some kind of weird position, maybe?

  2. Adam Fogle says:

    I think it costs extra to play the back nine.

    Well it sure beats the front nine… every time you play a hole, you end up getting your ball stuck in a bush.

  3. I blame Ralph Reed’s example. Isn’t this his neighborhood? These women just probably heard that you could whore yourself out and get a fancy house and lifestyle out of the deal.

  4. gatormathis says:

    A few questions keep popping into my mind:

    Are these the “dears” Sen. Shafer was blogging about putting out the “bait” for?

    When one of the perps and her husband were involved in a “domestic dispute”, were they actually “domestic disputing”, heatingly haggling over prices, was the hubby wanting “pro bono” services, or did he find out his property had a lot of “leins” on it?

    As real estate agents, what was the nicest “piece” they ever sold?

    What was the greatest number of “golf carts” ever spotted in her back yard?

    Were the neighbors mad because she was selling it on Sunday?

    Then there are the suppositions:

    If convicted and incarcerated, what if the guards found out that her “conjugal” visits actually “upped” her price for fun a few thousand bucks due to the increased “kinkyness” of their nature?

    If she is incarcerated, and later appealed for a reduction in time due to “good behavior”, would a guard who testified in her favor be considered credible?

    Will any more balls be found in the yard of this house?

    inquiring minds want to know……….lol

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