Jane Kidd to replace Bobby Kahn?

Bill Shipp thinks so. Actually, he’s got the one-term State Rep. on the short list, along with former state Sen. Carol Jackson and apparent frontrunner Mike Berlon, chairman of the Gwinnett County Democrats.

As for Bobby Kahn’s opinion on who should replace him? Well, he has posting rights — let’s hear it from the man himself!


  1. Erick says:

    I actually think Jane Kidd would be an excellent choice. She’s been in the legislature, won and election, lost an election, and knows what it takes. And, having a female head of the Democrats could potential cause waves at the top of the GOP when it gets around to picking a chairman.

  2. Bill Arp says:

    Bobby Kahn is a joke..he suffered more losses than anyone else in history during his tenure. In fact he did the unbelieveable and allowed Larry Walker’s seat to be taken by a Republican who was black without opposition. He lost the Governors office, the House, the Senate, Secretary of States office, and both US Senate Seats (I am contributing his lack of guidance to Max Clelands and Barnes loss). He has continued to be the anchor that sinks the democratic party.

    Why has he done such a poor job you ask? Consider this ….could you imagine him calling a corporate exec and begging for money and then when none was given he tells them they will rue the day that they oppose Bobby Kahn…

    Bobby Kahn is the picture of washed up….He has no friends, his BFF Oblander is seeking clients (and raising no money), and he is stuck in some third world mindset that he has done a good job.

    Open question for Bobby Kahn….what have you done that has helped the Democratic Party….we have certainly identified your shortcommings…..I want to hear what seats you have picked up…what elections are you proud of….

    Barnes allowed you to be the man behind the curtain and you acted like the worst OZ ever…..

    I wanna hear from you….what did you do in your time at the party that you are proud of?


  3. rugby_fan says:

    In all fairness to the chairman, is there really anything he could have done other than postpone the inevitable (which would have been the best possible outcome)?

  4. Mad Dog says:


    I like Bobby Kahn. I see most of the criticism of him pretty much the way that you do.

    We could throw out a couple lame analogies to sports or gaming. When the team wins, the coach gets no credit. Poker, you’ve got to have the cards sooner or later.

    But, most of the second guessing is like blaming your horse for a losing a war. (yeah, it makes no sense)

  5. fishtail says:

    Kahn’s legacy?? Well, for starters you could ask Max Burns, Mac Collins and Sonny Perdue, after Governor “Greedy” is indicted for tax fraud and abuse of office.

  6. Bobby Kahn’s legacy is that he served as Executive Director of the DPG during the 80s; he helped get Roy Barnes elected Governor in 1998; he helped bring the 1988 Democratic National Convention to Georgia…should I keep going?

  7. rugby_fan says:

    Erick, that is kind of my feelings on the outgoing chairman. At the end of the day he did a great job his entire career (prior to 02 there is no doubt).

    These past few years would have been very unkind to ANYONE in his position and he actually did a fairly good job in his position, as much of what happened was beyond his control.

    The Dems lost the Senate because of SP being Gov (the four wouldn’t have switched with out that) and Speaker Coleman blew the House for the Dems. Bobby couldn’t control the voters in 04 (Majette) and I don’t think that SP’s re-election was ever in doubt (add to that the horrible ticket outside of incumbents). He seemed to be the driving force behind digging up Oaky Woods &c. and those don’t appear to be going away soon. So yes, he has done a good job.

  8. Gag Halfrunt says:

    For those who know little about the history of politics in the South – which appears to be most of the people posting comments – for almost two decades Georgia was the only state that bucked the Republican trend. While our sister states elected Republican governors and Republican legislatures, Georgia remained Democratic. The reason was Bobby Kahn. Almost singlehandedly Bobby managed to hold together the coalition of center city, rural, racially diverse voters that held the Republican onslaught in the South at bay. In addition to the obvious legacies – Barnes, Sen. Miller (one he would now like to forget), Cleland – Bobby ran the first statewide campaign that elected an African-American. What about the 1988 Democratic National Convention? The current bunch in charge of the state can’t even get a credible bid together to bring the Republicans here.

    I detect a note of fear in those who mock Bobby on this blog. Perhaps it is because they have a dearth of talent in their ranks. It is instructive that the comments here suggest that Bobby is the only reason Republicans have finally been able to win something in Georgia. Is this a recognition that they have little to offer in terms of policy or vision for the state?

    But I am disappointed with Bobby in one regard: every Georgian should know that Bill Arp is Charles Henry Smith.

  9. Bill Simon says:

    This “Bill Arp” may just be the most complete moron I’ve ever read on a blog…and that’s saying a lot.

    For the umpteenth time, “Bill Arp”:

    Kahn did not become chairman of the DPG until September of 2003.

    By that time, Max Cleland had already been stomped by Saxby Chambliss…and, this happened under Calvin Smyre’s reign. (DUH!)

    Also, the state senate was won by the GOP in the election of 2002…Mr. Kahn was in the middle of the Barnes’ race at that time and had nothing to do with what was going on in the state senate.

    “Bill Arp”/Charles Henry Smith died back in the early 1900s…

  10. rightofcenter says:

    Sorry, Gag, but most of the criticism is coming from your fellow Dems.

    As a Republican, I think BK should be in charge of the DPG for the next 10 years or so. He’s done an outstanding job!

  11. Bill Arp says:

    Mr Simon – Kahn,

    BK contributed fully to the losses the Dems have experienced. Zell and Tom Murphy are the only men to blame for their success.

    BK go sit on your couch and do a few kegal exercises…..

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