Stop I Say!

Or Mr. Cunningham says.

A Smyrna man has filed a lawsuit against the city, the Cobb County school board and county commissioners in an attempt to block implementation of a $26.2 million tax allocation district funding plan for the redevelopment of Jonquil Plaza on Atlanta Road.

James D. Cunningham is asking Cobb County Superior Court to block the project from going forward, saying the 13-acre site does not qualify for the special tax consideration as a “blighted area” that would not otherwise be developed without the funding break.

I’m kind of at a loss as to this. I realize that it is not the school board’s job to do economic development, but it is set precedent in law that if the school board is going to waive its right to property taxes, it has to sign off on everything for a tax allocation district. It happens all over the state and, at least from this report, it does not seem to be any different from anywhere else.