Fulton County Heads Back Into The Gutter

Karen Handel is now gone, to be replaced by the race baiter. While there, Karen proved to be a friend to taxpayers and a foe to corrupt, inefficient government bureaucrats. While the commission members might not miss her, the taxpayers sure will.

The day she took office, Fulton was working on a substantial property tax increase that Handel helped head off.

Later, she called for the ouster of once-popular Sheriff Jackie Barrett when Barrett became embroiled in a scandal over the misuse of public money. She took on tax assessors — calling for that board to be swept away — when an audit showed the agency in such disarray that it could not be relied on to assess properties fairly for taxes.

And, when a majority of commissioners opposed the creation of new cities like Sandy Springs and the cuts they might force on Fulton County, Handel sided with the new cities and the possibility of a much smaller Fulton government.

But now the state will be in good hands with her in place at the State Capitol.

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  1. Headin\' South says:

    I look forward to having Karen as Secretary of State, but I think she had more impact as Fulton County Chair.

    I don’t know about you, but I’m curious as to what’s next on Ms. Handel’s horizon.

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