Congrats Brad and Crew

Brad Alexander is going to be Casey Cagle’s Chief of Staff. That’s an excellent pick.

Russ Carlson will be the Deputy COS.

Cheryl Germany will be the Staff Assistant.

Jaillene Hunter will be the Communications Director.

Amy Knight will be the Office Manager.

George Lee will be the Field Representative.

Matt Markham will be the Speechwriter and Policy Advisor.

Irene Munn will be the Legislative Counsel.

Julie Reagan will be the Constituent Services Coordinator.

Mildred Slayton will be the Personal Assistant. Mrs. Slayton, by the way, served in that position for Mark Taylor and Pierre Howard.


  1. fishtail says:

    WOW!!!! Even before being sworn in, Casey “Big Staff” Cagle has DOUBLED the staff of the Lt. Governor’s staff. I guess he does not wish to be outdone by Governor “Greedy” Perdue, who hired TWICE the staff of his predessor, Roy Barnes. I suppose Casey had a lot of chits out and needs to find a cushy government paycheck for his flock of kool-aid drinkers. How does he defend this to all the “smaller government” bloggers on this site? As usual, since he is a Republican, nothing will be said.

  2. mercergirl says:

    Jeff I agree- I had many conversations with Russ over the election and found that anytime I had a question or concern he was more than happy to take my call, and I’m sure he and the rest of the staff will be the same way once Lt. Gov Cagle is sworn in.

  3. fishtail says:

    If Casey Cagle is going to “talk the talk”, the he should “walk the walk”. He loudly claimed in his campaign that he was all about smaller government. So, of course, one of his first acts is to double the staff of the Lt. Gov.’s office, all at taxpayer expense. Doesn’t this seem a tad hypocritical? Or is he simply getting public funding for his future campaign to replace Gov. “Greedy” Perdue in 4 years?

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