This Is Impossible!

Diebold is hiring a Democratic appointee of Cathy Cox’s. Doesn’t Diebold know it is only suppose to hire and surreptitiously aid Republicans?! We can’t let this stand. Pretty soon Democrats will start winning elections just like the GOP — by stealing them via Diebold!

The former director of the state’s elections division has accepted a job with Diebold Election Systems, the company that supplied Georgia’s $75 million electronic voting machine system.

Kathy Rogers was appointed by outgoing Secretary of State Cathy Cox in 2002 and resigned as director on Nov. 30. In her new job with Diebold, she will serve as a liaison between Diebold and elections officials nationwide.

Luckily Karen Handel and Tex McIver are on the case.

Seriously, I agree with Secretary of State-elect Handel. There should be a cooling off period for appointees and elected officials both when going to work in the private sector to lobby their former government employers. More power to Ms. Rogers for getting hired by Diebold — she’s an obvious choice given the work she did getting Diebold machines in place in Georgia. But, there needs to be a period of time before she gets busy lobbying Georgia’s elected officials now that she’s headed there.

I do think she’ll be able to use her experience as an excellent example of how well the Diebold machines can work — and overcome the mass hysteria about Diebold stealing elections for Republicans, something we’d still be hearing about from the left if the Democrats had not been successful in November.

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  1. JP says:

    Just because Dems won in November doesn’t mean the machines are secure, Erick. The issue hasn’t gone away, it’s just quieted down because there’s no current election.

    I’m in favor of a paper trail, no matter who won. It just makes sense.

  2. liberty21 says:

    did you know Diebold also makes ATM machines. There is one at the food court at the Mall of Georgia. It is a Bank of America ATM. Now, Cathy Cox. Cathy Cox has always had a double standard when it comes to election machines and election reform. Free Congress Foundation showed that under Cathy Cox ratings on election accuracy and standards for Georgia plummeted. I am not surprised her appointee would work for Diebold.

  3. ToddRehm says:

    Not to give aid and comfort to the enemy or anything, but every time I ever dealt with Kathy Rogers, she was courteous and professional. And frankly, I think she did a pretty good job with the Elections Division.

    As for cooling-off periods, at what level does it stop? Everyone whose title has “Commissioner” or whatever the top of the chain in that agency is (i.e., Deputy Commissioner or Assistant Secretary of State)?

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