There Will Be Repercussions

I came home from Atlanta to find my child in a GA Tech t-shirt bought for her surreptitiously by her mother. This means war.


  1. BulldawgGirl says:

    Good for you Erick!! I made my little sister change when she was wearing blue and yellow to go to the gym!

  2. Erick,
    Tell that you’re fine with exposing your daughter to different cultures but that you’d prefer she seek out schools who can at least keep their QB qualified to play.

  3. Clint Austin says:

    Tech lies and cheats. Guard your daughter against these nefarious influences.

    p.s. Tech has also failed to beat UGA since 1990.

    (The above message was approved by the NCAA Committee on Eligibility)

  4. hankreardan says:

    Do you know have the urge to call her boss or say yes maam what do I do next (like where do the fries go ). Did she to gain about 15 points of I. Q. over night.
    BTW Tech won last night
    it is easy to keep your Qarterback when the senior classes include the history of uga the dog or who is your coach type question.
    What does the average freshman at tech have over the uga freshman on the SAT, about 100 points

  5. Know Nothing says:

    Does anyone know the breakdown of U.S. Senators, Congressmen, and Governors that UGA has produced and the number GA Tech has produced? I think that says a lot about the two different institutions.

  6. Hank,

    That’s not the point buddy. You can argue rigor all day long. That still doesn’t change the fact the Reggie didn’t make the cut.

    And just to let you in on a highly guarded secret: we have a freshman QB who isn’t taking senior classes. He’s taking the same cores as everyone else chico. Good try though.

  7. Clint Austin says:

    Reggie Ball will not be playing because he could not hack a course called “database management.” True.

    And Hank – we lost in basketball. Let me know when you run into someone who still cares about that sport. 🙂

    Tech – failing to beat UGA since 1990 according to official NCAA records.

  8. Mike Hauncho says:

    Bragging that US Senators and Congressmen came out of UGA is not always a good thing. These guys are politicans, not rocket scientists.

  9. rightofcenter says:

    Not to burst your bubble or anything, but the NCAA changed their ruling about Tech vacating it’s victories.

  10. Bill Simon says:


    You were wrong about Ralph Reed…what makes you think you’re right about UGA?

    To the person who asks how many graduates of Tech became politicians and how many of them who graduated UGA become politicans, I counter with this: Which school produces the most crooks and liars who end-up in public office?

  11. jsm says:

    To Erick’s child’s mother:

    Way to go! Your daughter’s chances of actually going to college may have been momentarily increased by about 1000%. Keep up the good work!

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