More Stories of Sex Stores

I didn’t know people in Rome were in to this sort of this.

Georgia’s attorney general plans to aid Floyd County in its effort to enforce an ordinance that would keep the county’s only adult bookstore from operating in its current location.

Floyd County is seeking dismissal of a lawsuit Entice Adult Superstore filed in August. Meanwhile, Georgia Attorney General Thurbert E. Baker has successfully requested “to be heard” on the issue and will file a brief within 45 days.

There must be a market for it, though.


  1. SevenHillsDem says:

    I’m from Rome and this story is much more interesting than the article reflects, involving a local businessman who got into making online videos with his wife.

    I haven’t been to the store (yet), but every time I drive by it, there seems to be several cars in the lot.

  2. mc1randy says:

    I’m also from Rome and sevenhillsdem is right,there is more to the story.What we have here is a county commission that was caught napping and is now trying to regulate Entice out of business to protect their offices.At least Entice is open about their business.It is common knowledge that almost every independently owned conveniance store in this county has a “back room”that sell the same videos and novelties as Entice.These are total unregulated and operate in the same building that a child may be in buying a candy bar or drink.Most of the locals refer to the Conoco as the Pornoco,so it seems unlikely the commissioners have no knowledge of this situation.which is a more controlled situation.Are we operating on an out of sight,out of mind scenario?Again this seems to be a politically motivated move and not really for the protection of the public.

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