Maurice Responds

Friend of Peach Pundit, Maurice Atkinson, left a comment about the situation in the Macon-Bibb County Tax Assessors office.  I’m putting it up in its entirety here:

This is probably not the most responsible thing for me to do, but what the heck, this is uncharted waters. I do appreciate the kind words.

Over the past few months there has been an enormous amount of rhetoric and innuendo regarding the Bibb County Board of Tax Assessors, of which I serve. I have resisted making public comments out of respect of the office and the ability to re-harness the public confidence in this vital institution. The Board of Assessors is the life blood of local government and its ability to function correctly is critical.

My belief is that government should be blind as it pertains to individuals. As public servants, in any capacity, we must hold ourselves to the law and the intent of the law. Anything less is not “Public Service” it is self-service.

In the last few months we have made enormous headway in healing and cleaning up some long standing problems. I’ve never asserted there were never any problems, but we are definitely moving in the right direction.

It all starts with a solid well managed organization. People rise to the standards that are set. Jim is doing a tremendous job. He’s not perfect, but he has harnessed this team and they’re moving. These are “all” excellent people, hard working and trying to do a job.

I’ve enjoyed every minute, even the testy ones. I had a desired outcome I wanted to influence, that being the organizational structure’s paradigm.

I posted my comments to the commissioners here.


  1. mercergirl says:

    Wow. Although I have to admit… I’m still confused somewhat by the situation. How did it get so bad in the first place? And why is it that now something is being done? And how will removing the whole board take care of this if the problem is a lack of organization?

  2. VSUguy says:

    Removing the entire board removes any office politics which may have occured withen the board. Assigning a new board will allow a new group dynamic to build. Much in the same way that staff at a resturaunt may decide schedules based on senority. The server who had been around the longest gives themselves best shifts, the newest is forced by the group to do lesser shifts. If the staff is removed by management and a new staff hired, the new staff is more likely to work together, and be more cooperative. The result is a different work environment. In a resturaunt the staff will work together: re-filling drinks, running food for each other, watching tables while their co-workers take breaks. When the work environment is government, the result is smoother running government.

  3. The problems are identifiable and repairable. In fact, we have taken steps to remedy the deficiencies. What you see posted is a copulation of numerous issues and discussions that span over the last year.

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