Defending Cynthia McKinney

One of my pet peeves in politics is when elected officials use their position to grind an ideological ax, to demogogue, or to do anything that isn’t remotely related to their constituents. I may have found an example of someone doing all three. And it isn’t Cynthia McKinney.

As has been well documented, I am no fan of Cynthia McKinney and am thrilled that the voters of the 4th District in Georgia have decided that she must go. But Georgia State Rep. Len Walker has decided to follow her in footsteps by embarrassing his constituents.

As noted in this weeks AJC, Walker is introducing a resolution that would strip Memorial Drive in DeKalb County of Cynthia McKinney’s name (a portion of this road was renamed Cynthia McKinney Parkway in 2000).

“Her tenure in Congress has been marked by controversies and rhetoric that has brought embarrassment to the state of Georgia,” said Walker on Monday. The lawmaker is a United Methodist minister who represents parts of Walton and Gwinnett counties.

I emphasized Walton and Gwinnett counties as Walker doesn’t even represent the area near Memorial Drive.

I’ll save my thoughts on the wisdom of even naming streets after sitting public officials for another time. But suffice it to say that Len Walker is now embarrassing his constituents in the same manner that McKinney did for years. This resolution has no bearing upon his constituents, serves only to score political points, and does absolutely nothing to address issues of primary concern to Georgia.


  1. memberg says:

    Naturally, I’m anti-McKinney, but I really can’t get behind this Len Walker guy. True, he may be using his political position to score some points, but otherwise he is a non-player in stuff that really counts.

    In Walker’s defense, I think Will is reallllly stretching it to say that Walker is “embarrassing his constituents in the same manner that McKinney did for years.” Short of pulling a Ted Haggard, I sincerely doubt anything Rep. Walker will ever do would compare to C-Mac.

  2. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Whatever. This entire state is so much better off without her or any memory of her in the form of a street or building name. I have no patience for race baiters or red neck racists. And while they’re at it, someone plese rename the section of I-285 named after her father.

  3. Demonbeck says:

    Sure Will, I say take the names of any politician who assaults police officers and/or is convicted of a felony off of our roads and buildings immediately.

  4. mercergirl says:

    I can’t remember who said it before, but someone suggested refraining from naming stuff after someone unless they are dead. I think I like that idea. I also like the idea of going ahead and taking away whatever it is that was named after McKinney- what an embarassment. If nothing else I would think it would discourage tourism 😉

  5. Will Hinton says:

    If any of you have ever driven on Memorial Drive, you might agree that it is a rather fitting stretch to be named for such a worthless politician.

    I’m with mercergirl; I don’t think we should name anything after elected officials until some time after they have passed. It smacks of using one’s position for advantage.

    What Len Walker is doing is childish and silly and a complete waste of time.

  6. Decaturguy says:

    Len Walker is a simple minded fool. I dislike Cynthia and am glad she is gone. I repeat … she is gone.

    If Walker passes this bill, I suggest we go county by county and study renaming every road that is named for someone who did something wrong or embarassing.

  7. jsm says:

    I submit that Cynthia has proven herself to be of poor character and has demonstrated behavior unbefitting of the recognition given to her by naming a road after her. I don’t live near the road section in question, nor do the great majority of lawmakers who originally voted for naming the road in her honor. GA lawmakers should join Walker in this effort. It’s the right thing to do.

  8. Paul from Jefferson says:

    Sorry folks, but Cynthia is neither forgotten nor gone. She is still quite young and still obviously ambitious. I expect her to be back on the ballot in 2008. The only question is what office she will be seeking. How about DeKalb county CEO?

  9. mercergirl says:

    Cynthia is simply a fungus that will not go away… I think Paul is right. After all how many of us rejoiced once Denise Majette beat her? And then Majette decides to run for higher office (stupid move obviously). Who knows what will happen in a few years

  10. emily says:

    Please. Half of I-20 west is named after Tom Murphy. You think he didn’t do anything embarrassing as a public official?

    Cynthia has a (quite small) piece of road named after her. Is it really impacting your life or anyone elses? No. Let it be. If Mr. Walker has the time to have someone write this for him, perhaps he could also find the time to look into healthcare, education, etc. Seems that would better serve his constituents.

    BTW: Mr. Walker, start with House Research. They’ll do all the work for you and then send it to LC. Then you can take credit for actually doing something useful versus just a media stunt.

  11. VSUguy says:

    I think a point to support mercergirl’s statement that streets or buildings not be given the name of lawmakers (or anyone else for that matter?) until after death is that after dead, they cannot do anything embarrasing to their constituancies.

    About McKenny’s possibly running for offices, I’d like to hope her constituants keep in mind that her call for Bush’s empeachment is another baseless publicity stunt, possibly to get the rest of I-20 named after her.

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