Yarborough’s love-hate relationship with the state’s GOP leadership

It’s actually more like a “love Cagle” and “hate Perdue and Richardson” relationship. In his December 16 column, Dick Yarborough asserts that the GOP majority has been “acting like the arrogant Democrats they replaced,” citing Governor Perdue’s “two sweet land deals that don’t pass the smell test with ordinary Georgians and a $100,000 tax break to boot,” and his opinion that “House Speaker Glenn Richardson seems hell-bent on taking economic development negotiations that involve our tax dollars behind closed doors, even though there is no reason to do so.”

What in the world is going on with these people?” he asks. “Do they think we won’t throw them out like we did the Democrats?”

The bright spot for Yarborough? Lt. Governor-elect Casey Cagle, whom he calls “proof that nice guys do finish first,” citing the fact that, “in the primary, he beat the Republican’s [sic] right-wing darling, Ralph Reed, like a drum, and then finished off Democrat Jim Martin in the general election” — and adding that his wife likes Cagle, which is, for him, the deciding factor.

Cagle did beat Reed “like a drum” in the primary, but that lopsided result (over ten points) showed the contrast between Yarborough’s perception of Reed as a “darling,” and the reality of Ralph Reed and his ilk: that if you make your figurative money as a preacher of morality, while having a past (and present) of personal dealings which smell that strongly of corruption (and the mountain of information and allegations against you is growing, particularly while you’re running for office), it will generally be impossible to convince enough of the intelligent electorate that your pros (your “talking the talk”) outweigh your ever-increasing cons (or your refusal to “walk the walk”), regardless of whether you are attempting to appeal — or traditionally have appealed — to the “right-wing,” the left wing, or to anybody else. This race in July, as well as the national races in November, showed that Amercian voters, for the most part, abhor corruption and blatant dishonesty, as well as naked ambition — and that that, far more than position, can sink an otherwise hopeful candidate.

Back to Yarborough, though, who says that “Casey Cagle gives me hope that all is not lost with the Republicans,” and concludes, “If Republicans have the brains of a yard dog, they will make Cagle the face of their party instead of Richardson, who shoots his mouth off too much.”



  1. Demonbeck says:

    Speaking of InsiderAdvantage writers and their beefs with Republicans, what does Tim Darnell have against Jack Kingston? He’s used his Around Georgia column to blast him three times in the past few months.

  2. liberty21 says:

    Mr. Yarbrough’s likes and hates are common with some Georgians. Some like Cagle, but did not like Perdue. I was that way. I liked Mark Taylor, but did not like Cathy Cox.

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